DA for the 3rd/4th of February, 2012

February 2012 comes and DA is still serving up the goods.

Here’s where you talk about the goods (but without spoilers until Monday)

Update: A tough one:

RC and I ended up doing this while at a trivia night. We didn’t get too far, and found some difficulty here and there.

2 thoughts on “DA for the 3rd/4th of February, 2012

  1. A “normal” DA this week – about 45 minutes of amusement with occasional breaks to bang my head on the breakfast table.

  2. I reckon this was the best “standard” DA for a while. Just the right degree of difficulty, just a little bit themey, and best of all no hopelessly abstruse wordplay – only one wordplay query, for which I got the story from the Confusion thread.

    Particularly liked 14A, 19D, 22D.

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