DA Confusion for the 24/25th of August, 2012

No doubt, there’s some confusion about when it comes to the DA.

Here’s where you have the confusions sorted out.

78 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 24/25th of August, 2012

  1. Again, most of this was solved over a coffee but the last half dozen took a while. Even now, my answer for 10a is very iffy. Had to look up 23d . Liked 5a.

  2. All done now with the help of a cloudy German Hefeweissen with a prawn salad sandwich in the breezy Sydney sun. Good brain food!

  3. @Peta: your answer for 10a is probably right—look it up on Urban Dictionary, and keep clicking through till you get to no 17

  4. I was stuck on 10A as well; I guessed the answer but Ian’s hint confirmed it. A particularly obscure DD: I would have expected “booger” or “bogie” rather than “boogie”, and I had not come across the word as an alternative to “clobber” before.
    Otherwise an enjoyable crossword today. I like the misdirection in 11A, which had me trying to somehow tie it in with 16A.

  5. Have only been attempting DA for a few weeks. Have completed two in full but my top half this week is looking very sparse. Hints for 1a, 5a, 12a or 14a would be much appreciated.

  6. @JasonL,
    I’m stuck with 5 to go, but I can help you with some of the ones you’re having trouble with. As it’s very early I will give limited hints and hope that they will be sufficient.
    1A: I think the def is ‘freak’ (used as a verb).
    5A: def (definition) is ‘country’.
    12A: Can’t help you sorry.
    14A: This is an anagram, but the anagram fodder is split.

  7. Good morning trippers,
    It was smooth sailing until I hit the last half-dozen. Hints above have assisted with 10A, but I would like help with the following please:
    I really have no idea for these. It’s very frustrating!
    Thanks in advance, you lovely people.

  8. @ipuzzled:
    14: American fuel
    19: steamy without the bone
    20: letter without the last
    29: “game” in the sense of “prepared to volunteer”
    Hope this helps!

  9. Re9D: letters1-5 “gaunt” rearranged; 6,7,13 – “some”; 8-12 – basic life minus a compass point

  10. @iPuzzled
    Thanks for the hints. They got me underway again. All finished now. I don’t get the wordplay for 29a though.

  11. Find this week was two-paced. Mostly easy but a subset of really hard ones for me. Hadn’t heard of 12A or 19A, wasn’t familiar with the use of 11A, wasn’t up to speed with the second def of 10A, and was duped by DA in 20D and 29A.
    Loved 7D, 15D and 4D.

    I hope Rupert is okay.

  12. About ten to go. Q? I assumed 4D was an anagram of 8 of 9 letters of refunding? But what does ‘awkward blank on Facebook’ mean? I need 1, 5, 11, 12, 13 acrosses, 4, 6, 7, 8, 23Ds. Does 13A refer to loonies? 11A would be very helpful. Will continue cudgelling this old brain.

  13. Ta Michelle. I have used Facebook a bit, and regretted it. Never quite understood it, but keep getting posts from people I never knew. Would like to get off it, but couldn’t find how. Now needing only 1, 5, 12A, 6D.

  14. I’m a new (actually old) kid on the block. Could you help me with 11a, 28a, 6d and 7d.

  15. It’s kind of geek speak, but usually with an ‘ie’ on the end, and spelt differently

  16. Thanks for your concern, iPuzzled and Doug & Gwyn. I decided to persevere with this one, and I’m glad I did, as 5A and 12A were good clues that I didn’t get yesterday. I’m very proud of getting 12A unaided, though I think DA has used the word before.

    I don’t think I get the wordplay in 10A or 14D.

  17. 10A colloquial for punch on the nose
    14D slightly dated, and maybe fab would have been better

  18. I have the answer to 28A but don’t which way round it goes! Haven’t got 26D – hint, please.

  19. @LJ, 26d “The Heads” tells you what to do with the five preceeding words.

  20. Thanks, Jason – now I know which way round 28A goes. Is there a rule for this?

  21. megse, 5A is an anagram – you have to “alter” the following part of the word, then the last letter of the answer is hinted at in “medicine beginning”.
    16A is fairly straightforward – consider “booze oddly” containing the abbreviation for a small volume, the whole meaning Italian bowls.
    8D includes a synonym for “keen” in the sense of grief or mourning. Then consider skinning “flick”.

  22. Megsie, In 5a Use the 1st word as 2 words then read them separately. 16a I only understand how DA got the 1st, 2nd 3rd letters, the clue there was oddly.

  23. Despite the hints given above, I still have no idea about 1A or 5A. Is 6D in Latin, or the English equivalent?

  24. Have decided the answer in 6D is Latin, so can write in a country name in 5A, but can see no other connection with the clue. Too tricky for me. All I need now, I think, are letters 1 & 3 of 1A. May be an expression I do not recognise?

  25. 10a was the first one I got! lots of other gaps despite above hints. 14a, 29a are still a complete mystery to me.
    Don’t quite get the wordplay in 15d. Letters 1-4 are ok, rest seems to be all except one of the letters of course rearranged, but I don’t get how it clues us to drop a letter. Presume tainted is the anagrind (add it to the list of anagrinds that DA uses, can’t be too many words left in the English language that he hasn’t used now!)

  26. nn, to my surprise 15d is one of the few I’ve got. Try punctuating the clue like this: Meat + course (all but) = tainted Italian white. And as someone has already observed, that white is so tainted it’s actually a red!

  27. 1A: Arthur, I think this is a 60s expression, as is “freak”. But the first word is what one does to pancakes.

