DA Confusion for the 22nd of March, 2013

Sure, you can be confused by politics in Canberra, but there’s certainly no reason to be confused by DA.

Ask and have your questions answered right here.

109 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 22nd of March, 2013

  1. On holidays today so can join the early birds. Think I have the trick with only two of the acrosses done, 23 and 26. Been googling 1986 elections but Iran Contra doesn’t fit.

  2. 18D: You have the right scandal, just need a word for it with the usual formation of political scandals since the 70s. It’s an offensive term for redheads, and I wish DA would stop using it.

    About 6 to go when I break for coffee.

  3. The more common word for redhead in my demographic, ie baby boomer from the country was ‘bluey’.

  4. Just got the joke and the ‘theme’ in 11 across. Good one. And a bit of a definition in the clue to boot?

  5. Not looking good, only two so far. But, horror of horrors, the ‘Quick’ crossword today is also by DA. Almost finished it, but what is ‘Caribbean commonwealth’, (6,4)? I have -u-r–/r-c-. Two DA’s on one day! One too many.

  6. Arthur, I’d guess that your missing letters are peoio. Haven’t done the quick yet, still not finished the cryptic, but the SMH always has the same compiler for the cryptic and the quick. I usually enjoy DA’s quicks cos there often a bit quirky.

  7. Thanks, Gayle. How stupid of me. Wasn’t aware it was a ‘commonwealth’, but is apparently so described. I hadn’t remembered it anyway. Still hopelessly lost with the cryptic, have only three now. Take 3D, for instance. Have a pea-souper for third word, but can’t find anything to go above that.

  8. 30 minutes in and barely started. This one’s going to take a few sessions for me.

    I have the answer to 18D, but I don’t understand the “vote” part.

  9. John, my guess is the vote is split 50-50. If that’s so, and we’ve had this before, how are you supposed to know which way to go?

  10. Just when I thought I had the measure of DA, I have been well and truly put in my place by this weeks offering. I have 11A and a handful of down clues but for the life of me I can’t see how 11A relates to any other across clue. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

  11. With only 3, 5, 18D and 11A,its hard to get started. Help with 1D or 8A would be appreciated as a starting point.

  12. I’m stuck on 24 across and down. In 24d is there a substitution involving G over T?

  13. Gayle – 224D – my read is “Bigfoot” gives 1st letter. “smashing” gives next 2. “bone” gives last. Defn first word or two.

    Once you get that, and with the theme, 24A should solve.

  14. Thanks Ray, for the ‘smashing’ part of 24D. Had the word but couldn’t get the wordplay. And had the right word for ‘booking’ but got the ‘football final’ wrong and it didn’t make sense. Got it now, with confirmation from google, although I’ve never heard of 24A.

  15. Arthur C. 1D you could probably guess from definition alone. Aussie invention. The first 4 letters are from a colloquial word for ‘diligent’ minus a cardinal point. The rest is Shakespearean.

  16. All done except 22A. I can’t think of any thematic elements that fit, and the wordplay is opaque. Any hints?

  17. i thinki have 24a, slang for a booking , or a well known footballer. wordplay eludes me ( asit often does)

  18. Rupert – 22A is tough. “Milk” gives letters 1,5,6 as indicated by “marinates” container. “bagel” gives letter 2. “gum” gives letters 3,4.

  19. 22A: Thanks, Ray. I don’t chew gum, or let my kids chew it, so I’d forgotten those 2 letters. I don’t recall hearing of the thematic element, either.

  20. Jonny – 2D is the “and a Down” in the NB:. So treat as you have the others of the theme.
    10A – yeah – another toughie. 5 letter wrod for “beach” with “Lifebuoy thrown”.

  21. Gayle, thank you. I was just writing that I couldn’t understand your clue, because I was thinking ‘bionic’, when the right word struck me. So, now I have five, two I got from here. If I could get an across word, it might help. There are very few synonyms for 11A, nothing that suggests itself as an answer. Will wait for further help before abandoning it entirely.

  22. Arthur, you are not looking for a synonym for footloose Think of the word as if it were a cryptic clue. All across answers have a footloose.

  23. Thank you Ray, your explanation of 22A gave me the theme.I have to admit it is not my strong point, but at least I now have somewhere to start.

  24. Mike H – 6D – “Heartless caribou” gives 6 letters. “bashed” is an angrind for those. A 4 letter word for “light” gives rest and goes around as per container “in”. Defn is last 3 words.

  25. Oops, sorry, I may have given away too much. Can someone delete that last comment

  26. Thanks, Barry, I was clearly on the wrong tram. But looking at 10A, where I have -H–, how does one include a foot (ft?) in there? Lifebuoy thrown? Does that mean take the O out of a word? A word for beach, such as shore? Not at all clear.

