DA Confusion for the 9/10th of March, 2012

Here be DA Confusion.

Ask for aid and ye be answered.

90 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 9/10th of March, 2012

  1. All done. A very enjoyable crossword, with 5A and 3D the outstanding clues for me.

    Finally worked out the wordplay in 9A. With only 8 different letters in the answer, working out which bits of the answer were clued by the anagram was a bit tough.

  2. Got an early start in NE corner, but come to a standstill since then. Chuckled out loud when I got 5a. A top clue!

  3. Where is everybody? On and off I am almost there. Any help with 11a, 15/17a, 22a or 23d would be much appreciated.

  4. 11A: The large cup refers to ladies underwear, and the smuggler may not know they’re doing it.
    15A/17A: wrong is an anagrind
    22A: Sits on the fence and yowls
    23D: The words “avoiding perilous edge” each contribute one letter to the answer.

  5. Thanks Rupert,
    Just got back to it and your hints enabled me to finish. I did actually have the last three letters of 23d, but having worked out 22a from your hint, I realised that ‘roughly’ was obvious.
    While I have 1d, I have no idea of the word play. And I am not sure how ‘booted’ works in 4d.

  6. 1D: The unit of power is a Watt. Half is semi.

    4D: I assume, like a ball, if it’s booted it’s up.

  7. Thanks again. You’re the only one ther today it seems. Still think that ‘booted’ is a bit of a stretch.

  8. Even though I got it, I am not at all happy with the clueing for 3/20 and would like to slap DA around. “creating ‘p’ ” is not legal, in my book, even by DA’s libertarian standards.

    Anybody else agree (not the slapping bit)?

  9. Sorry Keith, but it is part of DA’s toolkit. The clue is the other way around. He gives an ‘answer’ and you work out a clue for that answer. It’s what he calls a rebus. Ch 15 in “Puzzled”.

  10. There are fine lines between clues that make you laugh, clues that make you groan, and clues that make you want to slap the setter. Where those lines are can depend on how well you’re doing on the crossword.
    I thought 3D/25A was fun. With 3 cross letters in 3D it was pretty obvious what it was, and the wordplay isn’t difficult, just unhelpful if the definition is too hard.

  11. I agree, Rupert. I enjoyed it too. But actually worked backwards from the answer to the wordplay.

  12. Pool room moment for me – all done without too much help! Had most done earlier today, but needed Rupert’s hint on 22A to finish the SE corner – many thanks. Enjoyed 5A, 21A/24D, 7D and 19D.

    Quiet here today. Where is everyone?

  13. I am a novice, but for the first time ever I completed DA!! I would like some help with explaining a couple of solutions as not knowing how I got there takes away some of the gloss.
    16D, integral. 22A, alley cat ( I saw Ruperts explanation, but it still doesn’t help). 23 D, caved. I get the ave coming from avoiding perilous edge, but the c and d?

  14. Still having trouble with 15A/17A, despite Rupert’s help with the anagrind. I can’t find the last two letters of the anagrist (grist for the anagram mill?). What is the def of this clue? Very? Talk? Sweet talk?
    Got the rest of the puzzle out no problem, but this one is getting to me.

  15. …and now I’ve found it in a dictionary.
    I really liked 18A this week, partly because it’s a word from an indigenous language (no European languages in the clues this week, unless you count the Gallic pocket rocket of 19D) and partly because of the clever use of “Xeroxed” in the clue.
    27A was very clever, especially the last four letters.
    Gimmes for me were 2D, 19D and 14D.
    Tough ones for me were 15A/17A, 23D (potholes!?!) and 27D. (We had some different “dated number storage” devices a few decades ago with very similar names, and this confounded me.)

  16. Well, well, well. Did DA know Margaret and I are celebrating 56th anniversary today, so set some easy clues? I still need three, 11A, 15, 17A, 27A. Some of the others seemed incredibly simple. Most unusual. Is the 27A a trade name like Xerox, or Gestetner? Have all the down words, baffled by this.

  17. I just don’t understand how the brain works. I sat on the train yesterday and immediately got 5A, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D and 15A, 17A. I think I even said ‘too easy’ out loud unintentionally. Then the money ran out. Painfully slow getting any more at all!

    I now have 14 done and I am refusing to read anything above just yet, but feel I’ll need to before the day is out…

    Totally stuck on 11A even with all cross letters….

