DA Confusion for the 21st/22nd of September, 2012

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97 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 21st/22nd of September, 2012

  1. Finally got the theme about 40 minutes in, by guessing what you lot use for a random word I was trying out for 24A based on the cross letters. Still five clues to go, and haven’t started looking for the seven clues mentioned in the rebus.

  2. OK, got it all out, and found the seven 21As. Here’s a list of them, as spoiler free as possible, but it will certainly give the theme away if you (a) don’t already have it, and (b) have filled in a reasonable amount of the grid.

    Wordplay I don’t get:
    6D: Just can’t make all the elements fit, unless he’s using both spellings of “noble”.
    21A: Just the too old bit. Try to keep it spoiler free, or just make me wait, as this is the key to the theme.

  3. Yay! All done. 25-across our fave for today, but also love Dancer’s Boss. Cheers.

  4. I also have everything except 1a and 4d. A hint for one (or both) would be great, thanks.

  5. 1A: Could be grandpa, could be dad, could be music, could be burst. “occupied” is the definition.

    4D: Double definition: a currency and a baby wallaby (I think).

  6. Got there. Thanks for the help.laughed out loud when I got 17a. Also liked 9d and 25a.
    Not sure of all the word play for 23d and 31a. Any help?

  7. Just had another look at 23d and got it. Seems Derek refers to another Derek that Clive’s Derek had something to do with in another guise. Clever that.

  8. Sandy : 31a, endearing symbols might represent hugs and kisses. First 2 words provide the definition.

  9. All out in 40 minutes – not so good for a batting side, but a great result for a solver.

  10. Thanks Peta, I got the def, and the endearing symbols as well as the five. I just don’t get the reports.

  11. So far I’ve got a decent chunk of the NE corner, plus a hidden in the very SW. My first one unable to be parsed is 7D, although I have the answer from a fairly easy definition. I’m guessing that the last word is a homophone obtained from “discussed coast”, so that leaves the first word meaning “dancer’s boss”. Anyone know how that works?

  12. Still stuck on 11a, 24a, 18d and 22d. Not sure about 17a either. Any hints?
    Meanwhile, I can only find one 21a in the grid completed so far! so don’t see how I can possibly get to 17 – will look at Rupert’s list in a while.

  13. Sb: 11a first two words the def second two are double definitions of each half – a compound word.
    24a the def is in in 21a, made up of ‘only’ ending early and ‘means’ losing its head.
    18d the first word is def. ‘say’ plus ‘zip’.
    22d ‘provided’ is the def.
    There are only 7 21as in the grid, not 17.

  14. Thanks Sandy. All finished with your help but still don’t get wordplay for 24a.
    Found the 7 21as with your help and Rupert’s. Must need new glasses or new brain!

  15. All but the nw corner .. and a few words I don’t get the play ..
    I loved dancer’s boss too.
    In a midweek crossword, there was a clue worthy of DA. Something like propagandist with underwear in laundry … Bra in wash.

  16. There you go, it’s a sub-species of wallaroo !
    I’m still missing 1,3,12 …

  17. Thanks for the correction on 4D. It’s yet another thing I’ve learned from DA, though apparently not learned well enough ;)

    1A. “Grandpa” gives letters 1, 3, 4. “end of table” the second letter. “was first” letters 5 – 7.

    3D. “Macabre author” (of the Pit and the Pendulum) gives letters 1 – 3. “Sydney fringes” gives letters 4 and 5. “verse” is the definition.

    12A. This is a word for “fights” (the kind one can rise above) that sounds like part of a sentence (the sort you might have translations of in a book you take on holiday).

  18. Thanks Rupert. I’ve nevery heard if that word for poetry …
    I was actually trying to work out what sounded like an expression with fight as the def.

  19. All done. A very nice balance this week, but over too soon :(
    sb – 24a has two words. The second (‘means’) is missing its first letter, and the first has its last letter moved to the front.

  20. Was on DA’s wavelength this week, with a couple of exceptions. 24A was last in but I’m still not sure of the wordplay.

