DA Confusion for the 11/12th of January, 2013

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  1. Have filled in but unsure on wordplay for quite a few – 22A, 28A, 2D, 7D, 17D – thanks.

  2. Morning, Ray.

    22A: seconds of words 2 – 5, following fully.
    28A: apparently is a homophone indicator, meaning -me is the rest of the fodder, freaky is anagrind
    2D: Love gives the first word, bird the first letter of the second word and all the last word
    7D: Expressed is a homophone indicator
    17D: Close to curfew gives first letter, assisted the rest.

  3. My confusion is whether I have the right answer for 19D (and if so, how the wordplay works), the wordplay for 25D, and which word is the *definition* in 20A.
    My answer to 19D shows up in Google only as (4, 3), so I may well be wrong.

  4. Thanks Rupert – those all clear now.
    25D – 5 letter word for “down under” with 1st and last letters (wings) removed.
    20A – I take last word as defn and first as indicator.
    19D – I am is similar place to you. First word gives me the first 4 letters. I take “talks reviewed” to be a word for talk reversed for last 3 letters. To me the word “trade” is superfluous.

  5. Actually, for 19D, I may see a better build. IF first 2 words are defn (???), then a 4 letter word for “talks”, reversed and “packing” a 3 letter word which is a “question” could be the construct.

  6. 19D: I don’t like either end of the clue as a definition. Yes, they are frequently labelled “fair trade”, and there’s a packing question associated with them, but does either pair of words *define* the answer? I don’t think so.

  7. 19d has been spelt as (7) in Australia for as long as I can remember. The first two words of the clue are a cryptic definition. It’s a cryptic crossword, don’t get hung up on rigid definitions.

    As for 20a, the last word is clearly the def, so the first word is a rather poor containment indicator.

  8. 19D: I had the 4th letter wrong (more to do with groceries than fairs). So Ian’s and Ray’s comments make a lot more sense now. Thank you to both of you.

  9. Shouldn’t 2D read “…or 13-down?” instead of 23-down? Otherwise what’s the definition?

  10. A walk in the park today. I agree that 2D should refer to 13D or 24A or 10A rather than 23D

  11. 25D : I can see how “wings fled down” gives the first two letters, but where does the last letter come from?

  12. Geoff – see above ie:
    25D – 5 letter word for “down under” with 1st and last letters (wings) removed.

  13. Been off sick today. Managed to get them all again.
    I don’t get the wordplay for 1d, 21d
    I thought 4d was too obvious or too hard if you don’t know it ?
    15a was amusing for overlapping the def and fodder.

  14. Jupiter – 21D – defn first word. 4 letter river reversed (“rising”) with symbol for “female” “in”.

  15. Hi, not happy with 20a, assuming I have the right answer. Same with 24a. Still unsure of 2d and no idea re 1a, 10a etc, 1d and 11a. Suggestions welcome, thanks!

  16. JS – see Rupert above for 28A – “Two wise” = homonym. “meaning” with “I abandoned” gives rest of letters. “Freaky” anagrind – all courtesy of Rupert.
    1A – defn = first word. 4 letter word for “error” with “naked dance” giving the other 3 letters “in” (container).
    11A – leaner!!!

  17. Don’t understand 27 ac wordplay so though my answer fits the grid I can’t parse the clue to reach it. Have presumed answer means “visits” (verb).

    For those puzzled by 19 down the answer is something you might buy (trade for money) at a fair!

  18. 28 ac is anagram [anagrind=”freaky”] of “Too wise” [expressed as two letters only] and “meaning” with a synonym of “I” removed [“abandoned by I”]

    Hope I’m not giving too much away quoting this old puzzle that asks you to decipher…
    “YY U R YY U B I C U R YY 4 ME”

  19. Ah,now I get 28a, thanks! Didn’t get the ‘two wise ‘ bit, stupidly….although did get answer, I think.

  20. JS don’t you mean 4,3? I imagine equivalent would be that someone became a saint after they “abandoned wrongdoing” but I find the clue clumsy if that’s what was meant!

  21. JS 28 across. Split two wise for the commencing letters of the two components of the answer. Think of the macrobiotic restaurant called “Two Little Fishes”!

  22. Just missing 5D even though I have letters 1, 3 and 5!
    And I don’t get the wordplay for 1D or 13D/14A.

    For 19D could “reviewed” ever be a cryptic reference to the last letter of a word? In which case talks reviewed would give 1st letter, followed by two 3 letter words that pose a packing question?!
    (Must admit I prefer the interpretation of the 4 letter word for talks reading upwards surrounding the 3 letter word for question!)

