DA Confusion for the 2nd/3rd December, 2011

No doubt, there’s some confusion.

Here’s where you have it sorted out.

63 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 2nd/3rd December, 2011

  1. I’m quite pleased with myself for getting 27A without assistance. However, 3D may be an Ozism too far, one of several I still have to go on the west side.

    Favourite clues so far are 2D, 25A, 17D and 20A.

    Definition in 16D seems a bit dodgy.

    Unclear on the wordplay in 24D/28A, 5D and 9A.

  2. The ones you’ve mentioned Rupert I’m still puzzling. Can only help with 9A. The synonym for ‘fire’ means something like great gusto, energy, enthusiasm.
    Onya, for 27A!

  3. Off to work soon with 3D, 25A and a couple to go in the SW.
    Never heard of 10A but gettable. Your comment on the other thread Rupert, could be extended .. to have a cup of Indian tea and a Spanish dance.
    Agree about the def for 16D. Only got 5D and 10A once I abandoned Citrona – ‘sit’ something for stasis? But still don’t get wordplay for 5D. I suspect it’s something mechanical that I don’t understand.
    Pretty fair crossie this week. A couple of games, but no cricket clues with the Trans Tasman contest on in Brizzie which my son flew up for. Hope the weather’s better today.

  4. Thanks, Gayle.

    10A goes by a lot of names, some of which reference his disability. The one DA has used is the title of a poem by Edgar Allan Poe.

  5. I’ve been silent from this website for ages, but I got excited by 3D and must respond. It is a truly Aussie sport, and one of the few truly amateur sports, ‘invented’ about 30 years ago by uni students Rob, Gail and Neil. My mate Richard says it is the best fun anyone can have standing up. Championship events are typically 24 hours long (some say the longest 24 hours they ever experience), preceded by two very fast hours of planning and followed by a week of euphoria and/or pain. I’ve competed at a state, national and international level for about 20 years, with mixed success at all levels in the Open & Veteran classes. So thank you DA for giving my favourite sport a plug.

  6. I’ve just noticed that there are two Peters blogging. I’d better change my name …

  7. 5D: That sounds plausible. I was looking for a homophone indicator to go with what you* say when driving a golf ball.

    * what I say is usually “@#$%, hooked it again.”

  8. Thanks to the two Peters for 5D and 3D.
    3D was not the sort of thing I got up to in my uni days. Wiki tells me it’s a backronym. But I reckon it might be associated with a hairy vasodilator.

    Need to correct earlier comment about no cricket . That was a slip when my son’s there right now. And it was the SE, not SW, that stumped me. Don’t fully understand the wordplay for 24D/28A.

    Liked 17D, 25A, 18A, 20A and 1D.

  9. 24D/28A: access is letters 2-5 of the second word, dangerous is 3-5 of the first word and 6-7 of the second word. I don’t get how “hit by” clues the first two letters of the first word, and I don’t see the first letter of the second word clued at all.

  10. Same .. but just had a brainwave and got ‘hit by missing’. 3 letter synonym for ‘hit’ as in what pugilists do, by= multiplication symbol. There does seem to be a problem with 28A, unless you count the last letter of 24D both down and across.

  11. Hi – my first ever post with something to add on the 24D/28A conundrum. I’d say Gayle is spot on with the first two letters of first word. The ‘dangerous’ then spans first word 3-4 plus the 1,6 and 7 of second word, allowing ‘access’ to fill positions 2-5 of second word. No double-counting required.
    First time in a while I’ve got the whole thing out before the day’s out.

  12. Well, DA has beaten me today. I’ll see if anything occurs to me on the last three clues while I sleep, but so far I do not have answers for 3D, 14D or 21A.

  13. 24D/28A: In situ, letter 5 in the first word doesn’t need to be clued because it (and only it) is common with the second word. Unconventional, I admit, and not something I recall DA using before. But not beyond the pale, either.
    Happy to be convinced otherwise.

  14. 24D/28D: I’ve never seen any setter do that. It doesn’t seem fair to me – the definition and wordplay are cluing different words. In a weekday newspaper I’d expect some kind of instruction if that were the intent.