  27. I don’t get ‘replete’ in 9A. If I’ve got the answer right, doesn’t the clue work without it?

  28. Arthur, yes you are on the right track with a synonym for beach, less the lifebuoy. I cannot say more without giving the whole game away, but once you get the theme, you will see that you already have the answer.

  29. Gayle – 9A – I read the first 4 letters as “meal, almost replete”. So only 4 letters of a 5 letter word for “meal”. I may be wrong.

  30. Are we then looking, not for dictionary words, in the across clues, but words minus a letter? I always find DAs instructions difficult to interpret.

  31. Arthur, read the intro again ” 11ac is the only intact member of a theme” and you answer your own question.

  32. Ray, I think we’re on the same track, but I would have thought ‘meal, almost’ would have been sufficient.

    Yes, Arthur

  33. No, I’ll give it away, too hard. Looking for whole words is hard enough, looking for words with a missing letter – hopeless. Try again next week. Bye now.

  34. I’m going to have to give it away one short. Even with Mike H’s link I can’t get 8D.

  35. You guys have been a lot of help but I’m still struggling with 17A. Is DA in there for setter?

  36. Gayle – 8A you mean? – if so, first 2 words give first 3 letters. And if you get those, I think you will know the answer. The last 5 letters are the “borders” of “lassitude” in full description of.

    Prufrock – 17A – no not “DA”. But how esle might he refer to himself? And then the last 5 letters are a word for “Street urchin”.

  37. Thanks Ray. DA got me on the borders of lassitude! The theme is not a strong point of mine. And if I’d twigged earlier to the first 3 letters of 8A I might have saved myself a whole lot of effort with most of the rest which I did the hard way. 8A’s the giveaway, the only one that I can see that can’t be anything else.

    There are 2 alternatives for 24A! and both work, depending on how you read or write the ‘football final’. I wonder which one DA had in mind, or how other Trippers see it.

    And until I got the theme I thought I’d learned a wonderful new word for a dodecahedron-shaped puzzle. Never heard of 17A, either the themed word, or the one I found.

  38. A nice challenge today. 4D was last in. 11A came quickly and gave me an inkling of what was required. 26A confirmed that shortly after. Had not heard of 17A or 24A but wordplay was straightforward and they were easily confirmed. Not sure of the wordplay for 22D. The first two words of the clue gave me the answer but the rest has me scratching my head.

  39. About to give up, like Arthur, till Ray’s help with 8a, now almost there.Despite looking above can’t find 24a&d, 5d,7d and 9a.
    Arthur ,think of what 11a is rather than its meaning and then follow the track you mentioned above, you were so close.

  40. megse – some discussion of 24D, 24A, 7D and 9A above (just user your browser search on say 24D etc).
    5D – “Fanatically” = anagrind. Next 2 words fodder. Last 2 words defn.

  41. megse – OK – 24D – so cryptically, how does “Bigfoot” yield 1 letter (the first letter of answer)? And if something is said to be “smashing” then what other expressions fit this eg: top notch, or in 2 letters “..” to give letters 2 and 3? Then what type of “bone” can be represented by the 1 last letter (BTW this is my preferred BBQ cut)? Put togther to get answer to defn of first 2 words.

  42. Thanks Ray, 5d is obvious now, I thought it had to be that but my brain wouldn’t accommodate the letter arrangement.Will look again re 24a and 7d

  43. megse – sorry – I fibbed – 7D not referended above that I can see. So…
    7D – Defn 1st word. “Broke casing” gives letters 3,4. “in” = container. “barbie” gives letters 1,2 and 5,6.

  44. 24A letters 1-3 for ‘booking’ think of a rock group or comedian’s scheduled performance , as they would refer to it themselves, colloquial kind of word.
    For the last letter I believe there are 2 possibilities, depending on how you interpret ‘football final’ , either the last letter of football = L, or the oval representation of the ‘ball’ in final position, like ‘lifebuoy’ or ‘bagel’ in today’s crossword = O. They both work with the theme.

  45. Hi all :)
    I’m new to this website; and finally solved today’s DA with some effort, some Guinness (and lots of time) with my colleague (She was the one who introduced me to this website – I am not alone… finally I can get help with DA’s other crosswords! yay!)

    megse – 7D: We got stuck on 7D too, and got help from another colleague who gave us a hint: If it helps, “barbie” should probably be treated as “Barbie” (to disambiguate).

    24A: it’s a notorious (not really ‘famous’) associated with the . My mate solved this one . Hints as per Scott [March 22, 2013 at 9:48 am] above – “24a, slang for a booking” with “football final” interpreted cryptically.

