DA Confusion for the 8/9th of February, 2013

Have your confusions sorted out here.

Word up.

95 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 8/9th of February, 2013

  1. I’m finding it a little tough this week. An hour and a half in the bottom half is done but the top half is distressingly empty.

    I am confused on the last half of 2D, and the first half of 23A. 26A sent me to the dictionary already!

  2. Rupert – 23A I think is very clever. Look at ALL the typed characters.
    2D – four letter word for “poser” with “hot” “stopping” it gives last 5 letters.
    I am stuck on 1D and 9A.
    Also not real sure on wordplay for 21A which I think I have correct.

  3. Figured 21A. Have an answer for 9A. Not sure on wordplay. On review also not sure of wordplay for 28A. Any help appreciated.

  4. 23A: Thank you.
    21A is a phrase meaning blossom (2, 4) with the last letter removed (off ending).
    2D: It looks to me like a four letter word for den. Poser would have the middle letters in the other order, surely?
    9A: First letter of product and an anagram of origin. The answer is an raw lump of metal.

  5. Thanks Rupert. Pretty sure the 4 letter word in 2D is an Australianism (sorry).

  6. Morning – found this hard to get going but all finished now. Not the hardest in hindsight but enjoyable nonetheless.

  7. All done. 6D was another new word for me (as well as 26A). 7D had me off looking up Australian PMs. Back when I started doing DA there was one nearly every week.

  8. All done except 6D and even cheating isn’t helping me! Any further hints?

  9. 6D: It’s not a common word. First three letters are rear; the rest is fodder for the anagrind, scratch.

  10. Still having trouble with the last two letters of 1D … can’t quite get the reference.

  11. Pamela – 1D – “Perhaps 22-down” gives a 3 letter word – letters 1, 2, 7. “young bug” gives a 4 letter word – letters 3, 4, 5, 6. “engulf” – container indicator. Defn = the remanider.

  12. 9A was clever.
    18D has us going.
    Have now signed up to the Macquarie online for a free trial. It’s DA’s second home.
    Good luck fellow fans of rebuses.

  13. Barb&Fran, 18 d.main clue is a noun, a type of “transport”, letters 1 & 7 are two letters meaning “lead”, other letters are reversed inside: a 4-letter word meaning “tart” followed by one of the 8 possible “keys”.

  14. Almost 10 am and only 4 out! Lack of sleep has hindered me. My brain is like a RAM-less computer. Might give it another go in a while. Resisting the temptation to look at any hints above. For now.

  15. Tough going – now have a few in top right corner to do. Hints for 10A would be appreciated. And i can’t work out where the first 4 letters of 23A come from.

  16. Yes, difficult today (4 me). RHS mostly finished, but can’t solve 19A, maybe a dance I haven’t heard of. 15, and much work, to go.

  17. Down to 11. Google helped with 4D, had never heard of him. Put the two letters I have in 1A into Wordfimder, gave 463 possibles! Need 1D, 1A, might help with others. Ann, if you think of a well-known Roman ruin, Google will give you an alternative spelling that fits the clue (I think).

  18. Got a few out before coming here, including 9a.
    15a was my first one in, Arthur he (or at least his country) is mentioned in today’s Age.
    Despite above hints, I am none the wiser on 1d, 21a and 23a (although lots of other gaps)

  19. For the first 4 letters of 23A look at the punctuation in the clue and deplete it, Victor.
    1D bugs the kind of surfers we are when we can’t find the answer. A group of 22Ds gives letters 1,2 and 7.
    Even with your hint I’m still none the wiser about 23D, Arthur.

  20. Arthur, just realised that earlier I wrote 23A when I meant 23D. I had 23A.

  21. Rupert, I’m still having trouble with 6d. Also 23d. I don’t think the 2nd part of 2d is an Australianism just the second part of a name for a fine rice pasta.

  22. Anne I came up with two possible answers for 23d. I’m pretty sure the one that has projections as the def is the right one, with restricts being a containment indicator telling us to put p inside a word for what the first four symbols are used to represent in comic strips. But if it is I can’t make sense of 28a. I have an answer for 28a that I guess you could call a snack, but despite above hints the wordplay doesn’t make sense.
    If I go for my other answer for 23d whereby #@*% is the def, I can’t get anything for 28a.

