DA Confusion for the 18/19th of November, 2011

Any DA confusion is sorted out here.

If only this thread also sorted out Thai language confusion.

96 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 18/19th of November, 2011

  1. An hour in and five to go, all in the NE corner apart from the Spoonerism in the SW.

    Is Sid a well-known salesman?

  2. NE last in for me too. Don’t get RobT’s hint for 13A, but have the answer. The usual salesman.
    16A is Aussie.
    Have you guys got 1A? Have the cross letters for the first word but not the second. Is it going to do me any good to google church architects .. it hasn’t so far. And I note the ?

  3. And 7D’s good .. unusual cluing of perspicacity, and deception in definition.

  4. RobT !! : ) I get Tim now. You had me going there thinking I might be wrong.
    Here’s one for you IT bods:
    5D. Give cause of LOL? (5) E _ _ _ P
    Is it texting jargon which I’m not well up on? E = electronic something?

  5. Rupert, I think RobT was trying to be as helpful as he could be .. without the paper! Tim, if I get his reference correctly, is a well-known TV salesman in Oz. Not the salesman in 13A.

  6. 22D: I would have thought Australians would have used the UK name for the portrait, rather than the US name.

    7D: Obviously I’m not very informed! Had to look up this part of the clue.

    16A: Found it. I’ve even shopped there.

  7. I haven’t got the Spoonerism either and it’s about time I headed for work.
    7D. I don’t have 11 A but I’m pretty confident of 7D: The definition is an adjective. Synonym for ‘informed’ is colloquial, and contains a 2 letter cluing of ‘perspicacity’.

    (The 2 letter rendering of perspicacity may give rise to quibbles here, grammar’s not quite right.)

  8. Ah Rupert, your thinking is faster than my typing. Thanks for the tip on 22D. Will ponder on my way to work.

  9. Liked 1A, 13A, 24D.

    I was going to argue that 8D isn’t a Rasta icon, but realised that DA is a DATrippers icon, which sort of disproves my point.

    17D is originally a baseball term. I forget which stadium, but the plate is west of the mound.

    I always thought 23A meant “arranged”. Good to learn something.

    <grumble>20Ds don’t heal anybody. #sciencebasedmedicine</grumble>

  10. I am finding it hard today…I am about 1/3rd through when often I’m already done. And it’s going to have to wait until lunchtime.

  11. 5D: Not a texting or computing term, though it could be interpreted as one in the sense of the wordplay.

  12. I can foresee a troubled afternoon in which I try and work out what the 4 13-letter answers have in common.

  13. 11A. And now I see it, I realise that what I’m confused about may actually be the definition. Is it an Aussie Rules thing?

  14. Hey guys,

    Unfortunately I won’t be around here anymore…I haven’t been enjoying the crosswords too much of late and as a result will be moving to Egypt. Sorry about that, been nice to know you… <3 4lyf
    Robba Tee

  15. 25a was also in the Guardian last week, with similar wordplay. Almost certainly a coincidence.

  16. @MikeH – that made me laugh, because the Australian version of 22D often precedes “bar”.

    I see @RobT’s stalker is with us again.

  17. I was stuck on 22D until I read the comments above – thanks to all! Finished, some nice touches today in 5D and 1A….

  18. Enjoyed today’s puzzle (25A, 5D, 7D my picks). Stalled a little after about 40 minutes, but then things started to come together once I stared long and hard for the definition of 1A.
    Only two escape me.
    6D – I have the cross-letters. My possible answer might loosely tie in with ‘field’, but I can’t see the connection with ‘ball’.
    22D – For a while I played around with a Spooner with a synonym for ‘nose’ not ‘nosy’, but am otherwise at a loss.

  19. Re 22d – For anyone who follows the Rugby League, “Smokin’ Joe” was a QLD player in 1988…

  20. Fascinating read on Wiki following tips above re regional variants of 23D. Had the right stream but didn’t catch the fish .. or the definition at the time. Nice one.

    Another fish got me in 23A. With cross letters thought it was a wordplay on ‘sardine’. Had to go looking for the answer . New word for me.

    Hadn’t heard of 15A. Googled from wordplay. Good clue, though.
    11A: Great deception, cricketing wordplay for another sport (which I know even less about).
    26A: A near miss? Good deception ruins + shell, marred by problems with the indicator.
    Got 17D from the definition. Sauce bottle’s good , but available/unavailable? Not sure I get that. It’s either very good or very bad.
    Don’t get the definition for 21D.
    Favourite clue this week has to be 28A. Great surface and what an indicator!

  21. nn thanks for your tip for 5D yesterday. .. and you didn’t have the paper either! or were you in Sydney? ;) Good clue.

  22. 21D is the title of a John Lennon song.

