DA for 10/11th of February, 2012

Do you reckon those with the initials DA are more likely than others to become district attorneys? Or be devotees of dadaism?

Report on your DA experience here (no spoilers until Monday).

Update: Jolly fun:

RC and I smashed through this one before resorting to hints and tips on this blog WHACKO, OAKUM and, embarrassingly, PHANTOM.

Much fun.

6 thoughts on “DA for 10/11th of February, 2012

  1. Was it just me or were across clues very gettable ? Downs gave me something to think about. Thanks, loved 8 & 14 down, especially 8.

  2. @DanielC: I got all but 3 before getting to work this morning. SE corner to do. Not pushed alot today at all…but no Poolroom today.

  3. Yeah, exactly, I had those three and one more in the same area Togo early and felt a hole in my Friday.

  4. Good one this week I thought, with lots of typical DAisms. 15A and 4D were brilliant, and I liked 13D too. It was a welcome change for me to be able to complete a DA without having to resort to Google (except for a couple of verifications/clarifications).

  5. FAQ this week. Unhappy with a couple of loose bits of wordplay. “Suppress” is inappropriate in 28A. Poor definition and trick for trick’s sake in 24D – contrast with the same trick brilliantly deployed in 15A, clue of the week.

  6. 24D: What’s wrong with the definition? Seems fine to me in the context of hair.
    28A: My thesaurus has contain as a synonym for suppress. Also seems fine to me.

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