DA Confusion for the 26th of April, 2013

Have all your confusions for this week’s DA sorted out right here.

95 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 26th of April, 2013

  1. Same – all out, but don’t get parts of the wordplay in 20A (letters 1-5 and 12-14) and 27A (letters 3-5).

  2. 20a: first four letters = half lubricating. The fifth belongs to the last three
    27a: a fairly simple charade, I thought. Letters 3-5 not a perfect definitional match, but close enough fro a cryptic.

  3. MH – 20A “Half-lubricating” = letters 1,2,3,4. 5,12,13,14 comes from “sneak”.
    27A – “to try” = letters 3,4,5.

    I can’t get wordplay for 16D.

  4. Battling, as usual early on. Is 8D a variety of red wine? Don’t touch the stuff. I looked at a couple of lists, but nothing seemed to fit. Have solved only seven thus far.

  5. 16d: think of a six letter word for spicy, as applied to food
    8d: not a wine. Think politically

  6. Ian – thank you. I now get 16D, but not as you describe above – even though I needed your 5 letter word. (with 1 letter and then 3 more).

  7. Thanks, Ian. I took a punt on our old friend Leon, don’t understand clue (as usual). Only 13 to go, so passed half way. Unsure of first word in 5D. Sailor? 9A? City? Or something else?

  8. Of course, my anagram solver no use for words like 14D, had to guess first. Not into kid’s movies, so no idea at present for 12D. Have letters 2, 4, 6, 8 but no help at present.

  9. Have all except 28A & 24D although several I can’t make sense of. I think I have 28A but can’t make figure it and that leaves 24D with options I can’t make sense of. Any help?

  10. Arthur, 12D first word sounds like what you`d see from 26A. You don’t really need to know the movie to get the answer.

  11. Arthur, yes 9A is a city.
    5D has nothing to do with a sailor. This is another of DA’s tricky clues where he blends the definition and the answer.

  12. Actually got them, all but one, sorted out. The 9A clue I don’t understand at all, but the city referred to is now obvious. 24D is still missing, but light may eventually dawn. Thank you Barry, but they came to me as i puzzled over them.

  13. Julia, 7D think of a depression in the geographical sense, and a common abbreviation of a breed of dog.
    10A defn is crap.

  14. All solved pretty easily, but the wordplay for 10A is a bit wobbly. I presume letters 1, 2 and 3 to be a type of vehicle (wheels) that I have not heard of and letters 4 and 5 are an abbreviation for the eleventh month.

  15. Jack – 10A – I read as “Wheels” = reversal. Then 1,2,3 = “short month” – 4,5 = “7D”. Hope you agree.

  16. Arthur, 9A the action man referred to is the last six letters. This character has been in a series of books and movies. The first three letters come from the phrase “medal I gave out” where the I refers to you-know-who.

  17. Interesting trying to analyse 10A, Ray et al. My answer has two short months, one forward, one backward (letters 1-3), and ties in with the last word of the clue. They found a lot of it on an island north of Australia. So, done, sumimashita. finito, finis.

  18. Arthur, 10A, the first three letters are a reversed month. The last two are a word, reversed, with a similar meaning to 7D. However, you obviously have the correct answer.

  19. Thanks Deb and Ray. Stupid of me not to recognize “wheels” as going backwards. The whole thing was a bunch of “crap” anyway.
    The other clue I thought was a bit lame was Letters 1, 2 and 5 of 1A.

  20. Deb, I agree. This is the first time I’ve tried the DA quick and it took me almost as long as the cryptic!

  21. Barry, I have heard DA say that a cryptic is easier because there are two clues, i.e. the definition and the wordplay, whereas an ordinary crossword has only the definition. I’m not sure that this applies in the case of a setter as abstruse as DA.

  22. Jack, yes I agree and that’s also what I tell people who complain that cryptics are too hard. But some of the clues in today’s quick wouldn’t be out of place in a cryptic, including the one that Deb mentioned – 24D.

