DA Confusion for the 13/14th of July, 2012

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95 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 13/14th of July, 2012

  1. 6A and 22D were new words to me, but gettable from the wordplay. 25A I had always assumed was spelled differently, but DA appears to be correct. 8D/12A just seems lazy.

    I liked the misdirection in 18A, 20A is cunning.

    When looking for Presidents I generally work back from today to the previous Depression, then start at the beginning and work forward. 27A is the last one I can remember with this method ;)

  2. I wish I found as easy as all of you. No help being offered here at all, except for 25a. The only one I have managed.

  3. Rupert
    I think 6a is somebody that I used to know. And well covered recently.

  4. Thanks Ian for 25A. Like Rupert, I thought 25A was spelled differently but should have remembered. It was the only thing I was allowed to watch at that time of day.
    Enjoyed this week’s. NW first in starting with 9A’s DA ism and 1D starting from the bottom. Really liked the surface of several clues and some unusual indicators and misdirections.
    Loved 1D, 2D, 3, 4D, 14D, 16D, 19D, 11A, 23A.
    A couple of queries which may be answered over the weekend.

  5. One thing I like about DA – I always seem to learn something!
    22D is a word I hadn’t come across, and I had to Google 25A and 27A, not being well up on vintage TV or US history.
    I hadn’t heard of 10A as a drinking game either. I must have had a sheltered youth.
    28A is my favourite clue of today: simple and elegant.

  6. 18A has got me stumped. I have five letters from the down clues, and I’m certain that these letters are correct. Can’t identify the def. I know, from a comment above, that there is some misdirection going on.

    I suspect it’s a phrase that somehow I’ve never come across in my sheltered existence.

    Help me DA trippers. You’re my only hope.

  7. Re 18A:
    I resorted to an Internet search engine, plugging in the six possibilities that I’d identified one by one, and found it. As suspected, it is a phrase I’ve never seen before, and now that I know what it is, I can see the def.

    So I agree with RogerD above. I’ve learned something today.

    Feeling a bit sad – I was hoping to get the whole thing out without having to resort to any aids, but 18A got me.

  8. Re 10A: I assumed that there was a mistake with ‘boozy’. I changed ‘boozy’ in the clue for a similar-ish word (‘b _ _ _ zy’) and got a satisfactory answer.

    However from RogerD’s comment, it sounds like ‘boozy’ was right all along.

  9. 15A: Could someone please explain the wordplay for this one. Once I’d got the first and last letters, I figured there could only be one answer. But after spending several minutes trying to confirm it from wordplay, I’ve got zip.

  10. iPuzzled – Spoiler Warning as it’s early… I have 15A as letters 3-4 = near, 5-7 = crop circle, all inside a word for strip.

  11. I’m exactly with you, iPuzzled. Out of the blocks to a great start in the NE corner (just HOW have you not heard of 6A, Rupert? You must live in a wonderful place … ), not too bad progress either in the NW; there was a time yesterday when I had all the top half done but nothing (except 22A and 23A lower down). The south is tougher but I had to give in at 18A too.

  12. Definitely an easier one this week, although I had never heard of 18A, 22D or 21D. Not whining, just saying…
    Some classic DA (is 20A Gold?) in 9A, 2D, 17D and 26A. Wordplay all done except for 18A and 21D. Any help with these please? There was a loud ‘DOH!’ just now when I got the hairy customer’s wordplay…

  13. Thanx Robin for your help with the wordplay of 15A.

    Re 21D:
    ‘Hollywood’ gives letters 1 and 7.
    ‘one’ gives letter 2.
    ‘close to’ gives the rest.
    last three words of clue are the def.

  14. Spoiler alert cos it’s still early.

    Re 18A:
    Just figured it out.
    ‘blued’ = letters 1-4 and 8,9
    a word kinda meaning ‘true’ (in one sense), reversed, gives the rest.

  15. Re the possibility of tagging 20A as DA gold: Maybe there’s something I’m missing here. It’s a good clue, to be sure, but there are others that are equally as good this week. Perhaps you could elaborate, Robin?

  16. I think Arthur C. will enjoy the puzzle this week, although he might struggle with 6A. Are you out there Arthur C.?

  17. 6A: I don’t pay much attention to new music, other than what I can’t avoid walking past my daughter’s room. It seems 6A has not made it across the Tasman, yet.

    10A, for those who spent their college years actually studying, involves lining 9 pints (or 8 pints and a half if the cox is female) along each side of a long table, lining the crew up, bow to stern, each in front of a drink, then, on the command, drinking the beer, with each person only allowed to pick up their glass once the person before them has put theirs down.

  18. iPuzzled, Arthur is a non-0participant this week. Looked carefully through all the cluers,couldn’t see a hint of an answer anywhere, so gave it the ballpoint treatrment. Going up country (little hamlet called Hopetoun) after lunch, so won’t have much time for cryptography. But it is a bit humiliating to not find a single word. Yesterday was my official birthday (83), so I’ll use that as an excuse. Have fun, kiddies!

  19. My daughter informs me that 6A is indeed half of someone I used to know, and the other half is a kiwi, so it’s just ignorance on my part, rather than any lack of geographical reach on his part.

