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  1. Thanks for the plug!

    And I apologise to Gayle for letting her comment languish in the moderation queue so long. You wouldn’t believe the amount of spam that blog gets.

  2. I loved the surface of 10D, and the wordplay .. when I got it. Very funny. A great ‘discovery’ as DA would say. Should pass it on. Thanks Rupert for the crossword, and AS for posting… a nice way for Trippers to end the year with Rupert’s gems, and a collective chuckle.

  3. Hi,

    I’m relatively new to cryptics, and both Rupert and Gayle have really helped me pick up some of the basic skills. Thank you.

    Last night I had a couple of clues come flying into my head from somewhere and thought I would share them. In particular, I thought Rupert might enjoy the first one below.

    1 Hope anew for mechanical marvel: heard, almost seen (between 2 and 4) relieving himself without end (next to ring) (4 letters, 2nd letter requires some discretion)

    2 Newton provided Christian imprimatur to corporation mentioned in riddly classic, shortly collecting 20th century thinker (8, 7)

    Hope you enjoy my feeble attempt at following DA

  4. Have been struggling with the left side for most of the day on and off. Not helped by putting in a wrong answer for 9A. Astle is an anagram of Steal!!!
    Think I’m on the right track now as my new answer gives me a 1D that actually fits.

  5. Thanks, grant. Any chance of a couple of hints?

    If you want more opportunities to flex your setting muscles, you should check out DA’s blog. He posts a word of the week, which several of us try to devise a clue for, and roughly weekly he’ll have a more structured setting/solving contest.

  6. Thanks Rupert.

    I wasn’t aware of DA’s blog. I’ll reserve my amateur cluemanship for that forum in future.

    Regarding my clues, both have a science fiction association. The first in the clue and the answer. The second in just part of the clue. The 20th century thinker is a famous philosopher/peace activist.



  7. Hey Rupert! I just printed this off this morning and completed it with a couple of logical hiccups…I’m overseas on hols.

    I was most chuffed to see 16A! Thanks!

    I had some issues with some of the clues but I don’t want to repeat the feedback above for no good reason…

    A great grid and a top effort getting the regulars involved.

  8. I just read the above and so could I suggest a few things?

    24A: maybe ‘side’ not ‘sides’ as it’s not strictly a swap.
    8D: I don’t think the ‘e’ is a tail
    14A: I don’t get it
    17A: I don’t get the required gap when I’m saying it. Just saying.

    But a great effort!

  9. 24A: Fair point
    8D: Not on it’s own. “R” is the tail. Arguably “ER” is the tail, too. I thought tails neatly conveyed the idea of letters at the end of the word.
    14A: City and state are separate. Award is something students used to get.
    17A: The gap between poem and speaker? It only works if you treat the two consonant sounds as one.

  10. Thanks Rupert, this is really enjoyable , even though I have a bit more work to do. Lovely lovely theme

  11. Thanks for all the feedback, folks. Hopefully it filled some of the void between DAs. I have another one (unthemed) scheduled to go up on Wednesday.

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