    Longest anagram that I’ve ever seen was present in this puzzle.

  21. Off to a good start in the Xword, after disastrous start to day. Mrs C. fell off bed around 0400, had to call ambos to get her vertical again. Couple of bruised knees, bruised forehead on chest of drawers. She seems in better shape than I am atm. Re puzzle, having put in 7D, now lost as to 21A. Had ergo for 17A, seemed perfect fit to clue, but not now. LHS of puzzle all complete, except 10A. I had thirty nine for 21A, obviously wrong now. AHAH! Just saw it. Good!

  22. All done but 31A. Not clear on what the seven 21As is about, I can see three perhaps. Might have to read through above.

  23. Oh, sorry to hear of Mrs C’s fall, Arthur. Hope she makes a quick recovery.
    17A You could find in tartare, without the embroidery, very 17A, an unusal treat.

  24. 31A You could take a straw poll on that one, and maybe find the other thing you’re looking for.

  25. Think I have 31A now, so all complete. Had to look at Rupert’s listing to understand the reference to seven 21As, it does make sense after you’ve finished filling the grid. CU next week.

  26. Found this week’s a bit of a doddle.
    Good fun though.
    Only googled 26D.
    I got stuck on 19 A by pencilling in ‘Trot’ …
    “he left” ?? tort ? with the middle twisted. Worth a shot.

  27. Not too bad today. Got 21A fairly easily but 24A was my Waterloo -ending early was a very wily trick but befitting DA! I couldn’t see the pattern until I read Rupert’s link. Thanks DA trippers-I couldn’t have finished this week without your help.

  28. Have half the wordplay for 24A now, giving me letters 5 to 9. Assuming that ‘only ending early’ gives letters 1 to 4, but can’t quite see it. I’m assuming that it is a 5-letter word that is missing it’s first letter, but that might be where I am going wrong. Still hoping for a wee spot of assistance from any trippers stopping by.

  29. Finally done.
    Is 8D a very approximate homonym? If so what has impervious got to do with it?
    Some clues very easy. A few funny ones and as usual some where the word play makes no sense
    even after getting word. Eg 23 d. Are we playing six degrees of Kevin Bacon? Just looked at word and filled in another movie that has nothing to do with The Matrix
    But due praise for Monday’s omega tho boundary between cryptics and straights is often blurred

  30. The F1 runs in both directions. Doesn’t matter if you start from the bottom, or the top.
    I first tried to make ‘hire car’ fit , but .. no.

  31. Big Frank, I think the ‘impervious’ in 8d refers to the fact that a ‘hoist’ will not affect the answer. 23d: I haven’t seen the movie (or any similar), but guess that, even without reference to any movie, the answer could be a neologism defined by ‘neo-enforcer’. Thought today’s was easier than most.

  32. Have only recently ventured into the DA realm, and finding the rhythm. When all else fails, the next day’s Spectrum is handy—not for cheating (well, not really) but learning.
    Loved this week’s, especially Dancer’s boss. Just found this website, too, so hope to improve the time of completion without having to wait until Saturday.

  33. Nice sunny saturday in Melbourne so spent it in the garden, didn’t get to DA until much later. Quite enjoyed this one. Having read the above am surprised that Arthur didn’t get 21a straight away after his early morning adventures. Hope Mrs C is ok now

  34. Ditto to Arthur. Welcome Helen!. Got it all except 25A. We have _ O _ B _.
    With a word finder there are about a dozen words that fit in there, and none of them was an “AHA!!” moment, when taking into account, the clue. Any hints?
    We have no idea what the theme is, even after nearly finishing, and looking at Ruperts post.

  35. @Doug and Gwyn
    25a, def is slips. Turn the paper upside down and read the number. (or type it into a calculator and turn the calculator upside down if you can’t see it from the paper). Perversely, this was the first one I got.
    If you have 21a you need to look for 7 instances of that in the grid. They aren’t in single answers, you will find them in diagonal lines throughout, Rupert’s list shows you where they are located if you can’t see them. Knowing where they are isn’t essential to completing the grid.

