DA Confusion for the 12/13th of October, 2012

You’re probably going to be confused at some point on this week’s.

DA has already proclaimed this one a mind bender, so unbend your mind here with a choice query and a choicer response from the collective DA Trippers mind.

71 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 12/13th of October, 2012

  1. It seems I’m not the only early bird any more.

    First pass through got me nowhere, then 13D gave me the theme, and then it was ridiculously easy. There just aren’t that many words from which you can 2D 10A.

  2. iPad technology is perfect for puzzling at all hours while still prone! Not so much a theme as an automatic given. More work by DA makes easier solving for us.

  3. Like Manda got it straight away.When you know there’s a 10A in every answer it reduces the degree of difficulty.

  4. Gawd. Looked at this for fully an hour without a start. Just got the theme and have 5 out. This is monstrously wonderful today…

  5. Rather oddly, 2D/10A was my last one in. I got the theme from 4D and 24A and the rest flowed pretty steadily. Rather enjoyable.

  6. A rainy afternoon, an early mark from work (an oily mark always beats stain) and 2d 10a easily nutted out to get me started. Here we go…

  7. Had to tell someone that we’ve done a day’s work AND finished DA on Friday. A first, a first! What excitement!

  8. I bought the paper at about 7 this morning and I haven’t a single answer. Any hints?

  9. Just finished. Not long all up, but in various bits during the day. Got 2d/10a fairly quickly which does make the rest easier. But still not sure of the word play for 15a and 17a. Any help?
    Blair, the Spoonerism for 2d/10a is fairly straightforward, but there’s a letter missing, which is the key.

  10. Yeah, I think I have the meta clue now. I’m not 100% though. We’ll see.

  11. Sandy:
    15A – “held” means the missing letter goes into “Leader’s envelope” to give answer.
    17A – Whitechapel is East London. This elp?

  12. Sandy, 15A is a hidden (plus the key). 17A Whitechapel is in the east end so think of a worried cockney (plus the key).

  13. First in was 11A which gave me the theme. Still yet to finish though, only started in the evening.

    24D had me thinking the theme involved some sort of swap with LASH/LAST, but I know that’s wrong now. Still haven’t got it.

  14. Nice idea today. Once the penny drops the answers flow pretty freely. Favourites were 3d and 23ac. @AC for 24d think about what appears in every answer, and that will start you off. Flog doesn’t mean whip.

  15. A personal milestone: solving an entire DA without help from this column. However, I put this down to an easy (for DA) crossword rather than a sudden improvement in my solving ability.
    Can anyone assist with the wordplay for 21d?

  16. JasonL – 21D: start from the bottom – a word for “order” written up, capturing the last of “portfolio” and then the theme. Hope this helps you.

  17. Such a limited subset of words to work with, but DA does it again. Reminds me of the triple-O crossword from a while back. Clever.

    Actually the fact that it was such a limited subset of possible words made the puzzle far easier to solve, I thought.

    21D was last in. Had never heard of the material in question. Was misdirected by thinking that the def was “folio material” > VELLUM. Couldn’t make the wordplay fit no matter what so eventually tried other possibilities.

  18. Congratulations to all the clever people above. Have not managed to solve a single clue as yet. Thought 11A might be anagram of titanic and icy, but my worfinder says no such word. Thought 10A might have a word for hurry inside te, but can’t find anything. Almost ready to toss it in the bin. Have just seen a possible answer to 22A, but can’t justify last two letters. Please, throw me a lifeline, I’m sinking fast.

  19. Suddenly, I think I have the key. Thought it would be something more substantial. So now have five or six answers, not absolutely certain of any of them. The ‘timeless argument’ in 6D suggests to me I should know all the great happenings in 22A, but nothing I can think of fits at the moment.

  20. @Arthur C.

    Re 6D: Name, rank, serial number, and date of birth, for example, are a more well-known part of one of the 6Ds drafted in 22A.
    Glad you’re into it. It’s a fun one.

  21. Took a while to get started but once we did, finished in record time. As others have said, knowing there’s that letter in every answer helps a lot.

  22. Yes, iPuzzled, roaring along now, eight or nine to go. I was reminded of ‘As time goes by’ by your clue: Hardcastle, xxxxx, Second Lieutenant. One query: 24D? Final + key?

  23. Great fun today, even though 2,10D was the last in. Thought I had it all correct till I read iPuzzled’s comment so now I have to rethink 21D.

  24. Apparently, a recent study showed that people in another city benefit from earlier, focused cogitations of folk elsewhere…. Got the theme early via 22a & 22d; though 2d & 10a remain still void.

  25. Got 2d/10a straight away although it took me a while to work out what it meant in terms of the rest of it as didn’t quite get the wordplay of the link bit in this clue for a while, so spent quite some time looking for a 9 letter word meaning link!
    Have most of the top half now except 6d (despite above hints) and very little of the bottom half apart from 13d and 24d.

  26. I’m half finished, but floundering. Would like help with 18 down, and 24 across, 20 across please. I don’t find today’s answer a “doddle”, as so many do.

  27. got a few more in now, but he SE is pretty empty.
    Claire, 20 across, void (a verb) is the def. Sweetheart gives the first letter, followed by the theme. First of anyone is embedded in a word meaning discerning (also a type of angle), which gives the rest.
    Can’t help you on the other two I’m afraid.

