92 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 8/9th of March, 2013

  1. Started out easy (26/27? Really, David? Really?) then got a bit harder. Left a few for coffee time.

  2. Help please. I have all the cross letters (possibly not all correct but am pretty sure) for 8D and 28A and still don’t get it. Also don’t get wordplay for 2D. Thanks.

  3. 2D: Film gives letters 9, 3, 2, 1; “agent nearly” gives letters 4, 5, 6.

    I haven’t got 8D or 28A, I’m afraid. I also have all the cross letters for 8D. A couple of phrases fit, but don’t seem to match either end of the clue for a definition.

  4. Agree Rupert. 26/27? I said to myself c’mon DA, then it got real slow. Ha!

    Will be back later with my confusion.

  5. 28A: An inhabitant of the 6th planet from the sun. Category of people which includes Thais gives letters 2, 1, 7, 8, 9 (the leading couple is reversed). Theatre act gives letters 3 to 6.

    Only 8D to go.

  6. 8D – 5 letter crime minus last letter followed by ring (1 Letter) inside a word for “ran” giving a phrase that could mean “Main”. 15A is a reverse hidden.
    6D still remains for me.

  7. Peta: if I have 6D right, the elephant you’re looking for is from a children’s book – but I don’t see what work “mainly” is doing in the clue.

  8. Have all of them except 1 down and 11 across – any hints welcome…thanks

  9. Thanks JC. The fictional elephant is 5 characters long, hence the “mainly”.

  10. aaaaah! I was wondering who wrote it so I googled the 4-letter name I thought was right, and of course Google knew what I meant and showed me anyway, but I didn’t spot the 5-letter spelling. Learn something every year, don’t you!

  11. 11a requires knowledge of Kafka. 1D – take a word for Elitists and replace born (1 letter) with “kissing butt” (1 Letter).

  12. 28A: Not an indirect anagram, since he tells you which letters are being moved and how. Pretty close, but still this side of the line.

  13. Does 1a really start with a synonym for can transferred to the periodic table? Two steps without any clue?

  14. Horrors! I thought, after working for some time: ‘This bloke is trying to outDA DA. Then I saw the signature. Having several problems: thought the printer in 5D was the famous Johannes of 1450AD. Fitted with a couple of the cross clues. Now not sure. Remembered an American baseballer whose surname fitted second word of 12A, but his given name was Jamie, so no go. Thought the elephant mainly might have been ‘epha’ but can’t find any trace of a sweet named epha. Much work still to do, and, as Ann asked ‘What do we now do on Saturday?’

  15. I get 1a now. ‘Can stuff’ as in the stuff cans are made of, though in reality they are not.

  16. Arthur you are right about the printer for 5d. Good German, followed by gutless beginner in turmoil.

  17. 12a the pitch legend is not baseball. He is quintessentially Australian. But I don’t get the wordplay for the rest of the clue at all.

  18. Why does outstanding appear twice in 12A ? Isn’t pitch legend letters 4-7 ?

  19. 6D: The elephant is in fact King of the Elephants, from a French children’s book, widely read (in translation) in many countries.

    Can anyone explain 12A, or at least confirm my answer?

  20. Rupert, 12a does seem to be a way of avoiding 15a (15a fend). The first 3 letters I see as Australia’s most famous pitch legend. But that’s as far as I can crack it.

  21. 12A , on =2,3, pitch =4,5,6, legend = 7 outstanding = 1,2,9 Hope I haven’t given too much away as I’m new to this. I still can’t see the need for two outstandings

  22. The second outstanding is because 1,2,9 is standing out (around) the rest.

  23. Donna G, you may be new, but you are brilliant! “pitch legend” threw me & it appears a few other solvers!
    Thought today’s was relatively easy though – completed without aids!
    Will stick around for 15 2 C if I Sn help with any!

  24. Well, that sorted out 12A, which helps. Yet to find the sweet in 6D. Right side all but finished.

  25. Arthur, 6 d dealt with in comments above but first think of a three-letter synonym for “queer” and its four-letter companion may follow naturally!

  26. Can anyone tell me what the “agent nearly” that clues letters 4,5,6 in 2D refers to?

  27. Thanks Gil, I found that out from clue above relating to a pachyderm I’d never heard of. Have only four or five to go, bothered by 9A. Tried snogs and snobs in 1D, but can’t find a word that fits letters 7 & 9 of 9A, starting with O. May go and play pool, less complicated.

  28. Will DA extend himself and have a second crossword tomorrow (Saturday Age) .. or will have I now have no excuse to have all of the jobs done before my wife gets home from work?!

