DA Confusion for the 4/5th of November, 2011

Confusion is expected because a curly crossword is expected.

Have explanations provided right here.

59 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 4/5th of November, 2011

  1. No wordplay questions this week. Yay me ;)

    I liked 13D, 20A and 24A (the last one in).

    15A/14D I thought would have been better with one more letter (the third word of the answer) removed.

  2. Not too curly Rupert says, so plugging on.
    Thought there was a letter unaccounted for in 15A/14D, but that’s probably a bit nitpicky.

  3. No disrespect to 20A, but the list of clues I particularly liked should have been 13D, 24A and 20*D*

  4. Thankyou Rupert! Had 9A. But didn’t know the quote.
    Struggling in SW. 19 D would help. Have got what I believe to be letters 3 and 4 of 18A but my guess on the wordplay isn’t confirmed by dictionaries.

  5. 18A: Are your letters 2 and 3 clued by “article”?

    19D: Ignore “With”. 23A is the definition. Wordplay is straightforward.

  6. Gotta go to work now, 5 to go, catch up this arvo.
    So far, liked 13D, 8D, 21A, 22D and 15A with a tweak.

  7. I have 4 to go. Finally worked out both themes. There’s a lot to like in this one.

  8. Thanks Rupert and Gayle. I worked backwards from your discussion to get the essential 2d And then 11a to go with it. Still a way to go, but possible with 2d in the bag.

  9. Today was a challenge – 4D was last in, it seems I don’t remember all of that particular reference document. Then again, I studied it in my HSC year (1977), so not suprised it hasn’t stayed with me all that time.
    Would not have been upset to see DA clue more around the first word of 11A – still, I suppose one can’t have everything.

  10. Got there! But not sure of all the word play. Especially how the drug fits in 22d. Seems to me it could have read “2-down slipped 9- across, say”.
    As for 15a/14d, while I can see what Rupert and Gayle mean, if the ‘offending’ letter were removed, the connection to 2d would be ruined.

  11. @Sandy, I don’t think either Gayle or I were suggesting that the answer be changed, only that the clue appears to want you to remove one more letter than is actually required.

  12. Thanks spijk, got it now.
    And fair enough, Rupert. I guess DA doesn’t count the indefinite article as significant enough (but it is).

  13. quite straight forward this week except on my first pass I got zero clues. I suppose it is ‘curly’ but I don’t feel good about the pun.

  14. Excellent start this morning, down to last 10 already. Picked the 15A, 14D straightaway, after looking at shearers, barbers and sworsmen, realised different blades were involved. Is there such a person as in 12A? Haven’t read tips up there ^ yet, will plough on for a while. Trying to associate comedian Hardy’s partner’s name with 17D, but have I the wrong Hardy?

  15. I thought 12A was a bit dodgy but it works. On the right track with 17d but the wordplay is convoluted.

  16. it is the obvious Hardy, but the clue is a bit obscure as well, I resorted to Roget.

  17. Have about a third of it out although many are guesses but have ground to a halt.
    Have 2d (or at least something that fits with 7a, 22d and 8d)but can’t make any sense of 11A to go with it.
    Only a vague idea of what 15a,14d is on about, have a phrase that fits the answer but doesn’t make any sense, suspect I have at least the first word of it wrong. Am presuming I need to find out what the complete word in the clue is before I can solve it but can’t make anything fit.

    liked 21a

  18. Well, put the last letters in @ 1130 this morning, earliest finish ever. But is it all right? Don’t know. Have never read the work of 9A, but seen many references to it, which have stuck in the memory. Don’t understand 17D, but word I have fits with crack. I knew the name of the town in 24A, hidden in the memory bank from I know not where, and an excellent clue, methinks. 10A bothers me, have a word related to Dell, but nothing to do with computers, more where the frog lives. Don’t understand 3D either, but word I have relates to shore, roughly. And yes, I checked dictionaryu and found the 12A personage. So, will await Monday with interest.

  19. finally got 15a, 14d through a connection with 2d (had thought of this particular 2d originally but got nowhere with it). Have absolutely no idea what the rest of the clue for 15a, 14d means though.
    No idea what the first 4 letters of the answer to 12a mean in terms of wordplay or what part of the clue the definition is.

