The Last DA Confusions of 2011

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  1. Gayle has sorted out most of my confusion on last weeks thread. However, some confusion remains.

    19A: does “tin” = TT in some way?
    13A: don’t get it

  2. Got 13A now I think. The pig is missing a symbol.
    Still haven’t got first word of 2D.

  3. And have 13A now, after looking up ‘period’ in music = a group of phrases. And ‘stanza’ gives the recur bit. For a while there I thought there was some weird play on ‘prone’ and a homophone on stanz= stands but couldn’t get the rotation.

  4. 2D: He propagates gives the first 4 letters.

    I over-thought 25A for a while before I saw its simplicity.

    Not sure about 24A or 11A. I have pencilled in some answers but they are half-guesses.

  5. 19A: Got it. I was thinking that the pig was its foot, not what it does with its nostrils.

    13A: Is this a single definition, then?

    24A is very good. There are no northern Europeans involved.

  6. 1D: I hadn’t heard of this rodent but worked it out from the wordplay and the across answers.
    7D: Got this one straightaway as very recently a colleague and I were making jokes about this hackneyed phrase.

  7. @Rupert: Does 24A refer to (one of) a pair of musical NZers? For a while I was thinking that the second word was SPLIT or HOUSE, but have ruled those out now that I have the down clues.

  8. @Rupert: Thanks for that. I will erase and R and insert a W. Now that I get it (thanks to your help), I agree that 24A is a very good one.

  9. Oops, sorry .. for comment on 13A. Yes, single definition.
    iPuzzled, I’d never heard the phrase in 7D, maybe because where I work we never get any group-building, just a lot of truisms.

  10. 4D, 6D and 12A were gimmes, I thought. They helped get me started. There was a picture of 12D (alongside two other tenners on radio) on the back page of the front section of the Herald just a few days ago.

  11. HELP! I have lost my husband to the dark recesses of DA’s mind. He is here but not here. If you meet him along the way today, say hello from me.

  12. Ha ha DAwidow. My husband ‘s usually nowhere to be seen on Friday mornings, after he brings the paper in for me.

  13. iPuzzled I didn’t think 12D was a gimme at all. Thought the obese icon might have been a fat buddha (no offence intended), disagree with the ‘cake’ definition, and took a while to get that meaning of ‘fudge’! Cross letters did help, a lot.

  14. Oh, yes, you did say that iPuzzled. I agree, was glad of the gimmes early on to get some cross letters for the long words that you either know or don’t know.
    Thankyou for your tip for the first part of 2D. Nothing to do with horticulture! Didn’t help that I had the first word of 1A wrong. Can put DA away now until next year.

  15. Afternoon all.

    I was a bit off-colour this morning, and was a little quick becoming frustrated and irritable. Thankfully, after my early impatience, the puzzle resolved itself soon enough.

    Queries: 5A (I think I get the joke in the definition, but I can’t work out the wordplay, which seems to be an anagram) and 13A (I don’t understand the wordplay at all).

    I liked 16A and 24A. Hadn’t heard of 23A; I must be quite out of the loop! From the top of my head, I think it’s a while since DA has served up a Spooner.

  16. 5A: It’s a poetic or archaic word for frequently inside a word for miserable reversed.

    13A: It’s just a convoluted definition, as far as I can tell.

  17. Thanks Rupert. So, the definition of 5A is: Spot for fiddling. I don’t get this.

  18. D’oh! Hopefully there’s a moderator who can quickly delete my last post. Fiddlers on the …

  19. have 3d from wordplay, but what’s the def?
    like 7d, am going to quote the last 3 words of his clue next time someone throws that at me!

  20. Hi everyone,
    I’ve got four, which is more than usual at this time. Any more help on the four long phrases would be greatly appreciated.

  21. @ one Wheel. 23A is an Australian TV comedy show. You already have the last word ;-)
    2d isn’t really a phrase, it is a type of dwelling (residence is the def), as someone above said. He propogates gives the first four letters, the rest is an anagram of potter mania.
    7D group building truism is the def, one of those things you are likely to hear in a business motivational session or possibly from a coach of a sport.
    9A is an anagram of the first three words in the clue (maybe is the anagrind) and is often heard after the last four words in the clue.

  22. Thanks nn, I’ve got 23 a. I thought 20 d was an anagram of alias meaning a Japanese name like Salia or something like it. I’ve got the right answer now though…

  23. one wheel, I was messing around with alias for a while too.
    Thanks Gayle, I was thinking of a more modern sort of this 3d

  24. I think the boxer in 18 d is the canine type.
    I got 16 a too. Not a favourite.
    Got the second word of 2 d.

  25. I think I’ve got 12 d though am unsure how the fudge fits in. Colloqial? If it is what I think it is then my 19 a is wrong. Does it mean once more?

  26. 18D: @OneWheel, no, it’s a famous pugilist

    19A: No, the definition is at the beginning.

