Get LR the Monday Gig

So I’ve just finished writing a letter to The Age editor urging them to give LR the Monday slot permanently.

You should too.

LR is easily the best compiler of the non-DA Fairfax week and shouldn’t have to share Monday with anybody. Make Monday LR’s and have the cryptic joy spread.

And if you missed it, here’s Monday’s LR for some cryptic fun that should have you writing to your Fairfax editor quick smart:


4 thoughts on “Get LR the Monday Gig

  1. I agree – a breath of fresh air. Definitely second only to DA in the Herald. I’ve often wondered what the arrangement twixt compiler and publisher consists of. Are they contracted to produce one per week for x weeks, with the option to extend the contract if there aren’t too many complaints? Maybe we should complain more – I’m certainly fed up with Nancy’s clumsy anagrams on Thursdays.

  2. Monday’s puzzle was a total delight. To have him every week would be great– but maybe Tuesday would be better– Monday night is often spent in a forensic examination of the DA solution. Can I stick up for DS on Fridays, though. He is certainly very tough to finish, with a lot of A-ha moments

  3. LR two Mondays in a row… looking good. Today’s a nice gentle puzzle to begin the week. Pity about the inaccurate definition for 9A.

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