DA Confusion for the 14/15th of December, 2012

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47 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 14/15th of December, 2012

  1. Morning all. Not too bad today – first in 25A and last 10A. Found the NE corner the toughest. Favourite 6A

  2. I found this tough today. And some very clever.
    I still do not have 4D or 22A. Also do not complete wordplay for 21D. Help would be appreciated.

  3. It’s school holidays, so I haven’t had a quiet moment yet to really concentrate on it. I have got the SW corner done.

    4D: Roman poet. Film is a three letter contraction of a five letter latin word meaning “I see”

    22A: I don’t have the answer, yet, but I feel that the wordplay is a boy’s name reversed, followed by a ruddy colour, the whole being a girl’s name. I could be wrong, which would explain why I don’t have the answer yet.

  4. Thanks Rupert. Yes got 4D now and I am of same thought for 22A – just can’t get the first bit – so as you say may be going the wrong way.

  5. 22A is not a girl’s name rather a boy and girl name together reversed to get another word for “ruddy”

  6. Thanks Peter – yes – I have juts came to same conclusion – and not 3 and 3 but 4 and 2 in the names.

  7. Rupert – 10A – my last in. Defn first 4 words. Fifth word gives 7 letter word which remove “leader” gives answer.

    26A – clever – 4 letter word for BRATS, with last first and the TO REVEAL gives last 5 letters as 3 letter word 2 letter word.

    1D – Defn first word. 3 letter word for a 26A. Then “THAT IS” and emptied NOT. Get this and it will obvioulsy help 10A

    Hope helps.

  8. Thanks, Ray. I had a word in 1D that arguably means “Wise 26A”, but the cross letter with 10A was wrong.

  9. If I have answers right, in review, I cannot get word play for last 2 letters of 8D and last 3 letters of 21D.

  10. Ray, 8D is a simple double definition. The answer is a type of swimming costume as well as slang for a device on a dashboard of a car. For 21D I am as stumped as you for the last 3 letters. Best I can find is a perfume brand of Celine Dion called “Beloved” but this seems a stretch ( ie Dion clipped)

  11. 21D: Beats me, too. I can’t see any homophones (another meaning of clip), nor does clip mean letters 3, 4 (if so, beloved clip might mean letters 3 – 5).

  12. 21D: Tweet from DA (@dontattempt): Alack Rupert, the ‘beloved clip’ is a bungle. I’d been toying with IDOL as a reduced anagram, and, er, erred. “Oh Deo…”

  13. 21D: could letters 3 – 5 refer to a certain Queen of Carthage with a letter missing? Can’t see how it works, but another blogger might.

  14. Sad but true, as Rupert winkled out on Twitter. The ‘beloved clip’ was a brain fade – my apologies. My thanks as well for isolating the blue. If only I’d drafted: Sound value sporadically attached to designer clip (5).

    But history will tell you I didn’t, damnit. Hope you enjoyed the puzzle overall, despite the spinach on its tooth.

    PS – my new Twitter toy is generally not for clue-parsing – that’s the joy of the Trippers site – but when a setter makes a blunder, he or she needs to step forward. So how many rosaries do you recommend? Merry Christmas and eureka-laden new year to all of you.

  15. Struggling with 23D – of all the many possibilities, I can’t see one that makes any sense.

  16. 23D: Flash as in a brief period of time (on of DA’s favourite two letter words). Home as in where DA and most solvers live. Reverse (up) both to get a word for bolt in its speedy sense.

  17. Finished thanks to a couple of hints here. Don’t fully understand 6A – I can see where the first 2 letters come from, but not the last 3. A military term I don’t know.

  18. Greetings all. Slow start, but all done with thanks to above, except for 10a, even with Ray’s help

  19. 10A: Think how you’d be if you were snivelling. That’s gives you Ray’s 7-letter word. Remove its first letter (‘leader fleeing’) and you are there.