  15. 3D: Never heard of it.
    21A: Never heard of it, and still don’t get the wordplay.
    14D: Never heard the definition used this way (dictionary says it’s an Ozism), and still don’t get all the wordplay. I think “ponytails” is more accurately NY than PY.

    I hope the rest of you did better.

  16. Rupert, your three were also late in for me.
    3D is a ‘rugged outdoor group activity involving navigation and endurance’ which I only got from googling after Peter’s tip about the 24 hour Uni sport.
    The grammar in ‘wingers escaped from’ is similar to the ‘revolutionary eschewed’ we had recently but it still escaped me.

    14D I don’t know if either the definition or the solution are exclusively Ozisms, both colloquial, for truanting, but I don’t think so. The party is definitely an Oz one. The punch is laid between two ponytails. I spent a long time trying to get an anagram on ‘party’, thinking I was on the right track with the first and last letters from 13A and 27A. ‘Upset’ with myself for forgetting it was a down clue.

    21A Never heard of. Went down some wrong paths thinking of exes, etc for late couples, and misdirected by ‘heard’ looking for a homophone. The surface didn’t seem to make sense and finally saw ‘couples’ as indicator.
    25A was the last in for me. Good clue, although not familiar with the dish.

  17. Sorry Rupert. Had this post open before you posted and went away for a coffee. Should have refreshed. Upset party: reversal of a 3 letter Australian political party.

  18. spent an hour looking at it without being able to do any of it.
    Reading the above has given me 3d which I had heard of, but has still taken me 15 minutes to finally figure out the wordplay for it. (at least I’d heard of the sport)

  19. From Peters comments, I’m starting to suspect the bush sport isn’t rabbiting…..
    Which at least gives other options for 9a. Lots of obscure words for me today.

  20. Nn, anagrams at 13a and 16d gained me a toehold….neither are great definitions though to my mind at least.

  21. Got it out, but DA wins this one. Only got 3d after Gayle’s refernce to hairy vasodilators. Never heard of 21A, spent along time trying aviator or airman in 26a, then found out what the controversy was about with 24/28 after that fell in.
    I thought this was a real mixture today, with some quite obscure terms – 9a,10a,3d,21a,25a,26a, 23a and some classic DA – 20a , 1a, and 5d Ithought were superb.
    Also some borderline/dodgy definitions – 18a, 13a?
    Still groping for a lot of wordplay, not sure I see where the flash comes in with 6d.

  22. thanks BRD, agree not great definitions, especially 13A
    I have the answer to 3d but have no idea what Gayle’s hairy vasodilators has to do with it.

  23. Sorry, nn, was tearing my hair out trying to get 3D! Came up with a drug with the same name as the shorter name for the sport. The drug I had heard of .. thought it might be a hint. It works as a vasodilator and is used to treat baldness and can put hair on your chest as well. Thought it fitted the sport really well.! (I wish I hadn’t mentioned it now .. apologies to Trippers, bald people, and 3Ders male and female)

  24. BRD I think the flash is the last 3 letters of 6d, assuming I have the right answer.
    The whole is a fish, the last 3 letters are also a fish so I guess this is what he is on about. Not that thrilled with this one.
    Got 20A out after I’d earlier rejected him because I of my poor spelling. Took a while to get the wordplay though.
    Never heard of 10A, but it got it after Googling Edgar Alan Po. Very good clue.
    12A have an answer but no idea of the wordplay.
    Ditto 22A
    Lots of blanks though, I don’t seem to be on DA’s wavelength today, am about to attack it with the ballpoint and go out and enjoy what’s left of the day.

  25. glad I didn’t waste any more time on this one before giving up and looking up the answers
    too many obscure words today and far too many wordplays that don’t quite work. In such cases where he uses synonyms with deleted letters buried inside other bits of synonyms, you spend forever trying to work out what the definition is. When it is a very obscure answer, you don’t have much hope.
    I still have no idea what Booze free is doing in 1A, presumably it gives you letters 1,2,6 and 7?
    Didn’t enjoy today’s at all.