    5A: Well explained in the posts above.

    14A: I think this is someone in Aussie Rules that hangs around the posts waiting for the ball. But I’ll defer to anyone who actually understands the game!

    29A: Game is the definition, as in “I’m game!”

    15D: “all but” is the deletion indicator.

  28. 15d “almost” might have been better. “all but what?” , or is all but some sort of colloquialism.
    14A you are correct Rupert.

  29. Am I being picky or is the word ‘tax’ in 25A redundant ( or should have been substituted with something like levy). Rather like saying PIN number.

  30. Hi all, I’ve been using this forum for the last three weeks to finally start completing crosswords consistently. Thanks to everyone, I like that I have been able to use only the help that others have provided rather than having specific questions answered. Well, looks like I can contribute now.

    JD, the tax has in fact become an integral component of goods and services. An empty ‘party’ has one plus this tax inside itself.

    Is 27A a double definition? I pencilled in something assuming ‘narrow escape’ is the definition, but then the rest seems like gibberish to me in relation to the clue.

  31. Oh, just realised what you were saying JD. You have the answer but were commenting more philosophically than anything else. Way to go, me, jumping the gun after all these weeks of patience…

  32. 17d presume urban train gives the first two letters, is this a sydney abbreviation?
    29a on horseback gives first word? Pretty clumsy/obscure.
    Liked 22d, 13a and 7d when I finally got them.
    7D threw me for a long time, had thought DA was up to his tricks with hoven being an anagram indicator as in a corruption of hove/heave. Spent ages trying to fit the preceding 9 letters into my cross letters before I got 13a and 16a.
    Also wasted heaps of time on 12a assuming the first letter was P as is usually the case with his stutter clues. Never heard of the word and several wordfinders were of no help with it.

  33. @AC re 27a yes “narrow escape” is the def. Break the answer into 6,4 instead of 5,5 to get seals suffer. The second word is a bit of a stretch IMO.

  34. Ah, of course, thanks nn. Couldn’t shake thinking of the animals for seals, duped by DA again! Agreed the second word is a bit of a stretch, but had I seen the first as ‘shuts’ I’d have had enough evidence to justify my answer.

  35. Got it out reasonably easily except for 5a, which took ages. When it finally clicked I loved it. Also liked 1a, 13a and 6d. I thought 12a was simple once I’d worked out 17d, although these are perhaps found more often in crosswords than in zoos. I hadn’t read the above comments regarding 15d, so puzzled long about the colour. JD, I think you might be a tad pedantic about 25a; the acronym is used as the name of one kind of tax. By analogy, a PIN is the name used for one kind of number.

  36. @ DaveR, re 12a, it wasn’t until i got that out that I realised 17D was correct as I’ve still no idea how the first two letters work in the wordplay

  37. Nn, it’s not a Sydney word for urban train but used in Chicago at least (their trains run above the street, not that I’ve been there. But have read Sara paretsky novels…)

  38. thanks JS, Sydney I could have almost forgiven, but Chicago!!!?
    Will have to cancel my subscription to the age to help save up enough pennies to go there and see for myself! :-)

  39. @JS 23d is a Japanese word, you might need to consult a Japanese teacher to work it out.
    13A outspoken is a homophone indicator relating to the following word. “the essence” is the def.
    6d faddish (although fad might be better as some have stated) gives the firs word, the second word is a type of exercise with the last letter removed. “Where it should be” is the def (in other words it should be in position).

  40. Thanks Nn. Get 6d now. Had got 13a in meantime but not sure get wordplay still

  41. Thanks, Rupert, you have given me the two letters I needed, in 1A, but DA is really stretching things giving that four-letter word as a synonym for cavalier, in my opinion. All finished now, thanks.

  42. @JS re 13a what is the central part of the first three letters in the answer called? If you are describing the essence of something then you are describing it in a (answer)

  43. @Arthur re 1a I thought so too, but it is in the thesaurus that I consulted. I don’t think I would have got it without Rupert’s help

  44. All done with minimal help. Happy with the ‘cavalier’ synonym, though the one for ‘clobber’ wasn’t familiar. All over too quickly. Hope there’s one of his themed masterpieces on the way.

  45. Two-step process in 13A?
    outspoken colonel > kernel > _ _ _.

    21A reminds me of DA’s masterpiece of Christmas last year. A very challenging but enjoyable puzzle. I wonder if DA is already preparing gems for his next Christmas special?

  46. Glad to see you’re OK Rupert. Got it all except for 28A. We figure it must be a new word for “newbie” as hinted at, in an above post. no idea!
    AHA! just googled newbie and got it -never heard of it.
    Wel done Arthur!
    See you all next week.

  47. From my limited experience in matters of the ‘youthspeak’ (‘techspeak’?, ‘nerdspeak’? or is it some other -speak?) of today, 28A can be spelled with two noughts in the middle, with lower-case letters on each side. I once received some correspondence from a young man which contained this word (with the double-zero spelling), and I had to ask him what it meant.

  48. I got this one in fairly good time, but number 5 had me stuck for a while, it was good misdirection from DA.

  49. I just want to say to Arthur, in 8D, there it is again! ‘Keen’ meaning ‘cry’… thanks to you last time I got it.

  50. Regulars become so forgiving, don’t we? Clue: ‘on horseback’ = ‘UP’. Phone call on a Sunday, “oh didn’t expect you to be up…” ” oh yes, I’m usually on horseback about this time”…. GMAB

  51. All done, a bit of a challenge this week but, that’s why i do DA cryppies.
    Always fun and fair though

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