DA Confusion for the 28th of June, 2013

Have your DA confusions sorted out right about now.

64 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 28th of June, 2013

  1. No-one here yet? Rupertttt!?

    I have 3 to go and no confusion yet…..


  2. Just too Good! I have but four, not looking hopeful. Is 13-1A a person? Does it contain an anagram of home privacy? I’m lost at this stage, need a few more words in.

  3. Arthur C. – 13A/1A – first 4 letters are an “old premier” and the rest is an anagram of “on home privacy” which you are close. Defn is “Incumbent leader”

  4. Bit tougher than last week. 18A is a bit odd as one of the words in the answer is also in the clue. Also it relates to two other clues with referring to them.

  5. Thanks Ray, I was obviously very wide of the mark, I decided on ‘Fifty-over champion’ obviously need rethink/revision. Am I looking for a state Premier? Trying to remember names, VIC, NSW, QLD? Or football? Much head-scratching to do.

  6. Arthur, it’s an ex-premier of a state that isn’t Victoria. He’s been in the news a bit lately…

  7. And, Arthur, you’re almost spot on with your answer: just fix the first four letters.

  8. Thanks, folks, the gentleman did eventually come to me, and it helped quite a bit, now have 12, I think, though I don’t understand how first word of 14A is clued. Onward ever onward – slowly.

  9. All done except for 5A – got a possible answer but can make any sense of it. Any extra clue?

  10. Arthur C. – 14A – “See you” = 5 letter word, letters 2,3,4,5,6. “model” = 1 letter, letter 7. “to cut” = container. “share” = 6 letter word for letters 1,8,9,10,11,12. Defn = last word.
    Prufrock – 5A – yeah this was my last in. Think I have right. “Retrieved dog” = 3 letter word for type of dog (reversed) giving letters 6,5,1. “catch” = 3 letter word for letters 2,3,4 (catch as in “what’s the catch”). “dig” = defn.

  11. Only eleven to go. 2d? Is it the name of a French film? Don’t know any. And 18A? Only SBS program I’ve watched in recent years was Letters & Numbers, featuring one David Astle.

  12. Thanks, Ray, wasn’t thinking Spanish. One need great multi-linguality here. Only nine needed now, but time for nap, I feel. CU later.

  13. Well, all done before visiting here today! Did get help of word finder for a couple. But otherwise all my own work. I loved the &lit in 11a and the brand misdirection in 23a.

  14. Arthur, I got 8d before I got 18a, which became obvious at that point. As did 16d. The show used to be SBS but has switched public broadcasters since then.

  15. Thanks, Ray, for hint re 5a. Otherwise I’ve breezed through until a grinding halt in SE corner. Struggling with 23a, 27a and 20d.

  16. Dave: 23A definition is “freak”. Rest of clue is obvious if you treat them just as words and ignore any deep meaning with imac.

    27A Distress if first 5 letters, last three are a type of memory. Whole words relates to radiation.

    20D sporadic letters in “sick” are first two in answer. Some paper is next four. Definition is riot (in a comedic sense)

  17. Thanks, Barry. The usual question comes to mind: “Why didn’t I think of that?”

  18. Only two left, I eventually saw what 18A was, when the name in 16D became obvious, then I remembered the person in 8D also. Only two missing, 2 & 6D, will leave it now. Pool table beckons. A really good tussle today. Mata raishu, or, as the Japanese would say – more next week.

  19. Managed most today once I had 18a which gave some good cross letter clues. Liked3d, 21a and 13/1a once the penny dropped. Like Arthur can’t see 6d despite 3 cross letters. What am I missing?

  20. Megse: 6D remove an abbreviation for “roughly” from “daycare”. Then “swing” the result and you get a word meaning “set”.

  21. Barry – 6D I think is tricky. Defn = “set”. “swing” = anagrind. Now what is the 5 letters for fodder? I think it is “daycare” minus 2 letters (“removed”). The 2 letters are an abbreviation for a word meaning “Roughly” (as in “thereabouts”). Think right and hope helps.