  20. Still don’t know the pop singer in 6A – I’ll ask my granddaughter. It’s the only one I haven’t done and in an inverted snobby way I’m quite pleased not to know!

  21. Thanks Rupert. Just wanted to make sure. Not that it’s helping to have the first letter. Lol.

  22. Help for 1a would be welcomed. I think I have second word for sure and as a result have assumed 1st word. Not sure how to say what I think it is without giving answer.

  23. Got it … Thanks again to this site. Like many others I am about to research 6A. Starting to feel my age but the best thing about DA is that I always learn something.

  24. @Michelle,
    Re 1A:
    some hints:
    prepared is an anagram indicator (anagrind), but an anagram gives you only the first 5/9 of the clue.
    Def is nutritious snack.

  25. I would if I understood what an Anagrind is. Even with help from google I’m still confused.

  26. So does that mean I need to be looking for an anagram of prepared but only using some of the letters?

  27. I have been doing Herald cryptics since I was at school, and now I am 83. I was very happy to find D.A.Trippers, as Friday’s puzzle always left me in a bad humour, and David Astle was called some unsavoury names. However, this site makes it all interesting, even if I still struggle for answers. Seeing David Astle on “Letters and Numbers” has won me over – I don’t bad-mouth him any more! Cheers , Claire Mc.

  28. @Michelle, Re 1A, you are looking for an anagram of ‘green’. ‘Prepared’ is the word/sign that there’s some anagram fodder (i.e. letters to be re-arranged) nearby.

  29. @Michelle, more Re 1A: ‘pub’s last’ means something like: The final letter of the word ‘pub’ is somewhere in the answer.
    A word meaning ‘light’, reversed, gives letters 6, 8 and 9.
    ‘about’ is a container indicator. That is, the reversed word meaning ‘light’ wraps/contains/surrounds ‘pub’s last’.

  30. Thank you. That helps me understand a little better. I’ll see how I go. It makes me now think ive completely been on the wrong track and I may now have 4d and 5d wrong.

  31. Welcome aboard, Claire Mc! I hope you can make some progress with DA’s puzzles now.

  32. Wow. Ur second set of clues just confirmed my second word is right. And I now see how the wordplay is used. Thank you thank you thank you.
    Now to just work out the first word. But at least now I have it’s last letter.

  33. I GOT IT. Lol. With your help ipuzzled. I was on the right path but stuck on wrong first word. Was thinking it started with M.

  34. @Michelle anagrind = anagram indicator I think. Prepared is the indicator, the next word (in this clue) is the letters (fodder) that you need to rearrange. This gives letters 1-5 of the answer. I think pub gives the second word in the answer but I don’t understand where the last letter of the first word comes from, presumably it has something to do with “light about eating last” but that seems to be a pretty convoluted way of indicating just one letter so I guess I’m missing something else.

    I’ve been through the list of presidents for 27A. Found 6 who have five letters in their surnames but can’t see any connection between any of them and the rest of the clue.

  35. slow typing, compounded by break in internet connection! thanks iPuzzled for explanation of wordplay in 1a. Still think there would have been a simpler way of writing that clue!

  36. Thanks nn. Read I puzzles clues above and you will see where that unexplained letter comes from.

  37. @Michelle, I’ve had to stop eating 1As. They are so full of sugar, whether they are the ones starting with M or any other type.

  38. @iPuzzled, I had the answer, just couldn’t see all the wordplay.
    Am making reasonable progress in all four quadrants for once, but wordplays are giving me grief. In particular wordplay for 4a. I have the answer (the dreaded legend) but lower part of Africa announced?? Is lower a DA trick meaning move a letter down somewhere or am I looking for something in the south of Africa for the wordplay?

  39. I must say. This is the most answers I’ve managed to get after a year of trying.
    Don’t think I will ever master them though.

  40. @nn,
    Re 4D:
    I think the second word is given by ‘part of Africa announced’.
    I assumed that a synonym of ‘lower’ gave the first word.

  41. 12a why “ON THE outer”?? I would think “outer activists for example” would make more sense.

  42. @Michelle, last letter of 1d is given by third last word in the clue. Nothing strange about it, probably one of the first letters you learned.
    Wish I had 18a!

  43. @Michelle,
    The final letter of 1D is not rare. It’s a one-pointer in Scrabble.

  44. thanks iPuzzzled, just understood your plain sight hint, didn’t realise which clue it was for at first and now that I have it, I realise there is another meaning of cadre that I wasn’t familiar with.

  45. I’m assuming for 1d that topless signifies taking letter from another word? Am I right?

  46. @nn,
    DA seems to have an interesting range of hidden indicators. I still miss them first time around most of the time.

  47. @Michelle, yes, DA often uses ‘topless’ in that sense, and it is true in today’s puzzle.

  48. @Michelle, yes, topless means drop a letter. The word you are after doesn’t just refer to barmaids though and clues letters 1-4. Think of bawdy women in Shakespearean times.
    Letters 5-8 are a very famous surrealist painter in reverse (going up).