    Hope it helps, and happy to answer any more questions :)

  46. (typo: the reply system did not really the html syntax I posted…)
    24A: it’s a notorious (not really ‘famous’) [noun] associated with the [theme]. Think Jennifer Lopez?

  47. Gil:
    (spoiler alert) 2D fits in with the [theme]. Note that “make-up artist” has nothing to do with cosmetics :)

    4D: “God” being the straight part. 1st character means “judge”. “what was” can be better phrased as an exclamation signifying “what was [that]?!”. “finished[,] being said” can be rephrased as “sounds like finished”.

    8A: [themed clue]. Melbourne has several “Bestial reserves”, e.g. in Werribee. (Once you get this you might get the [themed noun] straight away, that’s how I got it).
    “Borders on lassitude” (cryptically) would be one of those “?” type clues.

    Let me know if you need more hints.

  48. Gil – 8A – as my entry above, if you have the theme, then a 3 letter word for “Betial reserve” should make it obvious.
    2D – yeah tough – again you need the theme as this, as tagged above, is the “and a Down” as per NB: Then obviously it is a 5 letter theme to give 4. And if you have 15A it is a partner.
    4D – let’s just start with last word = defn. And there is a “Judge” and a homophone (“being said”) in there.

    Hope helps.

  49. Marc – on 4D – I read “what” to give letters 2,3 and “was finished being said” to give the last 4 homophone. You agree?

  50. Ray: ah… you’re right – 2D is indeed a partner of 15A! (never noticed it at first)

  51. Gayle,
    Surely if football is O in 24a the clue of 11a would have to be pluralised. The only theme word I can find would need that.

  52. Ray: …I think you’re right. “what” gives 2,3.
    My train of thought initially: “what was” to mean “what was that?”

    (just to double check if my answer is right – is the solution a Hebrew name for the clue’s straight part?)

  53. I have struggled with the whole thing. But I have the theme and more than half done thanks to this site. The SW corner still has me stumped. Any help with 13d, 16d, 21d, 12a, 15a, 20a, 23a or 25a would be appreciated.

  54. Sandy: for 24A – My interpretation is the phrase “football final” rather than “football”=”o”.

    11A would remind you of 80s disco nights…

  55. If 2 is the themed down clue, I’ve got it, (a footloose creature feature with many sequels)
    Only 4 down remaining

  56. Marc,
    I got that re 24a. I was responding to Gayle above. I also had 11a.

  57. Sandy: I’ll do my best :)

    13D: “digs” is interpreted not in the archeological sense (I got this wrong initially – my mate corrected me), but more toward (slang-wise) “crib” or “pad” [straight part is “Period digs”]. “naked stud” is interpreted cryptically for letters 1,2. The rest is indeed “a TV medic”, hiding [embedding] “nothing”.

    16D: “Madly” is an anagind, “about” indicating embedding. Straight part is “fake tat”.

    21D: Wordplay! “English twins”, rephrased as “double synonym for English”, would help.

    12A: [themed] hidden in plain sight. Hints: U2 hit song in the mid 2000s, Hitchcock, medical condition.

    (more hints to come…)

  58. marc – 4D – I would agree.
    Sandy – on the D’s:
    13D – defn first 2 words. “naked stud” gives letters 1,2. “a TV medic” gives letters 3,5,6,7,8,9,10.”hiding” = container. “nothing” gives letter 4.
    16D – “Madly” = anagrind. “fret” = fodder. “about” = container. “navy’s” = letters 2,3,4,5. Defn last 2 words.
    21D – (my favourite – sorry to some) – English times 2 – found on beanie for example.
    Acrosses should fall with theme. If not let us know.

  59. Ray: somehow I find the special themed crosswords more exciting (I’ve just started getting back into cryptics, but I’m still learning…) Is there anymore past “themed” DA crosswords that you recommend I look into (preferably with answers/clues)?

  60. LOL not living with a TV I’d seen that TV doctor program advertised And for ages thought it was a reality home renovation program.

  61. Sandy (and Ray): 20A is a good one, I must admit.

    Sandy: 20A: “retrospective” affects all the components of the clue. Campus yields one letter. Hipster reveals another three letters. Finally, “does hip-hop” [verb] would remind you of how e.g. Eminem performs on stage.

  62. Gil: to be honest, it was a group effort for today’s DA – myself and a mate of mine who has been solving these for years, so she’s my guru: I am but an apprentice. (Robyn if you’re reading this, yes I did enjoy this website – thanks for introducing me to it!).

  63. Refer DA 19,810 of SMH of Oct 12,2012 as a start. It is on this site, but does not have the grid for some reason (???) that I can see. It was a corker.
    I have the grid, but do not know how to get it too you.
    Go read the Oct 12/13 blog and see if you can find the grid. If really interested we will work something out for mine to ge to you.