  18. A nice mental workout this weekend. Took Friday night and Saturday morning, as the habitual Oz sparkling on Friday night is somewhat counter-productive. Congrats on your 56th anniversary Arthur. I don’t know about you, but I always do DA with my wife, and don’t know whether I could do it solo – or how long it might take me.

  19. 4d computer speak when it is booted the operating system is up?
    Wordplay for 22a?
    not sure if I have right answer for 10a i can see a dog but don’t get rest of wordplay

  20. Relative neophyte to DA and am very much appreciating comments on this site. Good one for me today. Got everything except 7D & 15, 17A. Embarrassed that others have found them easy but would appreciate hints.

  21. WE had planned a celebratory rail trip today, on the Goldfields Railway, from Newcastle to Maldon and return. Booked weeks ago. But train didn’t run today, due to derailment last week, so rebooked for Wednesday. We don’t both do cryptics, Ben. M doesn’t comprehend them.
    Finally saw 11A, reminded of Bali nine. No answer to my question above (10.50 am) on the 27A, nor have I seen the light on 15, 17A. Any hints?

  22. @nn,

    22A: “Reported” is a ‘sounds like’ indicator. “Slash” here is Australian slang for urination, a term more frequently used by males of the population, I believe.

    @RM, the cheese (minus one letter) gives you the first three letters of 7D. A word for “funny” gives the last five letters.

  23. @Arthur, Re 27A:
    I believe the answer is a trademarked name. The type of number it stored was usually phone numbers.
    A word meaning part (think drama), minus one letter, gives letters 1 to 3.
    A word meaning poem gives letters 4 to 6.
    And I suspect you already have letter 7.

  24. @Arthur,
    Happy 112th, by the way. (56 for you and 56 for your wife!)
    Re 15A/17A (which was thew bane of my existence for 30 minutes or so),
    Letters 1,2: A word (sometimes) meaning “very”.
    The last six letters are anagram fodder after the anagrind “wrong” (as pointed out by Rupert above).

  25. Well, have answer to 27A, had never heard of this device, but guessed at spelling and checked via Google. I have 27A now, I think, though not fully understasnding the clue. So, finished early this week, easiest DA I have seen, I think.

  26. Finished but only after giving up on 11A. I had a fixed idea that ‘smuggler’ was the definition and I got the bra size as half of what it should be! Got very close though. Containment indicator could have been ‘concealed’ or ‘in’ so was looking for a word for ‘stir’ with a D in it!

    9A wordplay. I have it as ‘fool’ = letters 4-6, ‘turn’ = 1-3, letters 7-15 are an anagram of words 4, 6 and 7. Is that right? If so the spelling of the word for ‘turn’ is wrong?

    21A, 24D For once the ‘metal band’ was a metal band! A double deception isn’t it? Second word is straightforward but how do we get the first word?

  27. @nn,
    Re 10A:
    The def is the last two words of the clue.
    Letters 1-3: A verb meaning “ran into” (not in the harmful collision sense, by the way).
    Letters 4 and 8 are to do with clocks, I suspect. This part of the clue reminds me of “extremes” (A and Z) and “poles” (N and S) that DA has used in the past.
    Letters 5-7 are shorthand for a reasonably popular breed of dog, as you referred to.

  28. Well done, nn, on your ‘booted’ = UP, I think that could be right.

    10A was clever I thought with the ‘hands’ really needing a space after the H and the D. Similar trick as used in 5A.

  29. Unlike some, I got 3D/25A by working out the third word from cross letters, then the rest became obvious from the letter count and finally the word play revealed itself. Arthur, my congrats, too, on your 56th. For 27A, reduce ‘part played (in a film or on stage)’ by one letter and use a Roman numeral to indicate the tenth poem. I’m having problems with 9A and 10A, and cannot work out the word play for 6D which, given the two cross letters I have, can only be one thing. I think the homophone part of 22A is very dodgy, with the emphasis on the wrong syllable.

  30. There, it’s happened again! Got 10A as soon as I’d posted the above comment. Although the ‘hands’ part eludes me.

  31. Now I’ve worked that one out, too. Just put the spaces in the right places.

  32. I was about to ask about 6D too, Dave R. Letters 1-4 are obviously another word for bile and I suppose ‘sets … rising” makes UP but it’s not that clever is it? I think I’ve missed something…

  33. thanks all for 10a explanation. Agree that 22a is very dodgy.
    6d pollster is def usually seen in papers around election time in OZ.
    Stuck on second word in 13a despite having cross letters. also stuck on 17d, 21a/24d, 20d and 26a

  34. Jonathan, DA has used ‘discover’ a few times which should be read as ‘dis-cover’.

  35. re 23d potholing is a term given to the activity of going into the first four letters of the answer.
    9a the def is the last three words of the clue. We usually refer to it by a three letter abbreviation. wordplay is messy and has been explained above.