    26A is OK – shell is the anagrind, as in drop an explosive on.

  23. Don’t know the song, but googling brings up a John Lennon 21 D in Liverpool.
    26A Yes, don’t mind that sense of ‘shell’ as the indicator, but is it the right tense and in the right position, or doesn’t it matter?

  24. yes Gayle I don’t have the paper. I am away this week so will not get to do this one. Just popped in to see how you were all doing.

  25. 21D: Don’t know what song I was thinking of, but obviously song clues the first three letters and is not part of the definition.

    Tense of the anagrind should make sense on the surface. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s passive or active, past or present from the point of view of the wordplay.

  26. Ok, thanks Rupert .. or in which direction, which I think you’ve mentioned before.
    Same with indicator in 28 A which I see as a noun but it makes sense with some imagined punctuation.
    Very quiet from southerners today.

  27. I feel chuffed that I’ve completed nealy all of it but, in spite of all the comments on 22D I still don’t get it and that leaves me with a gap for 23A as well. I also don’t have 3D. No-one has made any comments on it I think so it must be terribly obvious! I’Ve got all the cross letters and all I can see is two variations on numbers??

  28. Have just seen on weather reports that Victorians are either melted, without power, or blown away.
    Connie, have had a cleanup and temporarily misplaced the crossie. I remember the answer but can’t explain the wordplay for 3D until I go delving in the recycle bin. Something to do with incomplete ‘hint’ plus a couple of other incomplete words.
    23 A from memory, which I remember because I didn’t get it, was S + synonym for slipped as in made a mistake around I.

  29. 22 D is a bit of graffito. Whether it’s in memory depends on age – and regional familiarity – as earlier comments have hinted it.
    The sketch is of a nose over a wall, and in Australia was usually accompanied by “Foo was here”. But in other places it was someone else, the Spoonerism in today’s clue.
    Spoiler: stream= rill; fish= coi

  30. Thanks Gayle. Re 23A I did have that word but didn’t see it as being closely packed but I guess it can do so, not that I follow the word play.
    I think you’re mixing up 3D with 2D [ the incompleted words]

  31. That was a guess on where I thought 3D might fallen. What was it again?
    Oh, was it the nervous time? (Working down from a memory of 1A). That’s a cricket term, when you might get out before reaching the century. Gonna go and dig in my bin.

  32. Ah, found the paper!
    3D wordplay, N (nation’s leader) substituting C (committee opening) in synoynym for finer points, ie NICETIES.

  33. 7d, 22d to go. Found this very challenging today, and retrofitting much of the wordplay. Never heard of 15 d, guess fashion has passed me by. Wordplay for 9d escapes me; I was sure that main man meant something like Francis Drake or Horatio Nelson.
    Anyway…bar, Kung, smokin joe… Must be able to get something out of that…

  34. Thanks Gayle. I see the 3D now.
    BRD main man, as I see it, the the strong lantern jawed male saviour in many a romantic novel surrounding the bed.

  35. BRD, for 22D does my post at 3.19 today help?
    9D Main main= hero, covering bed=berth, done= over, old president = definition.
    7D Definition is elite as an adjective, ie a word to describle people who stick togther in a little group of their own. Synonym for ‘informed’, which is the container, could refer to DA or people who do crosswords. ‘Perspicacity’ is the 2 letter abbreviation in the middle, which I don’t think is quite right, because it’s a neutral measurement, rather than an indication of someone’s intellectual talent at one end of the scale.

  36. Yeah, 22 D was good wasn’t it, after the event .. I didn’t get it at the time. Like it though, a lot.

  37. Thanks for the hints Gayle. 7d I now see, I must concede it although I don’t think it’s his finest work.

    Still, once again, $2.70 very well spent!

  38. Finished thanks to above hints. But can’t get wordplay for 17d – sauce bottle?

  39. Thanks for that Rupert. So if ‘bottle’ means ‘to enclose’, does available = out?

  40. feather, yes, that’s my reading: available=out, as in a book, CD, or other consumer item “out now”.

    Some whinges:
    11A: “drop” seems to give the first 5 letters of the answer, but I just don’t get it. Is it a sporting reference?
    26A: I think I’m with Gayle on this one: “shell” as an anagrind would be OK before the fodder, but after the fodder it should be “shelled”. However, I admit DA often uses anagrinds in this way, so it’s best that we’re mindful of it.
    5D: The definition “give” is not right. You give A to B, whereas you equip B with A. The direct object (hope that’s the right term) for the former is A, for the latter it’s B.
    7D: Once again, I agree with Gayle. The two letter abbreviation for perspicacity is not quite right. And I’m not happy with the definition: “elite” implies superiority, the answer doesn’t.
    17D: “bottle” as containment indicator is in the wrong position, or has the wrong tense. I would have been happy with “bottled”. Similar complaint to the anagrind “shell” in 26A. This is a common DA practice. I don’t like it but I’m aware of it.