  23. Arthur I think 19a is a dance, also a type of Mexican sauce. I don’t get the wordplay

  24. Got the bottom half out OK.
    Struggling with the top. 1A 10A 11A 12A(have a candidate that burns but don’t get the wordplay) 13A 2D, 3D, 5D(no letters!) and 7D (only PM would wreck my 12a candidate)
    Clearly brain not functioning today.

  25. @AJ
    12a burn is the def. Copyright replaces the article in a holy scroll
    13a double def.
    I’m as lost as you are on the others in your list

  26. All but complete now – 23A very sneaky and 1A made us laugh. Only have 23D left now, in spite of hints.

  27. after much googling I have the PM. He wasn’t that old and not that long ago.

  28. @Victor, You must be swearing not to have got your remaining one. Just put the p in.
    I have the bottom half done and most of the top right, top left is depressingly blank apart from 9a and 4d
    Help with 10a and 5d would be good.

  29. nn – 19A – you have the answer with defn last word. “recalled” indicates reverse. “a” with a 4 5 letter word for “cut” which is then “short”.
    1A – first 4 words are the defn. difficult to explain from there. “minor air-rage” gives same answer as homophone as indicated by “reported”.
    1D – explained above – but come back if still not clear.
    10A – defn last 2 words. anagram (“wayward”) of “nut” around 4 letter word for “base”.
    21A – explaned above by Rupert. Defn 1st word. two word answer to “blossom” (2,4) with last letter removed (“off ending”)
    6D- explained above. Defn 1st word. 3 letter word for “rear” with anagram of “is up to”.

    Hope helps some

  30. I have shamelessly resorted to anything I can find to work out this puzzle. Slowly making progress. Hopefully next week I will have my brain back.
    NW corner needs work still. And 14D and 10A. I have a guess for 14D but in my understanding it doesn’t flash, it just roams around.

  31. Thanks Ray, I get 19a wordplay now and your hint has allowed me to work out 10a.
    Already had 21a and 6d.
    1a and 1d still a complete mystery despite all above hints. Will continue to ponder

  32. iPuzzled – 14D – anagram of “in length” with “o” (“mid October”)

  33. iPuzzled 14d is an anagram of in length around the middle of october. They definitely flash, think Las Vagas

  34. Thanks Ray. That made it easy. The first part wasn’t SPOT after all.

  35. nn- 1D – if you have 22D, then collective noun gives letters 1,2,7. 4 letter word for a “young bug” gives letters 3,4,5,6.

  36. 1D. No matter how hard I try, LARVA won’t become four letters. I must be looking for another word for young bug. I should have done more surfing when I was younger.

  37. I have 22d and therefore the collective noun. I have letter 3 from 9a. This gives me the first letter of the young bug. As I’m typing this it has finally come to me although I don’t think bugs actually have this stage in their lives.

  38. 13A is causing me probs. That it is a double def is reasonably clear, but this is where the number of words in English, their flexibility (so many ways of using a single word), and DA’s usual low DoMN (degree of meaning overlap) mean that this clue is the hardest in the puzzle for me!

  39. nn. If you still want help with 1A, I got it without really using the word “minor”. Think of something that goes in the air, and rage. Then groan!

    I still don’t quite get how 23D works even though I’m pretty sure I have the answer. Is the definition the last word and you add p to something else? Or is the definition the first symbols?

  40. I think I have an answer for 13A now. At least, it can mean level in a sporting context and it can sort of mean tense in a physical way. I think.

  41. Julian the def is the last word. You insert p into another word for something the symbols represent in comic strips etc. You will probably swear a bit when you get it as I am sure I will if and when I get 1a out!

  42. 23A is the cheekiest clue I’ve seen in a while. Punctuation sometimes should be ignored, and sometimes it’s used for four-ninths of the answer!

  43. got them all except 2d now. Not even sure what the def is, presume a type of pasta, but googling a list isn’t helping

  44. A reverse hidden this week, but no Spoonerism.
    3D: Haven’t seen ‘bottle’ used that way in a while.
    I’ve never had to cheat so much to get out a puzzle. Hopefully next week I’ll have a good sleep on Friday night and be ready for anything DA can throw at me.
    7D: Tried all the Aussie PMs first. Tried my best to somehow make HAWKE, LYONS or FORDE fit. A large enough hammer and you never know – might just make them fit.
    No French this week. Is DA saving all his French for next week? Eau no!
    6D was a new word for me. Didn’t know about the other meaning of 23D either.
    Thanks Trippers for all your help.

  45. 2D: Yes, a type of pasta. Very thin. Not that common. Two English words – no Italian.