  36. Thanx nn. Only saw it from your suggestion of putting it backwards into a calculator.
    have lots of other definitions for that word – not sure about “slips” – although they may fit into “slips”. Would never have thought of looking diagonally (Diagon Alley)! – fits with 5A?
    We had 21A reasonably early.

  37. AS appears to be asleep again…

    Easy clues this week, but some hard words. I hadn’t heard of 30A, or the airline in 27A, or this particular spelling of 15D. I’d class 18A and 26D as obscure, and 13A as hard to spell.

    The wordplay eludes me for only two clues this week: 2D (are British motorcycles involved?) and 16A (I have an answer assuming “local music” is the definition).

    12A and 6A were my favourite clues this week.

  38. Where’s DA Confusion for 28/29th? No Rupert today? I’ve finished with 2-D the last in….. Very obscure wordplay – Dr Who knowledge required for letters 1,7,8&9.

  39. Lacking knowledge of the doctor, I am still baffled by 2d. Also 12a, 14a, and, despite all cross letters, 8d. Ant hints?

  40. Worked out 14a (had never heard it for the treacherous ball, and ‘bouncer’ didn’t fit). Also think I have 2d, but not sure ‘plus’ is enough of a meaning.

  41. And 8d now sorted. Row 10 climbed almost too obvious. No help from here at this time of night with no AS to set it up for the week. But I have conquered nevertheless.

  42. 26D was a pretty common garden variety (when I was) growing up in Queensland. But on looking it up to check after Rupert’s comment I see it’s another alien reference .. this time for Trekkies.
    6A was very good.
    16 A having the second letter of the second word I went down the wrong track for the legend.
    13 A DA’s taking a big risk with a homophone on a foreign word, again.
    My favourites 17D and 15 D and 31A.

    Are the first three letters of 23D clued by ‘crafty’?

  43. Struggling with the NW corner today. Also experiencing difficulties with 17D.

    Is 9A from an obscure European language?
    Is the def of 2D ‘100-plus’?
    Can’t get the double-def in 1A either.

    I hope AS is OK.

  44. Is 9A an Internet joke?

    Aha! I see it! It is an Internet joke.

    Anyone out there this afternoon? Quiet weekend on this site, it seems.

  45. 23D: First three letters are clued by ‘crafty’. I’m not sure which generation the slang is from, but I’m aware of it in slightly different senses from the 1940s and the 1990s.

    2D: Definition is just “plus”. 100 is the first letter of the second word.

    1A: This word often precedes “scorn” as emphasis. In the sense of “decay”, it can also be what an arm or hand is doing if it is dying while still attached to you, or plants while they’re dying, or fruit that is dying “on the vine”.

    9A: The middle three letters are “who” in French, which isn’t the best European language, but which is hard to categorise as obscure.

  46. I just realised that I am also missing 27A. Well, the middle letter anyway. Strange one.

  47. @Rupert,
    Thanks for your help!
    Only need 27A and 17D now.
    I was being facetious with regards to the ‘obscure’ European language.

  48. 27A: Just finished plugging every combination into the IATA database for airline codes, getting no results. Then it dawned on me. Don’t like the other part of the clue. I’ve only seen this used after GEN.

  49. 27A The airline is at the same time royal, and backwards, and based in Wagga.
    The child of the 80s’ would be written as UPPER CASE, lower case, lower case

  50. Yeah, me too, iPuzzled. I need a new code for GEN whatsits. I’m surrounded by them at work.
    17 D is a beauty, I thought. Bet by the time I’ve had a go here though you’ll have got it.
    The definition is a colour associated with the military.
    Wordplay starts off with the usual symbol for ’round’ at the top. Love ‘uppity’ as a reversal/climbing indicator. The two words ascending from the bottom are clued by ‘tavern scourge’.

  51. @Gayle,
    Thank you very much. I did get it a few moments after I posted. Not a phrase that I use every day.

    Much harder than last week for me.

