6 thoughts on “LR for the 22nd of July, 2013

  1. Well I found this week’s more difficult than last week and still have a few to go. Can’t believe I had trouble with this one:
    1A Characters mixed one sodium unit. (7)

    And scratching my head over 5A: Squeeze Spooner’s nit? (4,3)

  2. I found this week`s easier.Sat down and did it straight though.My brain must be wired the right way for LR,whereas DA gives me endless grief.

  3. @ Gayle Spooner’s nit really will have you scratching your head! I found it a lot easier than last week’s too.

  4. Liked 13A, but not sure we should be promoting the sloppy pronunciation in 18D.

  5. I agree Bernie re 18d. I had to ask my Australian wife if “carn” was a word; it’s certainly never crossed my path before.

    I have more trouble with DH than I do with DA or LR with today’s 2D and 4D totally new to me and 24D only vaguely familiar. Luckily his clues are simple enough to work out even if the result is unknown.

  6. Can someone please tell me the best way to get DA on my iPhone on a Friday please? I cant seem to find any app on the App Store.

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