DA trippers: The DAocumentary

Were you unable to make it to the DA Trippers Tripleversary Powwow?    Is this week’s DA cryptic just too far away to bear? Do you have trouble getting through the day until Letters and Numbers starts?

A salve to these irritations might be looking at the short doco that a team from RMIT made about DA and his fans, featuring interviews with DA, AS, RC and scenes from the powwow!!!!


Should a documentary about cryptic tragics be a “crocumentary”?

Spoiler warning: you may find out what we look like, leading to great disappointment.

8 thoughts on “DA trippers: The DAocumentary

  1. In the closing credits, I spotted two things of interest: “cinemetographer” (sic) – is this a valid alternative spelling? And, O in Scrabble was shown as scoring 2. I thought all the vowels scored only 1.

    Oh, the rest of the show was interesting too!

  2. The very large Scrabble letters behind DA are correct, as are the ones used in the cluing of BEN COUSINS and GROUND. But the letters in the final credits have the points values of D and O reversed, and I think P is wrong, too (in the credits it’s 4, but I think in Scrabble it’s 3 – it’s been a while since I played).

  3. I very much doubt that crossword 19486 is a DA. 25 A ” Put back on the stove again,finally poach and consume” (6).

  4. Lovely little film and a beautiful memory of a fantastic morning. It would be great to have a standing “date” for DA tragics in Melbourne on a Saturday morning– is Gertrude street a good place? However that collabarative effort would deny some of us poolroom status , though in my case that would not change things very much!

  5. @JD you are right about the crossword shown in the film. It is number 19,485 in the SMH and is by NS. It was printed on a Thursday. The following day the SMH printed 19,486 which is the DA “DEEP SIX” edition.

    Do they have different numbering in the Melbourne paper I wonder?

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