  29. If you Age readers get more DA than us, there will be rioting in the streets! Actually the SMH moved him to Saturday a while back, and after a few weeks so many people had complained that he was moved back to Friday.

  30. 1D: Arthur, you have the right answer. 9A is an obscure word, for one who is more gentle with paper than you are.
    2D: It’s a 40s/50s expression for FBI agent.

    Thanks, Donna, for 12A.

  31. Only just twigged that this Friday Age puzzle is DA – I thought it was tough for a normal Friday! Graham, there’s actually a note to say that Saturday’s crosswords will be compiled by DS – it’s just that in the new small paper the font size is so tiny it’s difficult to see.

  32. 3D is all I have left, but I have absolutely no idea past the letters for 1, 9, and 11 A.

    Any hints?

  33. JC it wasn’t DA’s move to Saturday that people complained about, but the move of the competition crossword from Saturday to Monday! So fthey put it all back the way it was.

  34. Rupert – thanks for the help with 2D. It only took me yonks for the penny to drop on letters 4, 5, 6.

    Indy – 3D – “Cook” – anagrind. “gets” = fodder. “sandwiches” = container indicator. And the contents is a 2 letter acronym for “sailor” with with the 7th word, to give answer as per defn “bunch of brewers”. Think right. Hope helps.

  35. Artur C: folder is the definition, a person not an object.
    Office’s top: 1st letter
    Engineer: Letters 2-4
    gets: plus the following
    a: letter 5 is “a”
    spray: letters 6-9 (think perfume bottle or aerosol)

  36. Me too, Indy – except that I also have problems with 20d, for which I have a word but no inkling of how to relate it to any of the clue.

  37. re 2 d I have an album titled “Reefer Songs” (drug songs from the ’30s & ’40s).
    The title of one is “The G-Man Got the T-Man”.

  38. Got 3D, thanks Ray.

    I had the first part of the word on a hunch, but couldn’t get the rest because brewers was making me think alcohol.

  39. hello all

    been away and back for a friday surprise! Any help with 10a,8d,7d and 11a would be great.

  40. megse, 8d described above. Curtailed crime is a type of crime missing its last letter. Ring is one letter. A word for ran then guards (as in surrounds) all that. The expression means chief.

  41. 11a is an obscure (to me anyway) character from a Kafka novel who apparently was a guy who had bug problems. There is a the sort of text you use your phone and the first of ‘all’ covering ‘a’

  42. Gil, I thank you for your effort to help me with 9A. I have an O at the beginning, you’ve given me an A at letter 5, I have a pair of T’s with a space between to finish. So what sort of person can be fitted in there? Is it English, or some other language? If I have 2D correct (?), that might be the wword to describe how your clue comes across. I think I will abandon this, I presume we get solution tomorrow. Still missed 3D, 2D probably wrong, no idea of 9A or 11A. Good evening all.

  43. @Arthur, you have 4D wrong. Its S + a word for spotted = a different word for spotted, where there are two senses of the word spot.

  44. O bother! I had sited there, it seemed perfect in every sense. But I see the word you have indicted, Rupert. Ta muchly.

  45. Is the definition for 25D at the start or the end? I have an answer with a cool use of ‘glasses’, but that seems to demand the start being the definition although the end is a much better suited definition. Clear as mud? My solution has ‘crooked’ as fodder with the rest to the right indicating a deletion.

  46. Oh, scratch that, just realised the definition is the whole thing, the glasses. Nice &lit. Didn’t know that word is why.

  47. No &lit as far as i can see, AC. Def is ‘trash’. You are right though that ‘glasses thrown’ is a deletion – of letters that look like glasses.

  48. Started well got SE corner out and a few others scattered throughout the grid. Got 1a from the wordplay, google confirmed.
    6d I had no hope with as I’ve never heard of it. Comments above helped me work out last 4letters and I had the first but it took much googling to find it
    Still lots of gaps. Can’t work out 8d despite having nearly all cross letters and having read the hints above.

  49. Gah! Thanks sagely Sandy. I should have known DA wouldn’t be so wasteful with his indicators as to use the whole phrase when clearly just the one word is sufficient. Would have helped if I hadn’t taken the anagrind for granted too!

  50. nn, hopefully I can help you bring the answer to the front of your mind. If you have all the cross letters then you should have guessed the middle word, and really the first word to (sic). Ran is kind of like ripped or raced and it forms the outer shell of the clue.

  51. Thanks AC. I was missing one of the cross letters, the start of the second word. Your hints have given me an answer, still pondering the wordplay.
    Finally got enough cross letters to get 11a, had not heard of that before either. A grew of those today.