  23. Left it far too late today to buy the paper. All Heralds sold out. Can anyone email me a copy of the crossword? aj at alternateroute dot com dot au Much appreciated. (And no I haven’t read any of the clues on this page yet)

  24. Stuck on 1ac & 1dn & think I have correct answer to 28ac if letters 1 & 4 are the same, but don’t get wordplay!

    Anyone care to enlighten?

  25. OK, got the 1’s …
    but what do letters 1,2,4 of 1ac have to do with firelight?

  26. … Sorry that should be letters 1 2 5 of 1 across what do they have to do with firelight

  27. Gil, Yes. 28A letters 1 and four are the same. The answer means authority. But if you do what the answer is, then you don’t keep mum.

    1D is for history buffs. Hannibal (the Carthaginian, not the serial killer) succumbed at this place, which is then “mounting”. Once you get this, 1A will be a breeze.

  28. Barry, 1 ac an animal? It’s letters 1 2 5 I have
    but what do they have to do with firelight?
    Can you help with the connection?
    BeareR gives the other two letters, right?

  29. Gil, for 1a – I have a 4 letter word for fire (passion) less the last letter (light). And the answer is an animal.

  30. Gil, 1A. Think of a word for fire which is “light” of its final letter

  31. For 28A, I read as 4-1 for first part “Contrarily Mum” and 3-2 as second part ie: defn = “keeps authority”. Do I have this wrong?

  32. Ray, “contrarily” refers to Mum (4,1 pattern) vs. keeps authority (3,2 pattern)
    i e two contrary interpretations of the same five letters.

  33. Second week in a row I’ve got it all out without hints. Did it in under an hour which is by far a record for me. It helped that I was familiar with 20a. So I’ve come a long way in a year thanks to all the help from DAtrippers (with one exception!).
    Still pondering some wordplays. Will look at the above after tea.

  34. OMG, I cannot believe the childishness of you naysayers.
    You are either poms or school teachers or both or maybe just childish.
    What do you think nn, Barry or Ray ?

  35. Gil ,
    I think your“d’oh” as plunges ice cream cone into forehead!
    Is way out of line and so derogatory to intelectually challenged people, its like something out of a Lindsay Fox Ansett video

  36. G’day Jimmy. Not too sure who you’re accusing of being a naysayer but I haven’t seen any evidence of negativity on this forum. I’m happy to own up to being a pom and childish (if that means young at heart) but I don’t have the bent to be a teacher.

    Methinks that this very friendly forum maybe ain’t a good fit for you Jimmy. If you’re after a flame war, I’m sure that the vastness of the internet can provide many more opportunities for you to express your feelings.

    Enjoy your weekend, mate.

  37. All done! With only a little help from here. Best for weeks. It helped that I got 20a fairly quickly and know it quite well. Have a good weekend.

  38. Think I’ve worked out all the wordplays now, thanks to help from above. That firelighter wordplay had me stumped, so thanks Peta and Barry

    One out of one is better than two out of three…

  39. Feather 24 d def is first three words, it is a brand name. Wordplay is a word for a go getter with two letters from the middle missing (ie it has been subjected to 4a).

  40. Feather: 4A is the cryptic device. Find some word similar to “go-getter” and employ 4A. Result is a trademark [as per Barry above].

  41. Thanks, nn and Marc, all finished. I was trying to think of a 5-letter word for go-getter … And I have an old version of the answer but didn’t know the brand name.