  41. 11A: Yes, it’s a sporting reference. I first read it the way you are, but I now think “drop” is the definition, since “border on” clues the first five letters better. I don’t understand the definition, though.

    Agree with RB on 5D, 7D and 17D

  42. i’m OK with 11A, def is boundary. Drop = touch, border = line, if you place border on drop or as the clue reads Drop Border on you get a sporting boundary.

  43. Late start this weekend, having spent yesterday trying to stop a pulp mill, but almost done, thanks to a couple of hints dropped above. I would have loved 22D as a clue, except for never having heard of the Spoonerised fish. Only 1A to go. With all the cross letters and Google, I guess I’ll get it. Puzzled about the wordplay in 25A. I can see an anagram for ‘crummy’, and understand how and with what the word is ‘blocked’, but still can’t fit it all together.

  44. Late start for me too, have been away and just got a copy. Put quite a few in then ground to a halt. Help from above tells me that three of my answers were wrong, so have a very messy grid now!
    Dave R 25A Crummy as in not very good, word also means not having much money, this around the final letter of the first word. Follow this with two letters (actually numbers) that mean license to kill (James Bond). The spoonerised fish is very popular in Japan, a type of carp. I think it is illegal to keep them in Victoria as carp are noxious here.

  45. 13a have an answer that fits the cross letters with trouble as the def, but no idea of the wordplay (or do I have another wrong answer?)
    Completely lost on 1a despite having nearly all the cross letters

  46. Dave R, 25A is T inside POOR, then OO (think James Bond for the last bit).

    Still can’t fully grasp 11A. Like JJ, I think it’s drop=touch (that’s the bit I don’t get), border=line (I’ll accept that as a synonym), and the def is boundary=touchline (I’m OK with that too). So it’s just drop=touch I can’t yet accept.

  47. nn, you beat me to it on Dave R’s query! As for 13A, you may very well have the wrong first three letters – If you have DIS, try again! 1A was my favourite clue (along with 28A), although DA led me down the wrong path for quite a while.

  48. RB, no I don’t have DIS, I have PER (fits the down clues), but no idea of wordplay.
    11A I’m interpreting drop = touch as in a drop of something meaning a little bit. A touch of something can mean the same.
    Are 1A and 28A people? (much googling hasn’t helped)

  49. Thanks, nn and RB. I realise I had the wrong spelling for the answer (a instead of o in the middle), therefore couldn’t see that ‘poor’ wasn’t anagrammed. Also missed the Bond reference. Still no luck with 1A. Perhaps I, like RB, have been led down the wrong aisle. Not having much knowledge of rugby, I thought 11A consisted of “Border on’ = touch. ‘boundary’ = line, leaving the def as ‘Drop’ = touchline. Hmmm, seems less and less convincing the more I think about it.

  50. Ah, just got 1A. Was definitely on the wrong track until I forgot the def and concentrated on the word play. Fell into place. Yes, a DA classic.

  51. Ahh, thanks nn for the definition of drop! That’s gotta be it. Glad you got the paper. That one was troubling a few of us.
    1A is a designer person. 28A is a tennis person.

  52. thanks Gayle, I got 28a, that one was very clever. I suspect I will have to admit defeat on 1a as I’m not up on designers. Am assuming it isn’t a church architect, but more likely someone from the fashion industry.

  53. Yep fashion. Private = first 2 letters. Church= last 2 letters of second word. The middle is quite good. A celebration that happens once a year, with the last two letters= tracks deleted.

  54. thanks Gayle, got him now, at least that was one I’d heard of. thanks for explanation of 13A too.
    Five to go. That John Lennon one is giving me grief. I’d originally put in Imagine (= perhaps) but couldn’t make any sense of wordplay. Have most of the cross letters now, which shows that imagine was wrong.

  55. finished now
    don’t think much of 27a.
    Don’t get the wordplay in 21D.
    12A barge???
    26a have two words that fit, one ends in GENT, the other in RECT. Neither makes any sense to me in terms of wordplay. First 5 letters are ok from anagram of ruins (although I don’t think much of shell, when you shell something you usually destroy it, not rearrange it)
    liked 28A, 14A

  56. Hi all,

    I’m new to this and grateful to have your experience and wisdom to hand. I apologise for any lack of protocol in this.
    Personally, I’m missing 17D and 27 across although have the cross letters. Maybe I just need a break since these don’t seem to be an issue for others.
    NN 26A think English cove as opposed to the obvious.
    12A another word for… (this one seems to pop up in other puzzles quite often)

  57. Deb T, thanks for cove, new one for me.
    12A hint still leaves me baffled
    17D is a boxing term for one who has a stance that is opposite to that used by most boxers. When you have it see above discussions for the wordplay.
    27A is an abbreviation of a word that describes the working class (think Karl Marx). The Parking job bit is pretty weak IMHO and should be read as (1,4) or (1-4) for the wordplay.