  46. I’m beginning to think I must have 6a wrong because I cannot think of a 3 letter word starting with the 1st letter of the man’s name I have (needed for 6d). Any clues on 8d please?

  47. 8d. Definition is 1st word. Letters 1-3 are a depression, letters 4-7 are a feature.

  48. Got all except 26a. Assuming it is an anagram and that I have all the crossing letters correct, I can’t fit the remaining three in to make a word. I have discarded the two as indicated by what the clue indicates is lost.

  49. Sounds like you have the wordplay correct.
    I had never heard of the word – it almost sounds more German than English to me.

  50. Not easy today, but managed with help. Enjoyed the struggle… Only 5d left and I cannot begin to guess, cross letters notwithstanding. Any clues?

  51. Julia if you still need 5d and only have two missing letters, you could always guess, but you would be very lucky to hit on the right word just by randomly putting two letters in, it would be a real _ _ _ _ _, and if you managed it first go I guess you’d reportedly have a whale of a tale to tell.

  52. Here’s an old DA clue where the punctuation is critical (like 23A):
    1A. Quit smoking fallout – (2,4)
    Answer is EN DASH.

  53. Down to last 4: 2 & 5 D, 11 & 13 A. Hard going today. Time to get tea ready. More later, perhaps.

  54. Finally got it out, thanks to all your posts.
    Arthur C. 2&5d, 13a are well explained above.
    11a, defn first two words, 4 letter word for ‘whimper’ hiding an obvious 5 letter anagram.
    I hope tea was nice.

  55. Arthur C
    Most of those 4 have been discussed earlier I think except 11a.
    Definition is 1st 2 words (mind you technically I think the 1st word of the answer on its own would satisfy the definition).
    Letters 1,2,3,9 are a 4 letter word for whimper (I had never heard of it). Letters 4-8 are “tears” split.

  56. I was a latecomer this weekend. and finally all out.
    Like Arthur, I didn’t find any help above for 2d or 5d. Not that connected anyway. But I finally got there with all the helps available.
    So if you still struggling Arthur:
    2d a word for stove with its ‘starting’ off. Then a word for poser (also for den) with ‘hot’ coming into it. The result is a pasta I had never heard of. It could also be found on the heads of celestial beings (if they have such).
    5d was, in the end a bit if a, well 5d, for me. It is really a double definition. 10a and how a 22a might be in the end (possibly wrapped in newspaper).
    Hope that helps.

  57. I should say I enjoyed the struggle today. But I am a bit dismayed by 16d. I will be taking the pulpit tomorrow, but it will have nothing to do with 16d. It will have everything to do with good news.

  58. Thanks, Julian and DeRiddeller. Had worked out 5D and 11A (as a Radar Tech I shouldn’t have had trouble with that one). 2D I now have, had never heard of that one, only have to sort two missing letters from 13A, and all will be finished. Possibly my 14D is wrong. Found it quite difficult today, lack the solving ability of some of the more erudite posters above. Nearly time for supper and bed.

  59. Arthur,
    I found 13a tough too. Think of level in terms of two teams. The other def is not so much tense as what you might look as a result of tension.
    14d is well explained above.

  60. Just one more before retiring. I had used ‘stop’ as first word of 14D. Now I see it must have greater ‘Nobility’ (cryptic!). So, Finished. Hurray!

  61. Cripes. Another hard one I think I had four before coming here and got about five on my own from the cross letters provided by you guys above. Thanks again !!!

  62. Or even Kryptonic, nn. Well done! Just out for a drink, had to have a look. Back to bed.

  63. I found this one quite challenging, only got about half a dozen clues on my own before needing a hint or two from here to keep the momentum. I’ve now completed the puzzle bar 4d, and I can only assume I don’t know who this person is, and I can’t solve it from the wordplay. I suppose could start guessing and entering names into Google…? :|

  64. Oh, and I did a huge face-palm after I solved 1a. For any other SMH players, 1a was in another cryptic earlier in the week, “simple debate” or something like that.

  65. nn, you have my exasperated thanks! I didn’t know about the series nor its maker.

  66. All done now.
    Once I spread my search for a PM, and the penny finally dropped for 1A (thanks iPuzzled) the rest fell into place from available lets.
    The word for whimper is a new one for me. Glad to have learnt something.

  67. 2D and 10A were my last ones in. Didn’t help that I had a totally plausible answer for 2D that was wrong in every position.

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