The Last DA of 2011

Here we go with the last DA of the year.


Update: And here it is:

If DA ever had a coat of arms, surely the coypu would be on there.

Only got halfway through this one – more through laziness than anything else.


9 thoughts on “The Last DA of 2011

  1. Only just this year ;)

    Not too hard today (though 11A gave me problems). I liked 24A a lot. 10A was good, too.

  2. I liked it today…not as difficult as last week but lots of clever clues for long answers.

    I loved13A, 19A, 6D, 14D and 20D but thought 25A def a bit dodgy.

  3. Happy New Year everyone :)

    Sadly I didn’t finish last year’s last puzzle last year :(

    After help from confusion, I now think 19a – the last one I filled in – was very neat.

    Cheers, and thanks for all the pointers.

  4. Enjoyed the last DA for 2011, but over too soon as others have said. (Hope DA isn’t listening. He might throw us a doozy to burst the bubbly.)
    Happy New Year Trippers. Love the congenial, collaborative DAlight. Been a difficult year in this household and you’ve kept me and my husband sane (sort of).
    A big thankyou to AS for providing the venue for the year round party on this site.
    Spent New Year’s Eve with friends in a country town, and two staff at the venue were working on Saturday’s DS before it got busy. My husband noticed and made a comment about my penchant for DA. “Impossible!”, they said. Put them on to Trippers – and gave them hints for DS which I’d done as DA was an early fish wrap, as RobT would say, but only thanks to Trippers.
    And thankyou AS for your Atypical crossword to get us through til next year’s DA. Looking forward to that between now and getting back to more mundane things like work.
    Rupert’s crosswords to be found at his link are also good if anyone’s feeling withdrawals when you’ve finished DA early.

  5. Is that a rhetorical question One Wheel?
    My answer is no, not where I live, for fixed broadband anyway.

  6. Am I just blind, or have you not uploaded this puzzle?

    Unfortunately I lost my copy of the paper, and so came here to look for it.

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