  52. Running out of steam with the following still blank.
    7d. 10a. 13a 13d 18d 21a 22d.
    Presume they are easy as no hints on them above.

  53. Halfway there, but still making my way through this one. Thanks Rupert for 28a, thanks Donna G and Sandy for 12a, and thanks Gil for 9a.
    Gil – I think it was both – I for one wanted DA moved back to Friday. Relieved to see him there today.

  54. Like a couple of other Victorians, we didn’t notice it was a DA until halfway through. Thought we’d encountered another twisted setter. Much prefer DA on a Saturday as it gives us until Monday to finish. Stuck on just two – 11D and 21A. Would appreciate hints before today’s Age is delivered, please.

  55. Victor – 11A – is above. “text” is a 3 letter acronym for letters 1, 3, 4. “first of all” gives second letter. Sixth word gives last letter. Defn is last 4 words. Is a surname, as above, Google Kafka my help.
    21A – defn is last word (or possible last 2, makes no difference). “turning” indicates reversal. So now reverse 3 letter word for “listener”, three let word for “wagered”, three letter (shortened) word for “priest” to get answer.

  56. Thanks, Ray. I made an error, though – I had 11A – I meant 13D, but your good hint for 21A gave us the letter that led to a solution for it. Now have it done – and today’s Age has just arrived.

  57. Good to have DA back on a Friday. The last few clues finished this morning after an enjoyable Friday evening with all your hints. I cannot do without them. Thanks again. Now no excuse for avoiding the household chores on a Saturday.

  58. I was unable to get my hands on the SMH yesterday, devastated. Does anyone have a digital copy I could use? :|

  59. Can someone please post the crossword. Thanks The Age for telling us it’s back on Friday. I’m having withdrawals here.

  60. Oh dear. This new Fairfax arrangement will force me to change my end-of-week routine.
    I have an answer for 22D but I’m not sure about the wordplay. If there are any trippers out there, I would love an explanation.
    8D has a woeful def, IMO.

  61. iPuzzled – 22D – my read – “Tribute” = defn. Also common way to cook “ribs” (alliteration).

  62. Finished two short, should have seen 3D, was thinking ‘cups’ for second half of word. But the thing in 11A???? Have never read Kafka – who has? Anyway, having recovered (almost) from the shock of a Friday DA, I just have to survive another five scorchers, if I do that I can try again next Friday.

  63. All finished now. A few things I’d never heard of so much googling required, but learnt something along the way.
    Agree with iPuzzled about 8d def. Not thrilled with 21a def either, or perhaps it is just sloppy wordplay, should be “in his back.” Similarly 10a should be “spot margins” without the “in ” ( maybe the missing ” in ” from 21a ? :-) )

  64. @ Michelle if you mean Saturday’s paper in Melbourne, DA has moved to Friday. See above discussion and link for a copy if you missed it.

  65. Started yesterday … Continued today . Enjoyable. Thanks for hints above – very helpful. One to go 13d. Any further help appreciated.

  66. Alan – 13D – 5 letter word for “frenzy” with last letter removed (barely) gives letters 3, 4, 5, 6 as “contained by” a 5 letter word for “tips” which gives letters 1, 2, 7, 8, 9. And answer is used in “canoeing” (amoungst other such activities).

  67. @Ray,
    Thanks for your help with 22D. I’ve never thought of that word as a tribute. I was thinking of another 5-letter word which starts with T as the tribute. Curious about the function of ‘aptly’ in the clue as well.

  68. Two chemical symbols this week, some literary references, some Yiddish, French, a rebus, Aussie slang, an historical figure and some geography. Nice mix once again.

  69. Arthur, if you’re still around – I’ve read Kafka, and if you never have I can recommend this story as a good place to start. It’s called ‘Metamorphosis’, and it’s a brilliant, and fascinating, exploration of what happens when a bloke wakes up one morning and finds he’s been changed into a cockroach!

  70. Hi Mary, just looked back in. Don’t do a lot of reading nowadays, I attribute my above average vocabulary to reading in teen years of such masters as Conan Doyle, Lesl;ie Charteris, Rider Haggard, and others of their ilk, who wrote in ENGLISH! As to metamorphosis, I have argued maby times that such a dramatic transformation, such as the caterpillar-butterfly-caterpillar is the strongest evidence of intelligent design. Irrefutable, to me.

  71. Really, Arthur? In the class of objects known to be designed, I can’t think of anything that, after a short period of use, is then shut down, repackaged, has parts added, modified and destroyed, and is then reactivated in a completely different form.

    It may be amazing, but it has nothing in common with design.

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