DA Confusion for the 1st/2nd of March, 2013

Confused by the first DA of Autumn? Ask your questions here.

96 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 1st/2nd of March, 2013

  1. its gone from easy last week to.. um whats another that means the opposite of something !!

  2. Phew, that was tough. Even getting out 9D didn’t help a lot. Toughest DA for a while.

  3. 25D is another word for trouble with the first letter replaced by l (ie line). Not sure of the other two. 18D I think “almost fair” relates to fete without the final e holding “re” (on) but the “ibet” has me confused

  4. No, MH, I don’t get the wordplay in 17D either except that the last 4 letters = a likely story! 18A 3 letter word for get and look inside dreary. 25D, another word for trouble with its lead (first letter) replaced.
    I can’t get the wordplay for 15D – yes, the shot bit I get but hear?

  5. Thanks Prufrock for the “likely story” comment – a bit of a “der” moment for me I am afraid

  6. A tad more difficult this week. I got a couple of the 9d’s (20d & 19/27d) before I got 9d. Had to confirm my answer for 26a.

  7. Very tough today. And little help here. Any chance of some help on 9d?

  8. Sandy 9d the boot doesn’t go on your foot.
    I have 9d but it hasn’t helped. I only got it from one of the other answers and I hadn’t actually seen that as a 9d. I suspect I won’t have seen any of the other 9ds either as I can’t solve any other of them except 30a and it took me a long time to get the last word of it

  9. Sorry nn, that was no help at all. I hadn’t assumed the boot was a shoe.

  10. Let me by more specific in my need of help with 9d. How much is Spoonerism and how many words are involved in what spooner might say?

  11. 9 d think of something on a vehicle that wouldn’t have been there when straight off the production line.

    Now I’m stuck top left corner 1, 4, 10, 12, & the 5-letter wor
    d in 2 – any hints?

  12. 2d is another one I’ve never seen, but I have seen something similar with a different second word also of five letters which is associated with a different sort of fire.
    1a def is first word
    4d is clever. Def could be first or last word.
    10a def is last three words
    12a def is sports gear. The x at the start is often found on a card, ending early is a trick he has used a bit lately

  13. Thanks nn, got 4 (d’oh!) & 10 in the interim, tho’ don’t understand wordplay for last three letters of 4.

  14. “D’oh” for 1 also! Got others but don’t understand wordplay for 12, nor complete wordplay for 2 – partial anagram + ???

  15. Finally got it out right before bed time – an all-day DA! I also hadn’t seen 2D. It’s asking for a response “but not as long as those who don’t”.

    12A: Think of X as being at the end of a letter, then move the last letter to the front to get the sports gear.

    2D/8D: Anagram gives letters 1 – 8 and 14. The remaining five letters are clued by sod.

    I don’t get the wordplay in 11A at all.

  16. Rupert – 11A – 3 letter word for “roll” – with first letter to last (“top-to-toe”). 6 letter word for a “meat” with first letter removed (“…head, falling”). Defn last word.

    I don’t get wordplay for either 7D or 22A, though have what I THINK are correrct answers for both.

  17. @Ray,
    Re 7D: Take a word that kindv means custody (or what a naughty school kid has to sit through) and swap the first letter for the last letter of ‘prisoner’,
    22A: Anagram. It’s not some fancy name for fatty tissue like cellulose or adipose (like I thought it might be) – it’s a synonym of stockiness.

  18. Some hints before I walk away from my computer for a while:
    30D, 3D, 5A – Nothing to do with Star Trek or Star Wars. Think classic (yet current) English sci-fi.
    4D: ‘Gun’ is not the def. ‘Gun’ here is a verb, and the solver needs to find a 3-letter synonym.
    9D: The ‘dispute’ part of the spoonerism is a verbal kind of dispute. The ‘tough puzzle’ part of the spoonerism isn’t teaser or poser, but a word similar to those (and a little longer).
    16A: The rugby player is not inside the scrum, but isn’t too far away. For the non-Victorians out there, ‘Bomber James’ no longer plays but is still heavily involved in AFL.