  28. I’ve finished- a first before midday and without recourse to datrippers! Can anyone explain the wordplay for 12 & 20ac ? Thanks

  29. Clair Mc:
    18D – think golf clubs for part of answer and see if that helps.
    24A – defn is first word.

    Hope helps.

  30. finished now. Not sure on a few wordplays though.
    14A last three letters clued by shot???
    Claire Mc 24a rugby wingers gives last two letters.
    Claire B 12a empty temple gives first and last letters. Letters 2, 3 and 4 are a word meaning to hurry (I had to look it up in a dictionary, never heard of it). See above for 20a

  31. @Arthur C,
    Sorry for the delay. Just got back from an excursion.
    24D: themed element gives letter 1. The def is ‘flog’ as in sell. A three-letter word describing the location of the clue gives letters 2-4.

  32. WEll, I’ve filled it all in, as usual, some clues, or parts thereof I don’t understand, eg., 19D. Mybe someone can elucidate?

  33. Didn’t get much time until now. The theme dropped and then they slotted in.
    Does anyone think that 3d breaks the rule of 2downing 10 across? It seems to me a double def with the answer containing a 10 across.

  34. I was going to write I don’t get 19d play, but it’s the theme, and a word for pocket (medical) lining a word for prior to, giving a designer.
    I was looking for words like avarice, vivacious once I spotted the theme.
    Only the third or fourth DA that I haven’t used any internet or even dictionary for help.

  35. @Jupiter 3d I interpreted straight as in drinks, as opposed to on the rocks, so made sense to me

  36. Thank you Ray and nn, I was looking at the wrong Valencia – answer is favourite area, lived there once,if I’m right. I felt foolish when I saw 24 across – a ‘doh’ moment. Only have 17 across to go. 3d answer makes sense if you think of it as two words.

  37. Claire Mc. 17a, def is first word. Appeared as in came. Wordplay is cockney, put an h in front of your answer (after removing the usual letter)

  38. How does 9A work? I’m guessing it’s a double definition. But I hadn’t heard of the wordplay word (too sweet and innocent perhaps!)
    2D/10A were the last ones I got as well. 22A the first. But I stared at the thing on and off all day yesterday without getting anywhere at all and it was only seeing clues on here that got me realising what the concept of the theme was. Without that I’d have just given up. I’m sure it’s very clever but, for some reason, it just didn’t do it for me – less enjoyable than usual.

  39. nn I did the same as you, got 2/10 straight away andwas looking for a 9 letter word for ‘link’ to prove it, but got 8A next and the ‘key’. Didn’t trust though that DA wouldn’t use variations throughout, but he was kind and the crossie was fun.
    Lots to like this week, and not only the theme and ‘gettability’.

  40. Julian:
    9A: Strip words 2, 3 and 4 and insert theme appropriately to get something that sucks (brand).

  41. I enjoyed the relative lack of brain strain (for me) and the good surfaces and variety of clue types. But one person’s fish …. Liked 14A and 22D without getting their connectiona at first.
    @Julian, 9A you have to ‘strip’ words 2,3, and 4 of the clue and insert the key.

  42. Just one wordplay query.
    26 A ‘buggy’? I can’t find a definition which fits.

  43. Gayle:
    26A: first word defn. Buggy as in carrier. Mesh as in interwoven. Does this help?

  44. Gayle and Ray, re 26a I think Buggy is an anagrind. (add to the list of slightly dodgy DA anagrinds!). Buggy as in a computer program is buggy when it is a mess. I don’t think buggy = carrier quite works as the letters in cannot aren’t in the same order in the answer.

  45. nn: thanks for this good insight. I took “mesh” meaning to mix up “cannot” and to put the other 2 letters in. Think can work either way but IU have learnt somethinh here.

  46. Yes for 26A I took buggy to mean an anagram of cannot “meshed” with E (second letter of gear) plus the theme letter .

    Thanks for the help on 9A – had the right answer but had missed the “strip” wordplay.
    Interestingly I found letters 1,2,3,5,6 were a word in the urban dictionary that could (admittedly at a stretch) be vaguely related to a strip show!

  47. Thanks people, yes, I meant definition of ‘buggy’ as an anagram indicator. But don’t quite get it.

  48. Nn and Rupert …
    I didn’t see the not on the rocks, because I read it as no sin and tyro.
    That makes it a kind of triple def.
    All good !

  49. I haven’t got DA’s quick out yet …
    Does anyone else think that metallurgy is not casting or forging, but actually the scientific and technological study of methods and effects of performing those works ?

  50. well my favourite was 17a which i thought was brilliant…until i realised i was wrong!

  51. Hi folks, as you say, once the ‘missing link was understood, it flowed along OK. I worked out 14A because of knowing 22D, but I can’t work how the clue works. I think the last 3 letters =’shot, so what explains the first part (minus) the omitted letter?

  52. Perhaps there should be a sub category of DA bulls..t containing a list of dodgy DA anagram indicators. Buggy would go down as one of the very worst IMO. If buggy is OK then pretty much any word in the English language is OK (as has been said before about DA). I am not really complaining – I still thought it was a very enjoyable & creative puzzle.

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