  22. Thanks Barry I had just resorted to crossword solver and saw the” roughly” meaning , but last part of your explanation now makes the answer clear.

  23. 14A last in, thanks to ArthurC. I don’t think that’s a fair clue. No indication it’s a foreign language, and it doesn’t really mean ‘see you’ anyway.
    Don’t know why the question mark in 1D but liked the misdirections, ‘throw’ ‘out’ or ‘throw out’ , ‘return’ and ‘leader’ all in the one six word clue.
    Agree with Prufrock that 5A’s def’s off. Speaking of which, I’m not sure I get the ‘did you mean’ part of 26A. A clue for cryptocruciverbalists?

    Arthur C, 2D letters 2 and 3 are the setter, not DA, but personal pronoun. Story as in fib.
    6D Agree with Ray’s wordplay, One of DA’s tricky combinations – beware the hyphen! – of def and indicator. def is ‘set’, as in on your mark.
    Enjoyed 21A and 15D.

  24. All done though not sure of 17D. No-one else has mentioned it. Next two weeks it will be good to not have to leave for work with 5 clues to fill in.

  25. Ann, I had the day off and still finished one short before coming here. 17D sounds like two clubs of the golfing kind.

  26. megse and Ann – 17D I agree – but could it be a typo!!!! “audited” instead of “audible”?? The latter works for me – the former not so much.

  27. Ray, I think that ‘audited’ is okay, like ‘heard’, not in the bookkeeping sense.

  28. Thanks, Gayle, I don’t ‘do’ films, had never heard of that one, but found it thru Google. Now only 6D, letters 2, 4. Seems only one word will fit there, can’t quite relate it to the clue to daycare or swing set.

  29. I agree with Gayle about the redundancy in 26A, assuming the definition is a reassignment of (3,3) to (2,4).

    Can’t agree with the criticism of the 5A definition – seems quite straightforward to me. We aren’t talking about the call to food but what you do to stumps and roots in paddocks.

    The old physics student in me doesn’t like the 27A definition, though. Not sure that DA is full bottle on such things.

  30. Wow this is the best I’ve done so far 3d &27a to go and still at work Friday arvo
    Thanks to a little help from you guys and if I get these last couple before knock-off my wife is in for a surprize during our Saturday morning lie-in!!
    er… I mean she will be amazed I wont be struggling with DA as usual and be a little aprehensive Perhaps I could get up and get her brekky in bed instead!!

  31. 27a have the 2nd letter and the memory bit in fact we’ve got one on the ranch not performing!
    3 d got all the crossletters guessing the def is first two words but can’t nail the wordplay

  32. Perhaps I’m a little 4D, but 4D seems somewhat simplistic for DA.
    I agree with Prufrock earlier that “dig” in 5A should be “dig in.” How Hamlet would like this clue for its “catch!”

  33. Starsign 3D is complicated and by the time I’ve typed this someone quicker than me will have given it to you. Will just check now if that’s the case, but getting in quickly the def is the last 2 words.

  34. 3D last two words, as in the style of playing a stringed instrument which is usually bowed.

  35. Starsign, You’ve got a 27A on your ranch?! I think your memory might not be quite right. Try the other one.

  36. Thanks, Ray and Gayle. I didn’t have the correct 17D because my 24A was incorrect. Both make more sense now.
    Starsign, in 3D the ‘cheesy offering’ is letters 1,2,3,4,7 with ‘musicals’ essentially letters 5 and 6 plus ‘to’ giving plucky style.

  37. 15D def is first word. Only two parts to the word play .. seven letter synonym for ‘romantic’ around Perth’s outer letters , one of which you must have already if you’ve got the P as a cross letter. H follows.

