The Not-DA Compilers in the Fairfax Network

Every so often, the question of ranking the other Fairfax cryptic crossword compilers crops up. It’s been discussed twice before, here and here, and prompted by an email be frequent contributor Robin, I ask the question again: how do you rate the other Fairfax compilers?

Robin’s ratings seem to concur with the general impression:

1. DA – say no more…

<  Insert daylight here >

2. DS (Saturday) but agree about the lack of DA’s wicked sense of humour
3 and 4. DP (Wednesday) and NS (Thursday) – comments from previous posts still apply. DP is all puns usually!
5. DH (Tuesday) comments from previous posts still apply. Only ranked 5 as many odd topics are thrown up but it’s all research I find.
6. RM or EP (Monday) Only on a Monday can I match Rupert’s PBs for DA.

Is there some heretofore unnoticed genius in other setters? Or does the general impression still stand?

2 thoughts on “The Not-DA Compilers in the Fairfax Network

  1. Sadly, I tend to find the other 4 are easy-peasy. It seems like a day job for them and there are no themes and seldom humor. I’ve gone over to The Oz for that reason.

  2. In defence of the ‘others’, on behalf of my 89 year old mother: DA usually get thrown on the floor and stomped on and sworn at; but she is still able to complete the others, plus the Sunday cryptic, plus any she happens to finds from the Oz.
    Her son, however, finds the ‘others’ far too easy (quicker than a cup of coffee), and only enjoys DA’s well-crafted masterpieces. The Guardian crosswords are pretty good too, but they lack the Australianisms.

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