2 thoughts on “DA for the 5th of July, 2013

  1. A lot of discussion in the other thread this week on homophones or near homophones.

    I’d be happy with a ‘sounds like sounds like’ indicator. The trouble is when to use it, if the compiler, in this case DA, isn’t aware of the difference.

    It doesn’t matter if the solver doesn’t quite see it/hear it, but we’re the ones trying to get inside someone else’s head or personal sound system.

    It’s just an interesting quirk that, for all his language skills, DA seems to often be off the mark on homophones, which is an essential element of English and cryptics in English. Maybe a sound check before going to print?

    Gotta love him though, for his courage and sense of fun in taking them on, for a multicultural audience in Australia, and often in foreign languages to boot!

  2. DA is wonderfully creative and delightfully misdirecting – but that’s balanced by a disappointingly large number of dodgy homophones and dubious definitions. (And let’s not mention physics and chemistry!) While an editor of some sort might help, I just try to enjoy the good clues and not be *too* upset by the egregiously flawed ones.

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