  49. 18a done. Thanks once again to ipuzzled. Had to google to confirm as I’d NEVER heard it before.

  50. 1d done thanks to both ipuzzled and nn. I was on the track of server. No wonder I couldn’t get it. Need to think more laterally is what I’m learning.

  51. just got 18a too thanks to hint from way above and the help of google. Never heard of it (along with 21d which I’ve also just worked out with help from above).
    Don’t get the 17d ref in 20a (assuming I have correct answer).
    Just a few to go now, hint for 26a would be good, have all the cross letters and a number of words that fit, but can’t relate any of them to the clue

  52. Was about to complain about 9a as I was reading touted as a homophone indicator and didn’t think there was much similarity between the sounds of the words, but have just realised that I fell for another DA trick! Very good.

  53. 22d was new to me too, but eventually got it from the wordplay
    Still no idea on 26a but finally have all the rest although wordplay of the following still baffles me 20a, 14d, 10a, 19d
    Did like 23d

  54. Stuck on 11a. I have an idea that DA is urging me to change lymphatic and that the def is fluid, but not sure I’m on right track.

  55. @Michelle. you are half right, fluid is the anagrind, lymphatic the fodder, urge for change is the definition. Any more and I’d be handing you the answer.

  56. Both 22a & d have me stumped.
    My obvious choices seem to be wrong due cross letters I have.

  57. @Squatter re 26a, thanks would never have got that without your hint.
    @Michelle 22d, letters 1-3 are an abbreviation for photo, letters 5-6 are an abbreviation for a famous set of religious books. This has often been used in the past. Loop is the def, but the answer is a word that most of us have never heard of so you will need to google it.
    22a is a double def “run second” (or third would do too) and venue.

  58. Re 22A:
    It’s a double-def and the answer is a pretty common synonym for venue.

    Re 22D:
    ‘photo’ gives letters 1-3. It’s a colloquial term that is an abbreviation of a 7-letter word.
    ‘Books’, which many setters employ to mean NT (for New Testament), this time refers to the books that come before the New Testament. This gives letters 4 and 5. Def is ‘loop’. It’s not a common word.

  59. @nn is more speedy at typing than I am!

    My English teacher in high school once told the class that the god of the OT is an angry and vengeful god, whereas the god of the NT is a loving and forgiving god. Having read the Bible for many decades and studied it daily, I think my English teacher was wrong. Same merciful yet just God in both ‘books’. Both of these characteristics displayed simultaneously on Good Friday, 30 AD.

  60. @nn,
    Wordplay for 19D:
    ‘lose last bit of weight’ means remove the last letter of a four-letter unit of weight. This gives letters 1-3.
    ‘rejecting praise’ means reverse a less-than-common four-letter word for praise. This gives letters 4-7.

  61. Just checking in from holiday house so a brief note. Thought 20A was great fun having the def as a punctuation mark in another clue that’s all.

  62. Missed one yesterday. How do we get the answer from East German drug cleric smuggled in ….. ?

  63. @Robin. Letters 2-4 German word for east. Letter 5 DAs favourite drug. These inside a 5 letter word for cleric.
    Last word definition

  64. Thanks RM! Didn’t know the German. Have been to Ostende though.
    A pretty good one this week I thought. all in all.

  65. Still having trouble with SE corner. Any hints for 23a & 17d greatly appreciated.

  66. @RM: 23A is not a major part of Turkey; 17D definition is last word and right is R inside a step ( to music). Hope that helps!

  67. Great crossword! Thanks for all the hints.
    I thought that 8D and 12A was lazy setting.
    I loved 1D and 4D.

  68. Got all but 18A, which for a long time I thought was “dinky-dyed”–related to true bue,clothing and riding bikes. Thought I was very clever to get tgis so quickly! Once again, DA 1, NF nil

  69. 1a is not considered nutritious in my household. I wouldn’t have got 3d unless he mentioned the Moscow park and movie. Had to refer to Saturday’s solution for that one. I’ve never heard of 18a either in my 46 years.
    There were some good ones in there, too.

  70. I think I first came across 18A when my kids started reading the Percy Jackson novels by Rick Riordan.

  71. We’ve given up on 6A – the only one left. Googled until the keys are worn out.
    We have G _ T _ E. Think “acquired” is “GOT” as for the antique, we’re probably too old!

  72. 6A: You’re not old enough, or should that be “olde” enough?

    Wikipedia tells me the name is of Belgian origin.

    If you need Google fodder, try “someone I used to know”, which has been alluded to above.

  73. That would work, but it would be easier to Google the actual title of the song, which is “Somebody That I Used to Know”

  74. Thanx Rupert. Never would have (got) it without (ye) help. Matter of fact we failed miserably this week – wouldn’t have got quite a few without “trippers” help.
    Thanx again for sending us the Xword in the past – we really appreciated it. Cheers.

  75. Well, I took my somewhat damaged grid to Hopetoun. Entered six words, of which four were correct. I really am out of my depth now. Maybe DA has made them harder since the advent of DA trippers? I used to solve a few earlier on. Will look again next Saturday. Very weary after the trip, only got home 0930. CU.

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