DA Reports for the 25/26th of January, 2013

Heading into Australia day with a DA in tow.

Report about it here.

DA 19,899 (25 January 2013)




DA 19,899 (25 January 2013) - Solution

5 thoughts on “DA Reports for the 25/26th of January, 2013

  1. Agree that this one was 9A. On the 7D of each puzzle, I’m a light 8D because I’m looking forward to the puzzle. On puzzle day, however, sometimes I get 10A and the whole thing becomes a 23A. I console myself by consuming 3Ds, 2Ds, and 29As (but not 24D) quite messily such that I’ve started wearing an 6D. I 4D up when people ask me how I went, and 19A about, tugging my 15A. Other days I 5D the puzzle and celebrate the victory with a 25A or 16A. On easy weeks I can become 1A, sipping an 27A 18D, while listening to 5A.

  2. Help please. We were in the country yesterday and now back in Melbourne. All copies of The Age seem to be sold out. Is some kind person able to email me a copy

  3. Thankyou very much AS, though I fear it will like the tennis– the challenger has an early breakthrough but then succumbs to unforced errors and the champion’s greater range of shots.

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