DA for the 19/20th of October, 2012

DA’s due for a toughie after the fun of last week, which turned out to be easier than his usual fare.

Report on your efforts right here.

5 thoughts on “DA for the 19/20th of October, 2012

  1. Yah. Did all but two or three clues over lunch last week. This week, I only got one clue out. It may take a while.

  2. I won’t be posting next Friday – I’ll be saving DA for the flight to Sydney. See you in two weeks.

  3. Even quicker this week. Is DA getting easier or am I (at this belated stage of my life) getting smarter?

  4. Finally filled in all the squares– now off to the other site to understand how and why. And Dave R, I don’t think the puzzles are getting easier, but that with the help of DATrippers it is no longer hand- to- hand combat every weekend— the Trippers have my back!

  5. Am not getting smarter, but after the slow start I’ve filled in all but 2 clues. And that might be it.

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