  42. Hi all,

    Just need some parsing help
    14A – only one word fits in after obtaining the crossing letters… can’t seem to parse the clue.
    16D – letter #4 stumps me. I have the rest of the letters thanks to Ian above.
    8D – as per Ian’s “political” advice and Arthur C’s “leon” clue… no idea how to parse the cryptic part.
    26A – found theme thanks to 20A, but otherwise clueless on the cryptic part.
    19A – middle letter…. arghhhh!!!

    thanks folks :)

  43. nn, what is your 1 out of 1 ?
    and how is it better than 2 out of 3 ?
    looking forward to your answer

  44. One out of one is 100%, 2 out of 3 is somewhat less. Anyway it is two out of two now.

  45. Spoiler alert.
    Marc, 14A – an anagram, blow as in wind.
    16D – letter 4 is close to stern (I think).
    8D – letters 1 to 5 are a chance or an opportunity to gamble, letters 6,7,9 10 are high-flyer. They consume the unknown (letter 7).
    26A -definition is 20 across’s head. Island is letters 1, 8 and 9. Rest consists of a bench with ‘appropriate books’ inside.
    19A – definition is first two words. A four letter word for Qualifying race minus its leader.

  46. It’s been a few weeks since Spoonerisms made an appearance… when will they be back, DA?

    Finished this week’s now. I guess we know where DA went for an Easter holiday road trip!

  47. @marc 14d I presume. Def is the last word. It is an anagram.
    16d letter 4 close to stern
    8d letters 1-5 are a chance for gambling , letters 6, 8, 9 and 10 are the high flier, letter 7 is the unknown (although the letter before it in the alphabet is more commonly unknown.
    26a letters 1, 8 and9 are the island, letters 2,3,4 and 7 are a bench, 5 and 6 are the usual books.
    19a. First two words are the def, think consume. Wordplay is qualifying race with the first letter missing

  48. 8D – Letters 1-5 are something to gamble on, or alternatively what the things gambled on do. Rest of clue is an object that flies (or is flown) holding an unknown in mathematics.

  49. Sadly, I gave a very poor effort today. Only about half complete, my familiarity with 20A (or lack thereof) hampered me significantly.

  50. nn who are you talking to ?
    you need to say a name when you comment , otherwise you sound like a troll

  51. Feather, nn, Indy: many thanks.
    8D: got it now, ‘flier’ holding ‘variable’ – I had last 3 characters wrong.
    19D: what I’ll do next :-) (finally got the reference to ‘qualifying race’… after correcting my 8D)
    26A: ahh… the bench reference got me at first, thanks. was thinking more toward court benches etc… but I see now that it’s more of a ‘churchy’ bench.

    I might need to revise my 14D though if it’s an anagram of first two, got something else instead…

    Thanks again folks.

  52. All done solo bar 16D , and thanks to Ian for that one. Got stuck on another kind of whirlpool action close to the stern (of a vessel), which is also another kind of WhirlpoolTM action. Was that an amazingly clever misdirection? ( Except there’s no ‘w’ in 15A, which came later for me).
    This week’s may not be so cruisey for Trans Tasmans. But I think DA’s behind the times with 11A. Or is there a nod in there with ‘wastes top-level’ ?

  53. Gayle I don’t think there’s been the full number there for a very long time, if ever. They were called something else many years ago but the name was changed for tourism, the old one not deemed very attractive. I can remember seeing them back in the 60s and not being able to find the full amount. wikipedia states there were only ever 9 of them, now 8 since 2005.

  54. It seems that no one else has had a problem with this, but I’m stuck on 6D. I’ve got everything else, so have letters 1, 3 and 5, but can’t fill in the blanks. I’m sure I’m missing something really obvious, but can’t see it.

    Also, I have the answer for 4A but can’t understand how the clue works. Any help on either/both would be gratefully received!

  55. Mab 6d first two words are the def. it refers to an australian tourism ad from many years ago. answer is an abbreviation of the presenter’s name. wordplay involves using the last word of the clue and applying to the previous five words.
    4a. John isn’t a person, it is something you sit on. Gives first four letters of answer . Catch as in conversation gives next four , pageant finalist gives the last letter.