  23. 5D: It’s a homophone (again!) of what the band might say to people they give the demo tape to. If you don’t get the answer you must have holes in your head!

  24. Agree with critcism above re 20A’s indicator, 27A’s wordplay and 2D’s def.
    Don’t mind 19D’s def. Liked the theme. Think it was DAliberate… a walk in the park.

    Julian, 5D is a homophone of two words. Something wannabe professional musos might say to a recording label? The hole/s are in your head.

  25. Oops, Rupert’s always awake before the rest of us. Should have refreshed. Going to be about 41 degrees here today .. melting already.

  26. Is this really a DA? Finished at 0936. Must have something wrong. 28A reminded mr of this:
    YY4me. And many of you are!

  27. Apologies to Gil, I hadn’t read the above posts (smacks wrist hard). Definitely too easy today.

  28. Well. Not so easy for me. As usual. And sometimes the hints seem to confuse my little brain. But I love the little proverb. My nan used to have that written in macramé wall hanging she made.

  29. If I have 12a right the answer is what I want to say right now whilst throwing this crossword. Lol.

  30. I never say no to hints. Trying to work them out myself and from above hints but doesn’t seem to be working.

  31. If u could help with 13d I would appreciate it. I think I have it but not quite sure. Last word has me thrown a bit.

  32. Found this one to be a 24A and like 10A, didn’t even look for tripper’s comments – except for 20A! But still can’t even find any word that fits.

  33. BrianB, that’s probably because 20A is not a 24A. And no fault of yours as the containment indicator and the def are a bit off or unusual, at least. But once you see it, it’s as plain as day.

  34. Good start to 2013- we had it before lunch (so different to last week’s- finished Thursday!) so I had a 23D and then join the 1A.

  35. thanks Mike H and Peta. Once the theme came all fell into place.Really liked 5d and 7d(there was a similar reference in Golden Girls many years ago)

  36. A theme? I can see a similarity between 2D, 10A, 13D, & 24A. Are there any others of that ilk?

  37. Just those four I think, Arthur. The consensus seems to be that they describe this puzzle, compared with some of DA’s. Perhaps next week we’ll have solutions such as ‘diabolical’, ‘sheer torture’ and ‘you must be joking’!

  38. Looking through the above comments, I find that a couple of people have raised the question of the word play for 1d, but nobody has replied. I am not in a position to step into the breach, although I’m fairly sure my answer fits the definition and the cross letters. Quite an easy one today, in keeping with the theme.

  39. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself until I cottoned on to the theme……

  40. DaveR – my read of 1D is this – defn first word. “lob” gives the first 5 letters – as in Australian slang to “lob up” is to “xxxxx up”. “ball in the centre” gives last 2 letters. If anyone has better construct, I would be happy to hear.

  41. Ray, thanks. I think that works for 1d. I still don’t get wordplay for 20a, though.

  42. JS – 20A – some debate but to me “Coalition” is a container indicator – defn = “sanction”. From there the balance – “sENTITLEss”

  43. JS,
    Go to thesaurus.com, type in entitle, then scroll down to : MAIN ENTRY authorize

  44. Just got 20A, pretty obvious once I’d fixed my silly mistake at the end of 2D. DA’s hard enough without my carelessness! Thanks for the help.

  45. All done bar 5d and 25d, despite hints from Rupert, Gayle and Ray.
    Ah, Got 5d, thanks Rupert and Gayle. But still missing 25d.

  46. sb – 25D – british rock band. Three letter acronym. And as I listed before the clue is a 5 letter word for down or under with first and last letter removed

  47. I’m a little late to the party, but in defence of 20A’s indicator, when viewed as a proper noun in the sense of the liberal PARTY, I think it’s fair and a rather ingenious bit of trickery by placing it at the start of the sentence.

  48. My brother-in-law says via email, “Not a member of his (1A) this week. If I’d known his crossword was going to be so much (11A) than usual, I would have just thought “(12A)
    I’ll have a (23D)” !!

  49. Thanks Ray – I was led astray by “Down Under” so “down or under” helped. So, an acronym for a band or ‘alert’??? So I’m still not sure.

  50. Sorry sb – I do not get your comment. I was referring to Electric Light Orchestra.

  51. Ah! Thanks again Ray. Done! For no good reason I was reversing “down or under” (or “down under” for that matter), which took me to Eyes Wide Open.

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