  52. thanks for the airline Gayle, but I’m none the wiser with 17d. Think I have the tavern bit, but the rest escapes me.
    10a is the only one I have in the NE corner despite having solved all of the rest of it.
    Any hints for 5a, 6a, 6d, 7d, 8d, 13a, 16a, 20a would be appreciated

  53. I found the bottom 80% fell in, had trouble with the top.
    23D Thanks, Rupert, for sending me off an etymological/entomological journey re the slang synonym for crafty. One source said that it started off as British English and now has more currency in Black English or rap as in “Pretty _ _ _ for a white guy”. Learned a new word too .. ‘adynation’ , a way of saying something will never happen, as in “pigs might _ _ _”.

    PS If anyone’s suffering DA withdrawals having finished early, and AS possibly laid low (hope you’ll bounce back soon and let us know all’s well), and the long weekend in NSW, there’s a bit of fun t0o to be had with the David Astle Giant Crossword in the Saturday SMH. A bit of a theme, cross-referencing, multiple word answers eg 5,3,1,3,2,2,9,6 and some crypto-quick clues.

  54. 20A: State abbreviation + level/row 3,4 = synonym for ‘nicer’
    16 A: up turned 2 + famous driver 5 = 3, 4 answer.

  55. Mostly there, with help from above.
    Have possible answers for 6a, 18a, 8d and 14d but don’t get the wordplay.
    Does first word of 2d relate to a kind of game?
    Grateful for further pointers (not spoilers) for 14a, 16a and 5d.

  56. sb – 2d – first word relates to many table games.
    16a – think motorsport
    5d – think Flintstones
    14a has me puzzled at the moment

  57. All done but needed every single hint above to get there. Thanks everyone.
    Just need some help with a few wordplays if you’d be so kind.
    6a, 22a, 29a, 5d, 14d, 24d

  58. 6a – DA’s favourite musical substitution – f for p.
    18a – homonym with the O removed.
    8d – climbed is a reversal indicator for the previous two words.
    14d – tax = GELD – a bit iffy if you ask me.

  59. Hey Trippers, DA has done the holiday weekend puzzle, making it much more fun than usual.

  60. Thanks JasonL – I should have spotted that one – I’ve driven them for years!

  61. @nn 7d “Town margins” supplies letters 1 and 5. “Pint-sized” supplies letters 2-4. Def. is “fledgling” but be warned, it as reasonably new coinage and only ever applied to humans.

  62. 22a – anagram of ‘timely of axe’ without MY.
    29a – LORRE reversed.
    24d – last letters

  63. A tough one this Friday! I solved 2D after filling in all the cross-letters but the word-play had me completely baffled.
    If I may venture a small criticism – 6A was ingenious, but I do like to see clues that make some sort of sense (generally pointing the solver in completely the wrong direction) not just random sequences of words. For example, 1D is excellent; 2D is another shocker.
    My favourite this week was 19D,25A – I think this qualifies as an “&lit” clue, which I find particularly satisfying.

  64. thanks everyone for hints, have it all out now. Did pretty well by my standards having completed three quarters of it before coming here. Had put Baleful in for 18a which totally stuffed up any attempts at 2d (as well as leaving me wondering what the wordplay meant). Once I’d fixed this I was on the way again, but would never have solved the NE corner without the above hints. I agree with RogerD on 2d (and presumably others). I find the clues in which the wordplay is bits of other words rather frustrating, particularly when the other words don’t appear in the clue and you are left to look for bits of other words that might mean something in relation to other words in the clue. But did find lots of good ones in there today

  65. Got this one out very quickly, but spent the afternoon watching the GF and have just got back to the DA Trippers (having wondered for some hours why this week’s Confusion didn’t exist). Didn’t understand the word play for 2d until I read JJ’s comment above. Thanks JJ. Still don’t understand the word play for 6a. Comments here indicate that it’s a brilliant clue, so I must be just thick. Anyway, Bloods won, so that was good.

  66. DaveR – for 6a – ‘Louden’ (in DA’s twisted mind) means to change P to F. Do this to the ‘front of’ (ie the first letter of) a two word synonym for ‘stage’ – as in its use in a football context when looking for a free-kick.

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