DA Reports for the 12th of July, 2013

Have a general chat about this week’s DA right here.

Feel free to talk about Agar’s test debut too — he’s putting the rest of the batting order to shame as I write this, and cricket and the cryptic go hand in hand after all.

DA 20,044 (12 July 2013) (1)


DA 20,044 (12 July 2013) - Solution

4 thoughts on “DA Reports for the 12th of July, 2013

  1. I saw Agar make his Shield debut. It was against NSW at Blacktown earlier in the year. I agree that he put our specialist batsmen to shame, but he probably has only delayed the inevitable.
    The commentators were saying that he won’t be batting at Number 11 again in the Test team. Honestly, he probably won’t play another Test; he was selected as a bowler and has no wickets to date. Nathan Lyon has to be reinstated.

  2. No idea who Agar is, but I thought I got all this week’s out. Turns out I misspelt 12a, so there goes my streak…

    1d looks familiar — the same clue was used in February 2011 (I only know the date because I emailed my brother about it, since he is called Stephen Carroll).

  3. I also think it is strange that 1d should be repeated from a previous crossword (I remember it well from last time as I am a friend of the real Steve Carroll novelist). I suspect 1a may also be a repeat as it is faintly familiar. “Count” for matter was used in the Times crossword published in last Wednesday’s Australian. Maybe DA was a little rushed this week.

  4. It’s such a good clue, it seems fair. I also suspect this one was made sometime before last Wednesday.

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