DA for the 7/8th of December, 2012

It’s yuletide fun with a thematic DA this week.

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2 thoughts on “DA for the 7/8th of December, 2012

  1. Is it me or has DA changed his way of indicating the number of letters when the answer is over two clues? E.g. 5D, 15D as (12) and 32A, 6D as (11) in today’s grid, and last week’s 15,17D as (6) – RAMROD. Or is this the norm when the answer is single word? Does this then mean that any word could be split over two clues, e.g. ASHRAM last week could be ASH and RAM in two separate places but still clued as six letters? Or worse still, TROPO and SPHERE? Just checking the convention here.

  2. As far as I recall, in such cases the number of letters given is always for the whole answer, so (6) rather than (3,3) is correct for ramrod. After all, the answer is ramrod, not ram rod. Of course, it must only be done when what goes into each light is a word in its own right. You should never see, e.g., different split into two lights of 5 and 4 squares: rent is a word, but diffe, as far as I know, isn’t.

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