  64. Thanks Marc and Ray.
    I actually had 13d but thought it had to be ‘period’ period. Once that fell so did all the others, except 25a. I and also still struggling with 2d which I know is themed and have cross letters for.

  65. Sandy, a makeup artist makes up things, maybe tells a xxx. A movie related to 15A was 15A and a footloose 2D. Believe it or not, Ripley could help.

  66. Sandy, French for “my” has to be mon, ma or mes. A support, well think of a flower support, less the last letter = a movie missing its last letter.

  67. Oh yes, that last post related to 25A, but it seems everyone has gone to bed anyway.

  68. Thanks Barry. Not in bed, just out for dinner. Had most of 25d, just hadn’t thought if the flower support and haven’t heard of the movie.

  69. Yes Rupert, DA should leave redheads alone. Ranga is a very insulting term even it is a useful combination of letters for crossword clues.
    Thanks to the trippers for yopur help. A difficult day, despite my husband immediately telling me the answer to 11 across – he used to sail on a boat with this name.

  70. Tough one. Needed help for the last two – 22A and 4D. Got that help from here, thanks Trippers. There are a few posts above that should contain a spoiler alert, I must say. Especially for people like me who are doing the puzzle the next day.

  71. Late start for me, didn’t get chance to look at it yesterday. Got a few downs in on first run through. With these and the wordplay have an answer for 26a which could be explained by the only 11a is intact part of the instruction and hopefully gives me some idea of the theme. Looks like a difficult one, will press on before resorting to above hints

  72. Got 11a now which explains my answer for 26a. Also gives me an idea of what the theme might be, but if I am right it isn’t a theme of which I have much knowledge which is going to make it difficult .

  73. Just got 8a using some crossletters and a bit of the wordplay. Spent ages trying to work out the rest of the wordplay before realising I was using the clue from 9a. Will try to sort out 9a now. 8a has confirmed the theme though, could be a long day and several cups of coffee!

  74. Got about half done so far with much googling. Some wordplay is very difficult too.

  75. Despite above I still have no idea of 2d, 15a (hints that these two are somehow related aren’t much use if you don’t have either of them!), 13d, 16d and 20a.

  76. Finally got 13d. Didn’t help that I had a nothing in the clue from the cross letters but it was in the wrong place for the wordplay. That was nasty in that the correct nothing wasn’t a cross letter. Four to go now.

  77. 13d gave me just enough to get 15a at last although I have no idea how campus hipster works despite reading above hints. I get the does hip hop bit, but nit the rest

  78. nn All reversed. U(niversity) then a word from about the same era as hip, as in a cool _ _ _

  79. That should have been 2oa not 15a.
    20a gave me 16d which in turn gave me 15a so I only have 2d to go.

  80. Thanks Gayle campus = U is a bit of a stretch! Some sort of containment indicator would have been handy too .

  81. Finally done. Surprisingly I’d heard of all of them except 24a, although 22a was in the depths of the memory somewhere. On the other hand I’ve only seen about five of them. Vague suspicion that I saw 22a many years ago.
    Found it pretty tough going today.

  82. Scratch the containment indicator comment, I had the cool one as plural in my mind, clearly not the case.

  83. Crikey I can’t even get them when I have explicit help.

    At least SMH took my suggestions about layout :-)

  84. All done with a couple of tips from the gang here. It’s actually easier with a theme because you don’t have to search for different meanings. Much fun. And don’t stress over the use of ‘ranga’. My GenY kids and their friends (including those who fall into the category) use the term very affectionately.

  85. Got it all out with help from here. One little nit-pick, Surely the last word of 4D should have had a capital letter – a lower case tends to lead to a lesser being than the answer. Think Arthur would agree.

  86. Many thanks to you all – and Google for help with the Ozargot – finished just now (rather like the test series in India), I hope without the help of spoilers (or – ‘with hesitation the world is lost’ – umpires) .

    The clue to 21D could have easily been mopped up to avoid the, to me, very offensive term – twice.

  87. Far out, that was tough! Amongst the last to finish, again. Didn’t even get started until I got a clue or two out with Tripper help (thank you all!). Initially thought “no definition” as applied to all clues, not just themed clues!

    I did like the theme although found them challenging to solve. Not a buff in this area, and the samples were pretty disparate. Never heard of 22 & 23a!

  88. For 13d I thought digs in that place meant put the TV show first. All of a sudden I have three left. I haven’t opened Saturday’s paper to avoid the temptation to check my answers.
    And then there were two – now one. It is a fun one!
    2d is my nemesis. Is there no wordplay – just one fib ?
    Then the long answer was on TV the other week, and a sequel this weekend.

    Am I the last ?

  89. Jupiter, from memory 2D was the “and a Down” that was referred to in the instructions. So your rationale is correct!

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