  26. Nn, booze-free airline refers to letters 3,4,5 of the answer (I.e. First 3 letters of second word. Its a major Australian airline that has a common alcohol as part of it. Remove the alcohol (booze-free) leaves the 3 letters.

  27. Having a few problems today, but liked 10A (the first I got, although it’s not the spelling I usually come across), also 20A and 27A. Not sure how ‘part’ fits in for 16D, as I’d assumed ‘soap’ was a synonym for the answer. There are quite a few tortuous wordplays. Despite the hints above I’m still stuck on 3D; it’s obviously a sport I don’t know of, so can’t google it. I think I have the last six letters of 1D, but can’t think of a word that means ‘shonky dealers’ (assuming that’s the def.) Have no idea at all about 18A, but I suspect I’ll enjoy it when it comes.

  28. thanks Freddy, I had interpreted “disrupts end” as the instruction to remove the last three letters of the airline, hence my confusion. Now that you have given me the correct interpretation of booze free I can see how disrupts end gives me the other letters in the clue.
    As I said above I’m not really on DA’s wavelength today

  29. Dave R I agree with you on 16D, I think “part of” is superfluous
    I’ve usually heard of 1d in connection with selling real estate. Shonky dealers is the def. Happens after you (think you) have bought the house, having signed the contract, but then you lose out. First three letters is half of something that involves lots of turns (in the sense of a road) and is read upwards, the rest of it is something you would wear, made of wool but missing the first letter (more of my pet hate convoluted wordplay with partial synonyms)
    18A could also be clued as Dear Hunter? Drunk walk
    3d Think of a word that means getting something back then replace the second letter with nothing.

  30. Thanks nn. I came back after a few minutes, during which time I’d finished anyway. It’s often the way. I think that setting down one’s problems somehow goes a long way towards solving them. I even remembered having heard of the sport in 3D once I got all the cross letters. Wasn’t familiar with 1D – seems American. 18A wasn’t as brilliant as I’d thought. Once I’d realised that one of the words in the clue was a verb, not an exclamation, it fell into place.

  31. On such a beautiful day .. here anyway ..don’t think any of us should be doing a brainstrain on this week’s DA. It is rather odd.
    DaveR, 3D, never heard of it either, even though I was at Uni at the time it started. Take the first letters of ‘rugged outdoor group activity involving navigation’ and add ‘ing’.
    18A – someone who follows a male deer. Wow is a verb.
    1D – familiarity depends on whether you or anyone you know has been beaten to buying a house by someone who’s won with a secret offer. The first 3 letters are a reversed/inverted (cos it’s a down clue) turn …. as in a half of a very sharp bend.

  32. You fellas are just to quick for me with my ‘shonky’ shoulder. I’m going to take nn’s message to self and enjoy the rest of the sunshine while I can.

  33. For third consecutive week, unable to make any real attempt. 9 days in hospital with pneumonia, weakended by third consecutive double course of antibiotics. But did write in about six answers. Might look again tomorrow, but the counter-attraction of the cricket on TV is hard to beat. Hope next Saturday is better in every way. Mrs C. didn’t expect me to come home from hospital, but, here I am.

  34. Hang in there, Arthur. We’re thinking of you and hoping for a speedy recovery. Guess you won’t be doing any 3D for a while. Best to stick to your 5A until you’re better. Don’t want you to be 18Aing around , or for things to 1A.

  35. Very enjoyable this week. I had the cricket on the TV which helped. It made me think I wasn’t just doing nothing! I kept right away from this site until the very end of the day when I still had 4 or 5 to do.

    So for me that was a Michael Clarke of a day and I was pleased to work a lot of them out without too much Googling. It did help knowing the Allen movie, the Russian and the French poet. Never heard of the Asian conquerer or the tea.

    DA’s funnies this week were the booze-free airline and the steel town. Very good. It was interesting to see the new e-speak in 1A too.

    I thought most wordplay was doable and most tricky ones have been covered here already. But can someone explain 26A please?