  20. I was away from the internet this week and had to make do without you all trippers. Just cleared up the last remaining clues with your help and DA’s confession (I had 21d, but no explanation for the last three letters). I loved 24a which was far from its own description, despite being clearly an anagram! Not completely sure how 18a works, I guess as a sort of 2-5 word referring to supplying where sweat comes from? 2d’s misdirection had me going for a while, but I think it ended up my favourite.

  21. All out thanks to your hints above and the wife’s insight. Please explain the wordplay in 3D, assuming I have it correctly linked to the Khmer Rouge?

  22. 3D: Yes. Homonym of affected, or effete in manner; followed by anagram of “auche” (non-g means remove the g)

  23. Just though, while 2d was a favourite, shouldn’t it have been “…with E little frock…” Where else would letter 7 come from? Time for another confession, DA?

  24. Have scarcely looked today, have only filled in nine, some of those probably wrong. I had something equivalent to sunbrowned in 22A, seemed to fit as it had a boy with a girl inside, but no return. Sad. On 21A, think what goes with video, from your TV. Seems OK to me. May have time to look tomorrow, but with church, pool, cricket, other duties, what hope has DA?

  25. 2D: Check your dictionary. American hospital dramas notwithstanding, it’s perfectly acceptable to spell the students with an extra E at the end.

    22A: Possibly more rubicund than sunburnt. The girl is two letters and the boy 4, and they are both reversed. The girl is a princess of recent memory, the boy an entertainer who epitomised Australia for a generation of UK children.

  26. That was obviously meant to be 21D, not A (7.30 pm yesterday). I thought 16 (Biblical), 17 & 18A very good. I had tanned for 22A, obviously now wrong. Desoite having sorted out three from hints above, still only have eleven, so may not get finished today. Will try and get a few more during breaks in cricket, and later in evening. CU.

  27. Now all but one, or maybe two. 8D missing, 26A probably wrong. Otherwise, looks OK.

  28. This boy isn’t doing the best at this weeks. Adam Spencer’s tweets had no clues I hadn’t solved… All in the sw of the puzzle.
    I guess I’ll have to start on the hints above soon.

  29. Arthur, you probably have 26A correct if it fits the cross letters. Definition is clod. 8D you’ll see these at the pool or on your dashboard.

  30. Found this a stinker this week!
    Speaking of which, – 1A – had the second word from the outset, and guessed the first word, which was confirmed by the letters from the Down clues, but still no idea as to the word play for the first word.
    24A – is “naked” the definition for the “24A” answer?? – which it wasn’t! – only got it from the anagram.
    Good on David for HIS post!

  31. Thanks, Feather, I haven’t been swimming for close to 50 years, maybe even more. But I am familiar with that brand nane. For the across one I have alternated between B and R for the fourth letter, but neither word shows up in my dictionary. so can’t work it out. Will try synonyms of clod before I give up altogether.

  32. 1A: First word is clued by “joins”. “Contrary” is a reversal indicator, and “crowd joins” defines letters 1 to 8.

    24A: Yes, first word is the definition.

  33. Arthur C – wondering if you have 23d correctly, as R wouldn’t fit comfortably as 4th letter for 26a. “reveal” gives last 5 letters; “brats finishing early” gives first 4.

  34. Arthur, I suspect you have 15D or 23D wrong if you think R is a suitable fourth letter for 26A. If Dilshan’s innings had been straightforward, you might say he scored one of these.

  35. Arthur. What is your last letter for 15D?. It should be one of the “fifties”. likewise your last letter for 23D should be another roman numeral.

  36. AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! Whats with this MOOZ thing, can’t find it as referring to homes at all. I had NOVA at 23D, fits with flash, Avon a housing company, couldn’t see the ‘bolt’. Otherwise, all OK.
    Alle ferdig, til tross for de to feilene. Håper å se deg igjen neste uke. Or, as the Japanese would say, mata raishu. Arthur.

  37. 23D: Flash = MO (as in a short period of time); home = OZ (for most solvers, anyway); up = reversal indicator; bolt = ZOOM.

  38. Thanks Rupert, your understanding of these clues is vastly superior to mine. Arthur.

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