DA for the 20th/21st of April, 2012

It’s my last weekend as a 32 year old, and I’m celebrating by participating in a surprise flash mob at a 40th (I don’t think anyone who will be going to the 40th reads this blog…)

Hopefully I resist the temptation to sneak a peek at the DA during the festivities, although I also hope that the DA will be so good that I can’t resist the temptation.

Update: And here it is:

2 thoughts on “DA for the 20th/21st of April, 2012

  1. Wickedly clever today. Pleased to get it out in an hour or so. Loved 9A, 15A, 21A, 28A, 3D, 8D, 14D, 18D, 23D and 25D but most especially 4D!!!!

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