LR is the Best Non-DA Compiler of the Fairfax Week

I can never keep track of when The Age will publish an LR on a Monday (I think it’s every fourth week), so it’s always an especially good surprise to luck out and find one, like I did today.

This is only the third LR I’ve attempted, but they’re easily the pick of the non-DA week.

Clever clues, a wide range of tricks and some great wordplay. They’re pretty easy (I assume they have to be for a Monday publication),  but they’re pretty fun.

Pick one up if you have the time for a jolly romp through a cryptic. Definitely recommended as an entree to a DA as well.

13 thoughts on “LR is the Best Non-DA Compiler of the Fairfax Week

  1. I just realized how much I was enjoying this, and didn’t recognize lr as one of the regular authors. Great cryptic – like da light. Good one to introduce cryptic civilians with!

  2. While I can’t speak for my own stuff, I must echo the hurray. LR is a nifty setter, one I urged Fairfax to hire a few years back. He is refreshing, concise and innovative. And his clues come with a contemporary feel.

    Good news, as I hear, is that his Monday byline may become a little more regular. And you’re right, being Monday, his brief is to be lenient. I recall some of his early submissions being very tricky (in a good way), while themes are a fetish we share.

    So keep your eyes peeled as LR is always worth the wrestle. Congratulations to him, and to Fairfax for rejuvenating the roster.

  3. @DA Regarding LR (a bit surprised you didn’t call him ‘empty lair’..) ‘He is refreshing, concise and innovative.’ I could not put that any better.

    Take 1D this week: Spooner’s cutting grass with eyes closed? Amazing! (4-7) Great fun for a Monday.

    EP seems to have dropped out for a while. LR has set 5 of the last 9 Mondays in the SMH, RM has set the others. Good to see LR as a regular.

  4. Thanks for the tip about LR. I borrowed an old copy of Monday’s paper and had fun over a coffee.

  5. There was certainly joy in a number of the Monday LR clues.
    How about ‘Front seat for Lethal Weapon’ (7), or ‘chauvinist beheaded live” (5)? Great stuff.
    We did needed to know (or guess at) songs made famous by The Village People, or know the names of African animals or French port towns.
    The best though, to stretch the demographic, has to be the clue that relied upon not only our having a knowledge of Dickens’ characters but also knowing about skateboard tricks! ‘Skateboarding move, a short Twist?’ (5)
    LR has a future…surely?

  6. LR is great fun. I mostly do the Times cryptic (uber challenging, though not as entertaining) in the Oz during the week these days but it might be time to revisit the Herald of a Monday.

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