    12D: Fudge = balderdash

  27. I’ve got 19 a, 1 d and 12 d. Not sure about the tt equalling tin though.
    24 a – anything homeless about this on?
    3 d – still clueless…
    8 d – is a gimme too, for anyone familiar with cryptics
    10 a – I need some more ‘crank’ tips

  28. Good one today, but thought the definition for 25A was a tad misleading. Only a tad.

  29. I was determined I’d finish this one without seeking hints. Alas, I’m 6-7 short. But, in view of
    1 1/2 hours playing pool, 1 1/2 hours watching the Edinburgh Tattoo, 1 1/2 hours out shopping, plus one hour napping, haven’t done too badly. I knew 1D, which helped. But 2D has me stumped. Is it related to Harry Potter? I’ve never read any of that. I have an answer, don’t understand clue, so I’m probably wrong. I’m sure I have 9A right, but the clue means nothing to me. Perhaps someone could explain? Finally, 23A? Is it a film or book title? Watashi wa wakarimasen (or, as a Japanese would say ‘I don’t understand’!
    20D sort of suggests an anagram of alias, but that is impossible in Japanese (No-el). 23A

  30. @OW:

    24A: nothing homeless. Think of different types of Finn and their origins.
    3D: first 2 letters a synonym for “sweet tea”
    10A: “upstart” is first letter. Should be obvious after that given it’s (5,4).

  31. ArthurC: 2D includes a long anagram
    9A: another long anagram. Pretty cleverly hidden.
    23A: TV show. I’ve never seen it.
    20D: Not an anagram but a comination of 2+3 letters from the first two words in the clue.

  32. I already had the u through 1 d.
    Arthur, nothing Potter-ish in 2 d. 20 d is a basic charade.
    I’ve got something for 1 a but I don’t get the def.

  33. Got all except for one except a hazy answer for 11 a. Any tips for 6 down???

  34. 11A: it’s a word meaning lots
    6D: yank = US. Carrier = definition
    10A: ripper’s first name?

  35. 10A: The ripper Rob mentioned is a hint (his first name is part of the answer). He’s not the killer in the clue. Just in case anyone was as confused as I was.

  36. Well, down to three this morning. 19 & 23A, 20D. But just found, via Google, reference to a TV program I’d never heard of. If it is right, that leaves just 19A, 20D. Thought of African animal for 19A, read backwards it could perhaps fit. But no idea about the Japan alias thing. …—…!

  37. Hooray! 20D just hit me! Wottaclot! I had thought of that answer before, didn’t fully analyse it. There now appears only one word possible for 19A, but can’t see connection with clue. Anyway, finished for now, shopping to do. A Happy New Year to fellow toilers.

  38. 19A: “Once more cool” is the definition, particularly applied to clothing, or music. A pig, particularly an angry wild pig, is one that breathes heavily through it’s nostrils. Remove the chemical symbol for tin and flip it.

  39. @RobT – with 3d – I think it’s the first 4 letters that is the synonym for ‘sweet tea’. Then ‘maid helpless’ gives the 6th letter, with 5, 7, 8 and 9 coming from ‘secure’.

  40. GB…yes, you are right re 3D.
    10A: yes Rupert is right. I worked it out originally but then forgot. ..sheesh.

  41. Oh joy, Oh bliss. Finally saw the significance of the tinless pig (19A). So my answer was right, All is OK, this week’s DA can be put to bed. The only clue I had to get from here was for 23A, a TV show I’d never heard of.

  42. Only three DA clues to go this year! Had a lot of help from discussion above. But still a bit lost in SE corner. Any hints for 15d, 17a or 25a?

  43. 15D: The reject pile is generally found near mines, the sucker in trees (especially in Spring).

    17A: First word is definition, the rest is a definition (3, 5)

    25A: Another double definition of something formed by acrobats and an ancient wonder

  44. Thanks Rupert. Just twigged to 17a and then got others, just before I refreshed and got your help.
    Happy new year to you all!

  45. Oh Joy!! Yay!! Finished in record time!! Before lunch – what am I to do for the afternoon? Hmmm, glass of celebratory wine calling… Happy New Year to all!!

  46. Took forever to get 11A – was stuck on backyard retreats. Is 12D really obese or just really huge lungs?

  47. I’ve done this one fairly quickly (for me) all except for 11A. Not sure, however, of the word play in 13A or 18D.

  48. 18D – first 2 letters are from ‘welcome’, next 4 from Iron Mike, missing the last letter of ‘fluency’.

  49. I’m afraid even with the hints above, still stuck on 12d, 16a and 24a – any more hints? Also, I think I have answers for 11a and 19a, but don’t understand the wordplay…

  50. Oh. Think 24a may have something to do with American author – would that be right.

  51. Thanks, GB. I was trying to fit Sonny Liston into it, but seemed to have too many Ns . Ys, RAD, you are on the right track (or up to the mark).

  52. Sam and Rad,
    12D – definition is ‘obese icon’.
    16A – definition is ‘within reach’.

  53. All done, quite good I thought. Spent a long time looking for towns in Finland….

    Needed the hints here for the TV show , never heard of it.