  19. @Ray, I have benefited greatly from your hints recently so I’m glad I can repay the favour, at least a little.

  20. 17D I take letters 4,5,6,7 to be ‘a likely story’. A joke, like the childhood spelling of MTGG.

  21. Just30/3/5 to go. Think I’m right about the last 6 letters, part of an anagram. Looks like an old telephone box? But can’t get the rest.

  22. Haven’t progressed very far. For the non Aussie Rules fans, James Hird is a famous Bomber. May help with 16A. 21A and 22A very easy, haven’t solved 9D, but I’ve seen 20D on a lot of cars. Long way to go. Haven’t read up top helps yet.

  23. Re 17D If you read the last four letters as 1,3 it makes an expression which doubts the truthfulness of a story.

  24. Ah, Brian B, 17 D is doing my head in working out the parsing and the alternatives.
    So they both work??
    A (your version) Almost fair= letters 1,,4, 5
    B (my version) Almost fair = letters 1,8,9.
    B is probably way out there. I’ll pay A. Clearer. I thought there was a double play on global citizen.
    Was stuck for a long time on the possibility of Dubai (almost fair letters 1,8,9) but that involved another joke. Antennae for DA tricks maybe a bit hypersensitive today.

    Pleased to get 16A from wordplay. Husband confirmed.

  25. Thanks Ray. I thought of that possibility as a common type of 9D but had 1A wrong which threw me out, and also had a wrong 12A both of which I could justify.

  26. So tough this week. Despite all your clues nn, I ended up cheating on 9d with today’s paper. Made a bit of progress since. But still stuck in SE corner. I need to get to work now. But when I get back, I’d love to hear some discussion on 19d, 20d, 23d, 27d, 26a, 27a, 29a, and/or 31a.

  27. @nn re your “Grr just got 20d it should be (3’1, 4) not (4,4)”, there won’t be an apostrophe in a Fairfax clue if the apostrophe indicates possession, but there will if it indicates elision – though that may change! See the following, from Salon 3 at http://davidastle.com/da-blog/post/salon-310/

    As for the apostrophe question, I’ve adhered to the rule that if a letter is being omitted – such as DON’T contracting DO NOT – then I signal that elision with (3’1). While DON’S PARTY would be (4,5), as there’s no elision involved.
    This is Fairfax’s house style. Other sources differ. My only misgiving in this regard is that the punctuation usually makes the answer far too obvious. And that’s never been my style.
    27 January at 05:43PM
    An answer in yesterday’s Times included the word YOU’RE as 5, not 3’2.
    28 January at 08:39AM
    YOU’RE = (5) in the Times? That’s it.
    I’ll be lobbying my editor this week for an apostrophe white-out. I reckon the enumeration is as clumsy as it is overly kind. (And I’d rather be graceful-sly!)

  28. Close to surrender. For 19, 27D, I end up with Dyslexics uptie? Is it possible? If so. how does the clue fit? Read a few hints above re 9D, nothing that conveyed any idea to me. Have ten I’m sure of, but can’t see any more. 9D might help, though someone up there seemed to suggest it wasn’t much help, but I’m clutching at straws now.

  29. Arthur, you’re so close, but ONE letter in your 19,27D solution needs to change!

  30. Arthur – 19D / 27D is an anagram (clue 1st word = anagrind – 2nd and 3rd plus a 2 letter word for “former” = the 14 letters needed). You have answer 1st word correct – second not.

    9D – it may help. So Spoonerism is “tough puzzle” and “dispute”. And the defn is “crack under boot”. As indicated above, “crack” is ala smart comment / witicism. “under boot” is indicates a part of a vehicle below the boot lid.

    Hope helps.