  56. mab, the direction in 6d is seconds. Apply it to the preceding words to get the nickname of an Aussie actor.4a heard indicates a homophone, john = wc , catch with your ear, pageant finalist gives the last letter. Hope this helps.

  57. nn and Feather, thank you both so much – I can sleep easy now!

    Despite having seen those ads in the UK back in the day, I can safely say I would never have come up with 6D. And it turns out I was most of the way there for 4A, but it seemed a bit clunky to me, so I was thinking there must be something more sophisticated hidden away somewhere.

    Ah well, roll on next Friday…

    Good night all!

  58. nn, Gayle, Feather:
    Thanks, finally solved 14D.
    14D is indeed a “blow” as per the clue, am I right?

    I first suspected whether my 13A or 25D was wrong; as they/it yielded crossing letter(s) in error…
    [spoiler alert]
    I interpreted 13A as:
    1. [wrong the first time] American network / type of explosive used in the literal bombshell (name of an ACDC song).
    2. [probably this one makes more sense, still unsure, but it’s the likeliest?] Australian network / ‘rating’ for a figurative bombshell

    To double-check: 25D is both a term in mathematics, and also (mainly in) automobile accidents right? (I have a strong suspicion that my 13A was wrong instead of 25D, but I could be wrong both counts).

  59. Marc,
    13A(2) and 25A: Agree.
    I also agree wi’ your 14D, but I’ve always seen tha’ word includin’ an …

  60. Looks as though everyone’s finished hours ago! but I’m still stuck with 27a, 16d (2nd word), and 24d, despite hints. Would welcome a further hint (short of a spoiler).

  61. sb, not sure if you want hints for the answers or just the wordplay. 27A – first word is def’n, if you’re not with the in crowd you’re on the ? 16D – last 3 letters of 2nd word are from ‘sculler on and off’. 24D – I needed help with this one. 6 letter meaning go-getter, or an energetic person, then perform the instruction at 4A to get a brand name of devices that produce ID tapes.

  62. Thanks Feather. All done. I had the 2nd word for 12d wrong so that threw me.
    Till next week

  63. After a busy weekend of restaurant reviewing and an amazing Black Sabbath show, finally got to the grid and knocked it out in a little over an hour. Totally feeling your elation nn! What’s with that Jimmy troll? Types before he thinks, says I. On what planet is a straight Homer Simpson reference derogatory? I can only see one person being offensive here…

  64. Ian, interested to hear what your six-letter word for spicy was in 16d. My five-letter word for hot was spicy.

  65. Funny. I got myself into a mess because I thought 1 down was ROME, even though I knew Hannibal never actually set foot in Rome and Zama was his last battle against the Romans.

    I thought it was shock = TREMOR, then TREMOR briefly = EMOR and mounting EMOR = ROME.

    I assumed DA was being slightly mean by having briefly mean the dropping of two letters rather than the customary one, and Hannibal’s defeat in Rome to be figurative.

  66. Oh, and JimmyDArat, no one gets owned here. There’s no competition and no ridiculing of others.

    This place is about a bunch of people sharing the fun of cryptic crosswords. You’ve clearly got some cryptic crossword skills, and this is where you can pass on some of your techniques, provide assistance, share the joy (and the odd frustration — there is a section called DA Bullshit after all).

    I’m sure you could be quite helpful to a lot of people.

  67. Am I last to finish ? This morning I had 4 words. Half an hour in the Red Cross bus and I got halfway. I did need google and your help again. 22d is my only hiccup now. I think Dymo was my favourite and I learnt something about which way Hannibal crossed the Alps – I always thought it was towards France.

  68. Jupiter, I’d love to help but I’ve thrown away the paper. What was the clue again and I’ll see if I can remember it.

  69. 22D: “use” is the definition. “iPhonic” is a made up word intended to mean “of or pertaining to iPhones”, but the answer takes a three letter word for a program that runs on an iPhone, treats it as an adjective, then applies a common two letter suffix to turn it into an adverb.

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