    There has been much help trying to explain the extra ‘S’ in 24D,28A but I agree with you, Gayle, that it looks like a setter’s oversight. By the way your work on letters 1-2 was first class! ‘hit by missing’ brilliant.

  36. Robin, I don’t think there is an extra ‘S’ in 24D 28A. The way I see it, letters 3 & 4 of 24D plus 1st letter of 28A, then last two letters of 28A, make ‘dangerous’. That leaves letters 2-5 of 28A as ‘access’. Would never have got it, however, if not for Gayle’s working out of the first two letters.

  37. OK, Rupert, that’s great. Thanks for that – a trial (abridged), got it now. I’m quite familiar with the use of ‘atrium’ from real estate marketing.

    @Dave R I’ve just re-read OzMark’s thoughts and I now see the S at square (13,15) is used by both the down and across word. I’m thinking that this is DA stretching the rules to see if they ‘ping’!

  38. Only got to DA late today and have managed all but 2D and 9A. Checked out the comments from you Trippers hoping for help. I’ll sleep on them now and have a last go tomorrow . Any clues (other than DA’s) would be much appreciated.

  39. I enjoyed this one much more than last week’s.

    24D/28A: I’m with Rupert on this one. 5th letter of the first word coincides with 5th letter of second word but it should be clued separately. I reckon it’s not DA stretching the rules, but a DA error.

    7D: I don’t quite get this one. If it’s a reference to snooker, doesn’t the black score 7, not 8? Does “No” mean number? Surely “No” can’t signify negative? i.e. it’s not 8? 7 is not 6 either. Or 9………or etc.

  40. RAD, for 2D, 1st word of clue is definition, 2nd word (actually it’s a number) gives 1st letter of answer, 3rd word gives 2nd letter, 4th word gives the rest. For 9A, “(Woody) Allen hero” is the definition, “One flees fire” gives first 3 letters, then it’s pretty standard.

  41. RB, it’s a reference to pool — the balls are numbered and the black ball is numbered 8.

  42. Thank you, spijk, for the 6D explanation. I think you’re right on the 2-3 split in the answer being ‘flash-fish’. I was happy to see that as I had been on the electric eel path. Google indicates that this electric type is not a real eel though, unlike the correct answer. The answer is not electric I don’t think.

    For 24D,28A I wonder if DA would tell us if he made a mistake or whether he has stretched the rules?! It could be either.

    2D ‘OK’ = letters 3-5. Bit iffy? Or have I missed the connection? I can sort of see it.

  43. Thanks Rupert and RD. Woke up this morning with the answer to 2D buzzing in my head. Don’t know how I didn’t think of it yesterday . Had to google 9A as I’d never heard of it. All done now though :) and plenty of time to garden and have a walk.

  44. AS, thanks for 7D help. I did try googling pool, but got bogged down in useless information.

  45. Once again I would like some help with a DS clue from Saturday. It was reasonably tough this week but I managed to finish it as usual. It is the next best crossword after DA in the Herald.

    Assuming I have the cross clues correctly solved, 15D goes like this.
    Term for a thickheaded poet? (9) T – I – E – T – R and my answer is TRIMESTER but I cannot see the wordplay yet. Any ideas? I am thinking there might be an anagram in there?

  46. Hey Robin,

    I’d say that one is thickheaded = T and poet = RIMESTER, with RIME being an alternative spelling for rhyme.

  47. Brilliant, AS. I’d not heard of ‘rimester’ or ‘rhymester’. I was thinking of an anagram with ‘metre’ in it or something. That’s my lot this week. Thanks everyone for all the help.

  48. Hi,
    I was just wondering if someone could help me with “Fish flash fish”?
    I really have no idea here.
    Thanks & regards,

  49. Fish – def’n
    flash -mo (short for moment) a DA favourite. Usually ‘mo’ is indicated by ‘second’
    fish – ray =Moray

  50. Robin’s comment on DS reminds me of another clue which I’d like solved:
    Stone circles make a comeback (4) [OPAL]

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