  31. THanks, JC and Ray. I changed a letter in 27D, but the final answer is meaningless to me. All I can think of under boot lid, Ray, is spare wheel? Or luggage? Clearly, that is not the answer. 11, 13, & 26A might help, by giving me a few letters. Too many spaces at present. I finally got 10A, I think, a shortened word.

  32. Arthur C – 27D is how people with the condition may well read the word that would normally finish such a motto.

    11A – I have explained above – addressed to Rupert.

    13A – Homophone of “revolutions”. Defn “runs out” as in you say let some from of renewal expire.

    26A – name of a German beer. (and a good lie down!!)

  33. @Arthur C.
    Re 9D: Not the interior of the car boot. At the back of the car, on the exterior.
    Wicked, wicked DA. I love it!

  34. 21D was the biggest gimme of the puzzle this week. When I saw it, I double-checked that the puzzle was indeed set by DA.

    24A: The sandwich gives letters 1, 2 and 4. It’s an abbreviation which is formed by the three main ingredients. Not for Muslims of Jewish people. It took me far too long to solve this clue!

  35. Added 12a (clever), and 14A. If I have 2, 8D, correct, it sounds like an addict’s threat to the taxman? But I cannot see any words in the clue which could make an anagram of this so I’ve probably got every word, except the third, wrong.

  36. Ipuzzled, I think I have understood your 24A clue – Rorschacht? But still hopeless 0n 9D. Tried unfair as first word? Makes no sense. Have to leave it for now. Lunch to organise.

  37. Arthur, I think you have 2, 8D right. ‘Jerks’ is an anagrind, and the ‘sod’ is the lump of turf you sometimes dig up when your golf isn’t all it should be.

  38. Thanks to all above for the pointers. Not much progress last night, but now just 20d to go. Any help appreciated?

  39. Think I’ll give the rest of it away, thanks JC. Unfair to take up so much space here. It frustrates me I can’t solve them sometimes. Will keep looking, something might come up.

  40. Coffee break and enough from above to get all but 23d and 31a done. Any tips n these?
    I think the difficulty with 9d really set the tone this week. Arthur, I never got it. I am just in NSW and able to sneak the answer to that one in today’s SMH so I could break the spell it had on me!

  41. I actually think ‘under boot’ is the difficulty. It should be ‘below boot’. Very different.

  42. Sean – 20D – 4 letter word for “has to” around (“hangs”) last (“terminal”) letter of “KLM”, then “with ‘a'” leaves 2 letters to describe a “cricket team”. And defn is 9D.

    Sandy – 23D – anagram of “blog” and “that’s” (anagrind “radical”) – defn 1st word.
    31A – anagram of “silence” – defn 1st word.

  43. Sean 20D: think of a 4-letter word meaning ‘has to’. ‘Teminal’ indicates the last letter of something. And how many players in a cricket team?

    Sandy 23D ‘radical’ is an anagrind, and “that’s” is a device he often uses to denote two letters.
    Think of the verb ‘to OK’ – and ‘break’ is ananagrind.

  44. One visit to the toilet. Two ‘doh!’ Moments. And no more help needed. 23d – that’s an indirect anagram isn’t it? But DA never sticks to the rules, does he?

  45. 9d only got the Spoonerism after getting the definition from twigging to the connection between the 9Ds. Although I haven’t seen 19D in that location, usually in chalk on a wall (in my day). And to add to the confusion, these 9Ds today are more likely to be found on glass above the boot, than below it. 2D have never seen, but something similar promoting the Shooters Party.

  46. Sandy, no it’s fair. There are certain abbreviations and numbers/letters eg i.e. which can be part of the fodder.

  47. My little grumble as one who speaks a bisschen German. Umlauts matter, ok!

  48. Sandy/Gayle: I’d say Sandy is technically correct – the six letters to be mixed do not appear in the clue, so yes, it’s an IA. That’s my 2 pfennigs anyway.

  49. JC, I think this has come up before. “I” for one, and other substitutions as part of the fodder? I think I’ve seen that in more purist British crosswords as well, nicht wahr?

