DA for the 13/14th of April, 2012

How much more frightening is it to do a DA on Friday 13th, Sydneysiders?

Greakster is upon us, and maybe it’s this week, the real Easter weekend, that DA brings us a bunny-related crossword (etymological treat for the day: Easter comes from Ēostre, a female pagan goddess whose festival was celebrated around and about, and from whom words such as oestrogen also derive).

To make things even more happily coincidental: the Tigers will probably win this weekend.

Update: The Tigers did indeed win, as did most of us DA Trippers it seems:

Is GLIMPSE the finest hidden clue in a very long while?

Some very easy definitions to get you going, and then the trickiness. KNIFED was a bit harsh, I thought, as was ILL.

No matter: we had LOO and GLIMPSE and GALAH.


12 thoughts on “DA for the 13/14th of April, 2012

  1. That’s funny JK!
    I thought 1A, 10A and 2D were way too easy for DA. It was a two-paced puzzle. Very easy to get the first half or so, then a lot more challenging to get the second half.
    Liked 23A, 22D, 13D and 14D.

  2. SLYTHERIN in the HP puzzle was better hidden (though cleverer others will disagree) I only got it on about the 10th read-through, with the other 3 houses safely in the bag.
    And just for us, do you think DA would do a special AFL theme. To what clue, do you think, would Riewoldt be the answer?

  3. Very funny Rupert but a bit harsh. We hav to remember that there is a Riewoldt who plays for our host’s tam

  4. Obviously Rupert was referring to the lesser Riewoldt, the one who plays for St. Kilda.

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