  36. nn for the second word of 13A, ‘backbone’ means “A person’s ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way!” So says an online dictionary when I looked up the synonym! Any the wiser?

    17D Definition is the last three words. Also an actual cat can make the ‘catty remark’ … and the ‘Cockney’s lapse ‘ is one letter. ‘Hence’ is the first two letters.

  37. Jonathan, cover = put a cover on; dis-cover = the opposite or to take the cover off.

  38. nn 20D is a hidden which was so hidden I didn’t see it until I had the answer from the cross letters!

    26A the bank is one of the big four. It’s in a word for decline (think light from the moon!).

  39. Arthur, Congratulations to you and your wife! 56 years is a long time.

    It made me wonder what I was doing so I took a look at what was happening at about the time you were getting married. I was a very small boy visiting my Nana’s house in Belmont, Surrey, and it was the first time I ever saw a television. I remember that because Google tells us that it was when Archbishop Makarios was deported from Cypress and he was on the BBC news in black and white. I’d never seen a hat like his…

    … Sorry, have a great time celebrating!

  40. Have finally finished, I think. 19D can only be one thing but I don’t see the logic. Can any one put my mind to rest?

  41. Nivek (you’re not a Ddur are you by any chance?) the American spelling for the chopper is two letters with no E as a third letter. Inside that is TRIES ‘manoeuvred’.

  42. Thanks Robin it all makes sense now. As you guessed I am a bit “reserved” but I’m no 07 or 747 for that matter.

  43. Thanks for the congrats, Robin et al. I remember Archbishop Makarios. But 56 was more notable for the Melbourne Olympics, with the introduction of TV. I remember a Russian runner named Vladimir Kuts, who destroyed his opponents by alternately surging and dropping back, and an American pole-vaulter, Bob ??? We bought our first set (second hand), in 1968. One accumulates a lot of memories (some good, some less so) in 56 years.

  44. 9A: I have the wordplay slightly different.
    Fool => letters 4-6
    turn => letters 7 – 9 (in the sense of food that is on the turn)
    All encased in an anagram of words 6, 7 and 8.

  45. It was an enjoyable puzzle today. I made a good start and was only left with three that wouldn’t resolve themselves until this evening.

    11a: My word play does not include a cup size, as others seems to. I have a synonym for ‘stir’ cupping a regularly used abbreviation for ‘large’ = what the ‘smuggler concealed’.

  46. Got this all out but just can’t see 21a/24d in spite of having most of the letters. Are we talking rock n roll here or a wedding ring?

  47. Congratulations Arthur and Mrs C.

    I can vaguely remember some of the things you mention :)

  48. MD: 21a/24d – Rock n roll. A band’s name that is an anagram of ‘cure’, preceded by a synonym for describing the letters that make up the word that results from ‘cryptically evoking’ cure.

  49. I’m afraid that makes very little sense. I had great trouble wording it. The first part might help.

  50. Am guessing break is anagrind looking at it again. is safeguards an indicator to wrap the anagram around the rest? I’d originally though break was indicating an insertion.
    Fortunately this one was pretty easy to get once you had the cross letters as the wordplay was way too convoluted for my liking.
    Did like 5a and 18a. 3d gettable once you had some cross letters too.
    27a had me fooled for a long while as I had a different brand of a similar device. Made 16d rather difficult until I’d fixed it.
    11d He has used cup in that way recently too. Seems he has left his bottom idee fixe and moved up in the world!

  51. We’ve got most of the clues, but we’re still unable to solve 1A. Can anyone help?

  52. Hi Felix. 1a: The definition = ‘cops’. A synonym for ‘play parts’ arrests (contains) the alternate letters of ‘creep’.

  53. Good one this week, I thought. Very enjoyable on the whole. But there’s always something to complain about: 9A was too convoluted and the syntax was awful; 22A was a poor homophone even by DA’s standards.

  54. 21A/24D: I knew nothing about them apart from their name (though I’d heard of their drummer because of his marriage). The first word is what jesters wear, and also an anagrind; the second is, as pointed out, an anagram of cure.

    11A: Monica, I’m afraid I can’t see what word you were thinking of. But according to the answer in Saturdays SMH, the cups are underwear.