  58. further to my comment on 21d, I get the John Lennon reference, I get the song left bit, but where does the marine come into it?

  59. Hi again, NN,

    Thank you.
    17D Of course – I was thinking names of boxers – being a little too literal.
    Will contemplate 27a when I have finished my cup of tea (now ready)

    12a Maybe you are thinking of the wrong sort of pipe. This sort is very out of favour. Actually my grandfather didn’t ever use a barge – more of a stick approach. Eek! I’m not sure if that is too obvious or too obtuse!

    21A. My only thought re this one is that marine is an anagram for those who hang about there.

  60. Hi Deb
    I have the answer for 12A, I just didn’t get the barge bit. Checking online dictionary reveals that the answer is also another word for a barge. Two new words learnt this week!
    21A, if he means the anagram of marine, it is a pretty clumsy clue.

  61. AARGH, just got the marine bit. Should have read it as “left to marine”, I’d already associated left with the last part of the answer without reading further.

  62. nn, thanks for your insight into drop=touch. It’s better than anything I could come up with. I was trying to get a sporting justification for drop=touch, but without success.

  63. All finished. NN, thanks for the Karl Marx clue – worked that out but agree that it is a bit of a stretch cluewise. Some days I feel like I’m finding answers by intuition and then working backwards to see if the clue fits. Sorry wasn’t sure whether you had the answer to 12A or not so waffled on…

    Off for a walk to clear my head.

  64. nn, I’m not averse to a bit of a whinge now and again, but 27A seemed quite blameless to me. What was your beef? From my perspective, the first letter is a commonly seen abbreviation for “parking”, and the last four letters are, by DA’s synonym standards, just about impeccable!

  65. Yes, DA is a mixture of the brilliant, the mundane, and the dead dodgy. You never know what’s coming next.

  66. Yes! First time completing an entire DA – thanks to DA Trippers’s support

  67. 11A You smart people have solved my confusion again. Thanks. I was drawn into DAs misdirection with the sporting terms and couldn’t get out.

  68. I found last week’s DA quite hard to get into on Friday and then I was away all weekend on a boat so I missed all the fun. It was really great to catch up on all the help from everyone over that last day or so and with one tiny exception I found all confusions answered.

    The tiny exception is 24A Because of 2 + 0, answer DUE TO. Clearly ‘because of’ means ‘due to’ but can someone explain the 2 + 0 bit?

    Overall a most enjoyable DA to unravel. 1A Gianni Versace, brilliant; 22D Kilroy, wicked; 11A touchline, stretching the boundaries but I thought very clever and legitimate; 5D equip, hilarious even though ‘give’ does not mean ‘equip’; 28A Lleyton Hewitt, golden wordplay. Roll on Friday…

  69. … oh, and I missed one of the best ones. 21D airport. There is only one John Lennon song with 7 letters (I think) and “Imagine” didn’t fit. The setter had to clue air+port and DA’s invention in 21D was deception of the very highest order, at least I thought so!

  70. By the way, regarding Saturday’s SMH crossword 19,529: I enjoyed finishing this yesterday but I’m quite lost on this wordplay. If anyone can shed some light that would be great.

    10A Hopeless case of gambler beginning to turn casino centre around (5) G – N – R
    This has to be GONER and ‘gambler beginning’ is G. NO is in ‘casino’, RE is in ‘centre’ but how does it all hang? I’ve run out of ideas on this one. Many thanks.

  71. Rupert, regarding RENO-ONER, I think you have it. That is just fantastic. But you have been there I expect? I seem to recall you went to the Grand Canyon.

    24A okay, duet + o. Did everyone else get that, I suppose they did? All put away now for another week.

  72. I’ve never been to Reno. We went to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. Reno is significantly further north, and somewhat surprisingly, west of Los Angeles.

    My late father in law became a regular visitor to Reno after Clark County (where Vegas sits) banned prostitution.

  73. Goodness, Rupert! I rather imagine banning prostitution in Las Vegas was like banning haggis in Scotland. How extraordinary. I take it your father-in-law was a saviour of souls, perhaps a man of the cloth? Or possibly not…?

    You got me thinking about Reno and I realised I know nothing about the place except that Johnny Cash’s character in Folsom Prison Blues “.. shot a man in Reno just to watch him die..”
    As for the crossword I can see no other explanation and yours is a very good one, even though I would venture that Reno is less well known than a lot of clue references.

    Thanks for your help!

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