DA for the 22nd of March, 2013

DA publishing consensus between Sydney and Melbourne has been reached, and perhaps tonight there shall be PM consensus in Canberra.

Report about whichever piece of consensus you like right here.

Update: And here are the instructions at the top of the crossword:

For reasons to emerge, 11-across is the only intact member of a theme shared by all Across answers — and a Down. No definition appears in these clues.


DA 220312 DA 220313 down clues

DA 19,948 (22 March 2013) - Solution

6 thoughts on “DA for the 22nd of March, 2013

  1. This is unbearable—sitting at my desk, knowing that DA is in my handbag in the cupboard, and knowing that other Melbournians around me are grappling with it and I have to wait till tonight. Arrgghh!

  2. Any chance someone can send the crossword through to me?

    The email address is in the sidebar to the right.

    Completely forgot DA was published on a Friday even though I wrote this very post on Thursday!

  3. nf Commiserations! The only reason I was able to enjoy DA this Friday was because I’m on leave. Maybe Fairfax could allow a week before publishing Friday’s solution, as they do with Saturday’s, even if there’s no dictionary to win. DA has enough clout/space in that paper, including his other regular columns, surely, and on all sorts of media, for it to become a regular thing. We could start a revolution ! (Getting carried away after seeing Arlo Guthrie this week.)

    There’ve been some grumbles on the other thread about spoilers too. Maybe we need some new guidelines from the moderator if we’re unable to influence Fairfax.

    PS AS, have just tried to email you the grid.

  4. Cheers for sending through the grid, Gayle.

    I will be more explicit about spoilers next week. DA with spoilers ain’t much fun.

  5. We settled down to do a cryptic crossword and got that load of self-indulgent dross. Very disappointing.

  6. I hope they keep the layout in the SMH. It’s workable for tearing out and carrying folded up…

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