  55. Did anyone else look as DS on Saturday this week? (SMH # 19,625)

    I have all clues finished except this one:
    “14A Wind up in crack with it (6)”
    Any ideas?
    My cross letters are T – E – D – which I’m pretty sure are right.

  56. thanks for the help with 21a/24d Rupert & Monica. Never heard of the group, I’m not as cool as I imagined.

  57. Rupert prompted me to Google a little about the band. ‘Oh, THAT drummer, of course’… we know the overexposed missus.

    By the way, look out for ‘ROCK DOTS’ in a future DA … otherwise known as ‘metal umlauts’…

  58. Hi DA – ers. Can some-one explain why ATT in 1D is ‘Discover power”, And we are totally bamboozled with 15 / 17 A. we have – ” _ O _ T / S – A – “. Apart from those, very enjoyable.
    Oh! What was the word play in 9 A?

  59. Got 1D now. “Uncover power” gave it to us. Had to think a bit about the “Aussie Club” – should have got it earlier! – got stuck on “RU”

  60. In spite of the helpful comments above I am still stuck on 21/24D. I just can’t work out an anagram for ‘cure’ but I suppose if it’s a band’s name it could be anything!! I’ve filled the solution for 3D/25A but apart from the last work being a drink [mix] I can’t work out how the first two words are made. with 16 D I can see the tip for the Cockney but I can’t see how ‘hefty’ fits the rest of the word. I’d appreciate some help. I’m sorry that I never seem to be able to help anyone else. I always get to it too late!

  61. Oh…I’ve found out the band’s name and sorted that one out.Well, now I’ve completed it all but I am still puzzled about the 3D/25A forst words and 16D.

  62. Conny. P-Party – mix. You’ve obviously got the party mix – “P” is the head of the word “Phillips” 24 D is an anagram of “cure”. 21A “Cryptically evoking” is a word for mixed. the answer is a heavy Metal Band
    16D the last part is a word for hefty – but backwards.

  63. Of course, feather, brilliant, thanks. There were only so many words that could fit but I could see the ‘crack’

    @Doug and Gwyn, did you solve 15A, 17A ? If not, ‘very’ is letters 1 and 2, wrong is the anagrind and the definition is the last two words!

  64. Thanx for that Robin. We did not see that! – Some people have dumb kids, don’t they?

  65. Doug & Gwyn, did you get word play for 9A? If not, see Rupert’s post at 7.38pm yesterday. “break” is the anagrind, and “safeguards” is the containment indicator. Very messy IMO.

  66. Thanks Doug and Gwyn. I should have seen the 16D one. The routes to the 21/24D and to 3/25A seem very obscure and long winding roads. But I guess that crypticism for you. I though some were really good and funny eg.10A,11A,18 A,26A, 6D, 7D, 8D. I’m off to the gardening!

  67. First DA done without help from here! – of necessity, because I’ve been away from home and got the paper on my way to the station, then started (and nearly finished) the crossword on the train.
    Yes, I know – there wasn’t a crossword ON the train, it was in the paper.
    I can thoroughly recommend ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, by the way, which was one of the main reasons for my trip to the city. Not a lot in the way of plausible plot, but the dragons were every bit as amazing as the publicity says.
    Had to look up 18a and 27a when I got back, to check that the words I’d filled in really existed, but still feel pretty pleased with myself. Thanks, Rupert, for putting in the effort to pin down the various bits of 9a; I’d given up on the parsing and just filled in the answer. Definitely one of the ones where you have to do just that – fill in the word first and ask the detailed questions about parsing afterwards. Fair enough though – that’s all part of the game.

  68. Well Done, Mary!
    Try as I might I’ve never quite finished one completely. Got very close but still waiting…. always need a little bit of help for the last one or two.

  69. Poolroom status this week (second time ever) though it seems to me that if I get the answer without understanding the process it takes the lustre off a bit!

  70. Due to my brother’s wedding, Friday’s DA had to wait until Monday, but I’m pleased to say I got it all out in a couple of hours – and without visiting this site once! Still, it was all over a bit too soon for my liking. Perhaps he’s lulling us into a false sense of security…

  71. I had never heard of 9A before, which made it extremely difficult, as the parsing was devilry. I found it by giving up after solving everything else and Googling the string from letters 3-9, which I had accidentally got correct by interpreting “it safeguards explosive” as the mini-clue. I would be interested to know if David was aware of this extra angle, or it was just coincidence.

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