11 thoughts on “DA for the 24th of May, 2013

  1. I suppose you can’t please all of the people all of the time. I like when I learn a new word with DA – something obscure like ‘dewlap’, or someone obscure (to me anyway!) like ‘Gogol’, and DA himself mentioned his penchant for clueing things we might not know when talking about the answer ‘Gdansk’ at his talk on Friday, BUT this is my least favourite type of DA, where lots of things are just unknown unless you are a bit of student of the theme. Likewise Australian beaches and superheroes – just two that come to mind. I loved the ‘circumnavigate’ crossword as that was more general knowledge. I suppose this week’s theme is general knowledge to some but not to me.

  2. I think the crosswords would turn into blancmange if DA didn’t mix it up. I had to use a list to find two of the theme – but others have had the same complaint for different themes.

  3. @Jonathan – I’m not a player myself, but I had certainly heard of all the names (the three letter admittedly was dredged up from the far reaches of my memory). Certainly four of them I would be surprised to find are not known by most; make that five when y0u add in the non-human competitor. In each of their eras, their respective contests were front-page news. (Well, perhaps not the front page of the Hun. ;-)

    Ironically, the one person I did NOT know in this crossword was the non-biblical Moses – it was quite strange to get to the end and not understand the word-play for the theme key!

  4. I’m not really complaining, just explaining how a non-familiar theme affects my weekend DA joy! And I also agree that DA should mix it up. Much prefer the ALL/ONE, with the controversy, over this. Just a preference.

  5. Did’t get a chance to talk to DA yesterday – couldn’t get past the throng of female fans having their books signed!
    Excellent talk over lunch.

  6. It was an excellent talk, wasn’t it. Seeing his mind at work is awe-inspiring!

  7. Imagine trying to work with him – he’d be all over the place, chasing tangents!

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