    Liked 16a, 10a (found the killer), 3d and 15d

  54. Thanks One Wheel – had 19a wrong which didn’t help (now the pig references make sense!), and unsure of the ‘hurling horseshoe’ bit. RAD, the first 3 letters of 12d is short for an “Aussie” cake.

  55. Sam – 11a is just a double definition.
    19a – the wordplay is a ‘flip’ of SNORTER without ‘tin’ (SN).
    12d – the other tenors are more slender.

  56. Thanks GB – was reading too much into ‘shifts’, thinking I had to move an ‘s’ about – all done! Happy New Year all.

  57. 12D: It’s a kiwi “cake” you thieving *****s ;) NZI had quite an amusing ad about it (“You can’t stop people nicking your stuff”, with “cake”s, Phar Lap and so on).

    16A: No, there’s a term for fight that you remove the U from to get the last three letters.

  58. Thanks for the help GB and One Wheel all done now. Didn’t pick up on the tenners mentioned early!!

  59. Long-time lurker, first-time poster, grateful for everyone’s help week after week.
    I’m stuck on 22D, I *think* I’ve got the across letters, but can’t find a word to fit, let alone understand the clue, so any hints?

  60. Hi Debbi – I’ve got DOLED as a synonym of ‘issued’.
    For the wordplay, ‘500’ gives D, and the rest is a homonym for OLD which is a synonym for dated.
    I don’t rate it as a very good clue – unless I’m missing something. Wouldn’t be the first time!

  61. Thanks for explaining 16A, Rupert.
    And you can have Russell Crowe back if you like!

  62. Good morning and a Happy New Year to all!
    I start the year a little disappointed that I didn’t quite make it to a completed DA by the end of 2011, maybe soon. I knew this was my last chance so I gave it all I could but by this morning I had them all except 23A (the TV show) and 22D. A third fail was 11A, which I had SHEDS for.
    Never mind, it was a lot of fun and thanks to everyone here for the last eight months I feel I’m getting somewhere finally; NYE preparations mucked the day up yesterday but by degrees the answers came.
    As usual I have just enjoyed reading through all of the comments above which I think have actually filled in all the wordplay blanks – very well done and thanks to everyone.
    I couldn’t get the BLUE however hard I tried for 16A and thought ‘squab’ must be some type of horseshoe. 19A was beyond me too, even though I knew SN had to be taken from something! (Rupert you were as reliable as ever.)
    My boxer for a long time was Kostya Tszyu which of course didn’t work at all. Penny dropped soon though as did the realization that 24A wasn’t going to be IN HOUSE. Possibly the greatest moments were translating the ‘strings up’ and the ‘Yahoo 3!’, and the ‘propagates’ bit, and the ‘fiddling spot’! The ‘obese’ tenor came to me at way past 2 am this morning as we cleared away.
    For once I don’t think I had any queries so I guess that’s a good result to end the year with. Looking forward to next week already.

  63. Robin,
    23A has recently been on the ABC.
    22D – the teller has nothing to do with the bank.

  64. Yes, One Wheel, I’d seen the TV show a couple of times but didn’t connect it with the clue as I was thinking of a comic act rather than a TV show. All sorted out now.
    For 22D I was very close but again didn’t realise ‘teller’ was the homophone indicator until GB explained it all. I can usually spot a few of those now e.g. audience, say, report etc and was actually a bit miffed to miss this one. Thanks anyway.

  65. Hi,
    Huge struggle for me this week.
    Can someone please help me with 1A and 1D.
    In particular, for 1A, is this a double definition? Seems to me entire clue is necessary and sufficient for cash-cow, but no parts individually. Any thoughts?

    Thanks & regards,


  66. Hi Grant. Agree with you about 1A. I see it as a cryptic definition .. not double.
    1D A large rodent COYPU, from business =CO, then the second letters of the next three words.

  67. Yes, cash cow is right. And it’s a cryptic def. As you say, the entire clue is the (cryptic) definition. Don’t go looking for individual parts of the clue.
    1D is an unusual rodent – we’ve had it before. “Business” gives the first two letters of the answer. The next five words give the rest of the answer

  68. I have one last query for 2011 if I may, on the DS for the Christmas weekend. Answers came out on Monday.
    ” 5D Brought down when collared in a plot (6)”
    ‘Brought down is the definition. A plot = A BED as usual. ‘Collared’ must be the AS in the answer, ABASED.
    Is this a clerical reference of some sort? I don’t think I’ve had this one before. I have a horrible feeling, though, that it’ll be obvious!

    On DS, by the way, I found last Saturday’s the toughest for a very long time.

  69. Hi Robin. Happened to do DS myself. ‘collared’ is a nice containment indicator in the context, which only leaves that pesky ‘when’ = AS.

  70. Thanks Gayle, a very deceptive containment indicator. That puts the scrapbook to bed for 2011!

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