  38. Starsign, the definition in 15D is the first word. Then a synonym for ‘romantic’ around the ‘fringes’ of Perth.

  39. Mainly doable today. Scoured your wise offerings with interest, but still in a lather re 19d and 27a. Any clues?

  40. AG, agree with your interpretation of 5A’s def. Have dug around in some dictionaries and found variations on the solution and the def, both with or without prepositions.

  41. Julia
    27A Distress if first 5 letters, last three are a type of memory. Whole words relates to radiation

    19D can mean the same as 6D when coupled with “to move”. Definition can also mean dresses, as in wearing clothes.

  42. Julia, the distress in 27a is often associated with teenagers. The memory is from computer but not the sort that could also be on a ranch.

  43. 27A If it helps , the distress is German, and the solution is Swedish. Trippers above have quibbled about the physics, but looking it up, it’s used for a number of things, including radiation.

  44. Gayle, that’s exactly my quibble. It’s just a unit in which the length of anything really small can be conveniently expressed. It’s not even a measure of radiation as such, but of its wavelength. To use it as a definition here is like using “kilometre” as the definition for “road”.

  45. Re 27A, not being well versed in matters of physics, I cannot really enter the debate but I offer up this quote from Wikipedia:
    “In 1868, (27A) created a chart of the spectrum of solar radiation that expressed the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation ”

    I managed to solve it without recourse to this quote, from the deep, dark recesses of what passes for my mind these days, but was encouraged to seek it out, given the (very polite)controversy it has generated.

  46. Thanks, Barry – I’d forgotten that 27A was not only a small unit of length but also a bloke (I wonder if he was a big unit …) Still doesn’t make the clue def any better, though, IMO.

  47. Bignoter barry,
    Why did you start answering 18A ?
    Nobody even asked about it, and its quite obvious it has links to 2 other clues because the clues say that.
    Me thinks you spend your days hitting the refresh key too often to be a umm helper

  48. Zzzzzzzzzz! Has an imposter been compiling these crosswords?
    All done ‘cept for 2 letters of the first word of 5 across: will read all above & see if any help proffered!

  49. Can’t remember whose comment I read it in
    [there it is: Gayle @ 3:29 pm & AG response]
    but I interpreted 26 across’s “did you mean”
    as questioning the spelling of “Don,”
    thus promptlting the 3,3 response.
    I’m interested in any other possible interpretations!

  50. Well hello there JimmyDArat, (hope that I have the capitalisation) correct. Haven’t heard from you for quite a while. It‘s probably better that I spend the day “hitting the refresh key too often” than the bottle that you’re obviously hitting too much. This is a very nice forum, old chap, and if you don’t like it, well you know what your options are. There are plenty of other forums in which you can indulge in flame wars. Have a nice weekend.

  51. Thanks heaps Gayle and Anne
    Wasn’t Aries at all .My bad memory
    Can sleep in tomorrow now

  52. Got it all out 27a last one in as the def is off neither the bloke nor the unit mean radiation even if they are associated with it. Am happy with dig as def for 5a. Not sure how the wordplay for 26a works.
    @Barry, thanks for all your contributions above, you helped me with a few that u didn’t fully understand

  53. Thanks, nn. Re 26A, I agree with Gil in that “did you mean” indicates an anagram of “don”. Probably not David‘s best clue, but hey, it‘s called cryptic, ain’t it?

  54. The gentlest DA I’ve seen in a long time. Liked 10a, 8d and 16d…not difficult but still clever. DA broke one of his own golden rules in 18a, but he has been under the weather so I guess we can cut him a little slack!

  55. I was most amused by 16d but I couldn’t have got it on the wordplay.
    I agree that 27a is like using road as def for furlong.

    Don’t get too cocky DA addicts. I think David’s just being a good coach – giving us some confidence before he hits us hard again.

  56. Feeling pleased as I got everything out except 5A without resorting to the extra hints here! Did seem easy though so I don’t think I was being particularly clever, or maybe sometimes one’s mind is just in the same groove as DA’s. Guessed what 5A was but didn’t understand the wordplay, do now, thanks Ray.

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