  50. Just got it! If all correct, then my first DA completed! Very pleased with myself! Bring on next week!

  51. Gayle, agreed, that kind of substitution goes on all the time whether I like it or not (I don’t). But that’s nothing to do with indirect anagrams, which are supposed to be a nein-nein. 23D requires us to mix BLOG and two other letters, and those letters aren’t in the clue.

  52. Well, whether it’s seen as a very common substitution or a clued, ie indirect part of the fodder, I suppose is the question here.
    In any case, DA has signalled we might be seeing some indirect anagrams, and I think we had two a few weeks ago. Rule breaking rules!

  53. Down to just two? Took a wild guess at 9D, had never heard of the game (Canuck/US?). My 11A, what one does with a shirt, couldn’t possibly be right??? Only connects to last word of clue, so I assume is wrong. No idea on 26 & 28A. Must wait for Monday morning, further effort seems useless.

  54. Arthur, sound like you have 11a right. It is the way most shirts operate. A roll that you might have had for lunch with its top going to its toe, followed by a type of meat with its head falling off.

  55. No game involved in 9d. You know those stick families on the back of cars? Well that sort of thing, only lower.

  56. 28a first word is definition. Plastic is an anagrind. It contains a bearing (compass point) and ‘one’.
    26a is a type of German beer. It is also an old way (quaint) of saying ‘nods’.

  57. If you don’t know your German beers, 26a is also the nickname of A very well known English football (soccer) star.

  58. Got there, thanks to the help obtained from quite a bit of the discussion above. Couldn’t work out the rationale for letter 5 of 28A until I read Sandy’s 1:14 pm comment (Had thought the definition was words 1 & 2.)

  59. And for Sean at 10.24am. Beautiful, beautiful ( boy, or man …with a 26a to John Lennon). Good one! See you next week.

  60. Michelle – 9D – “tough puzzle” = STUMPER. “dispute” = “BICKER”. Ergo, the Spoonerism of this gives the answer to “crack under boot”.

  61. Many thanks all. My guesses are confirmed but I still don’t get 18A with ‘burn’ meaning to remove the interior of ‘dreary’. Any other interpretations of our quizmaster’s intent?

  62. Mike, not sure if you’re mistaking a 4-letter word for a 3-letter word when reading the clue. I found it difficult to tell whether words in 1D and 18A finished RN or M.

  63. I’d got a long way in to this one.
    The only reason I knew the Bomber was because of TISM. (I’m not into league- I wonder whether it would have been different if I’d grown up down there?) I thought there was a convention on not revealing answers almost directly until Monday … I was a bit annoyed when the hardest (for me) 9d was so explicitly discussed. Rooned the aha moment for me.
    I do appreciate that Arthur C probably didn’t think he was anywhere near the mark.

  64. Haven’t had much time to work on the DA yet this weekend, but even still I’ve made a pretty pitiful start (about 6 clues solved), and now I’m stuck. I’ll probably start grepping this thread for hints soon…

  65. HELP. I am going nuts over 20d. Can anyone help. I have all cross letters.

  66. Yes. But even with those clues the words I’m getting don’t make sense.

  67. Ahhh. Penny dropped. Had one wrong letter. Thanks for making me go back and re read.

  68. @Jupiter: most do try to avoid spoilers until Monday, but there’s a couple here – one from 11:30am on Friday! (for 17d). This is the reason I never look at this blog until I’ve finished, but need hints on wordplay. But Please peeps try not to give the game away!

  69. After a few tips from the Trippers (many thanks) I’m all done, bar 29a. If anyone is still around, help would be appreciated.

    I loved 30a, because I am an enormous nerd, although I don’t understand the word play (possibly due to my missing 29a?). Spoiler warning: it reminded me of this.

  70. Good grief, I saw 29a. I always seem to struggle with these in DA puzzles. Unexpectedly simple.

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