  20. Arthur 10A, the def is the first word of the clue, the worplay is the last word of the clue and how it relates to the middle four words of the clue.
    Can’t explain 3d to you as i don’t have the answer despite having all the cross letters.
    17A I have a word that sort of means crack, but is a pretty loose connection. Doesn’t make any sense in terms of wordplay though.
    I presume the town in 24A is in the country of the 22Ds but googling several hundred of them hasn’t turned up anything that fits!

  21. nn, you’re right about 24A – googling shows it’s the 3rd largest city.

  22. thanks RB got it now, rejected it earlier as I didn’t get the wordplay. Was looking for something starting with All or similar to explain totally

  23. Arthur C, nn

    for 17D, take a word out of the answer that means cheeky, and look at the left over letters
    they relate to hardy’s partner

    12A has got DA in it.

    for 15a 14d, add what is missing to the gaps in the clue.

  24. Thanks, Rupert, your classic quote of yesterday was spot on. I studied 9A at school but until I had a good look at 4D I never appreciated quite the meaning of the whole quote so thanks for that!

    I’m finished now after help from above for the last 6 or so. I think I have all the wordplay except I’m a bit wobbly on these three clues:
    9A Speck = letters 1-3, Speck on map could = the whole answer? Does ‘on map’ or ‘map’ = letters 4-6 somehow?
    14A Thanks to John just now I’ve got letters 3-4. Letters 1-2 are a shortened three letter synonym of ‘racket’ but how/why is it abbreviated?
    23A I’ve got some idea but what is the wordplay here please anyone?

    Loved 15A,14D. Very clever. He can’t use that again.
    13A yes, it is a word for ‘spouse’ but for ‘central’?
    Wordplay for 24A is very funny, but the most intriguing for me was 17D.

    All good fun again.

  25. 9A: Speck on map = whole answer. The clue is a double def.

    14A: I reckon it’s just the usual two letter abbreviation for a synonym of “racket”. So I suppose it is a bit indirect.

    23A: Hmmm. How oblique should I be? Letters 1,2,4 of the answer plus a D give “way”. You’ll probably be OK now.

    13D: Consider the first three letters of the answer. And now consider the complete answer as an adjectival form.

  26. Robin, I’m with you on that racket abbreviation, there really should be some sort of indicator here as I don’t think the abbreviation is one that is in common use. I’m not even sure I have the right synonym (although I have the answer)

    John thanks for 17D, although I think that one was getting a bit too obscure in the wordplay for my liking. Early on I had the first and third letters and was thinking that DA was back on one of his earlier idee fixes with it relating to another sort of cheeky crack! I’ll guess we will never know if it was a coincidence or clever misdirection unless the great man himself deigns to bless us all with a posting here.

    I’d worked out what I had to do with 15a/14d but couldn’t work out what the big word with the missing letters was meant to be. Various wordfinders didn’t help. Have popped over to crossword club to find the answer for that one. Very good DA!

    Quite enjoyed the theme connecting them to 2D, certainly sent me off on many a hunt. Got 2D from wordplay of some of the other clues long before I got 11A. At one point I had only the 3rd and 5th letters of 11A and was trying to fit Martini into it

    24 A quite clever too once I got it

  27. Late start, finally got it out…spent a lot of time looking for cutlery manufacturers , and convinced there was an emo or goth in 9a. Also looking for meat cuts with ‘guts’ in them ……
    I’m with nn, still trying to sort out some of the wordplay on a few….14a, and 20a in particular.
    I was amazed to see Robins scrapbooks with worked answers, depressed that mine would look like ‘wordplay?’, ‘not sure of wordplay’, ‘this is a guess’,’this fits but not sure why…’

    Loved 11a,3d, 15a.

  28. one last query, I don’t get how “knowing” presumably gives the first four letters of answer 12A. Am assuming that the def is just 2d as the answer is a sort of synonym of this by the looks of the dictionary.

  29. BRD 20 is an anagram, Champ being the indicator, presumably as in to champ down on something (mash, crush or chew), not a great one IMO. Answer relates to same 2d As 15A does.

  30. nn, re 12A, yes you have the def right. And the first four letters of the answer is a synonym for “knowing” (it’s in the freedictionary.com definition)

    Re 14A: I’m beginning to think some may have a different tw0-letter abbreviation from the one I have. My abbreviation is the very common two-letter abbreviation for “company” (which DA obviously reckons is a good enough synonym for “racket”).

  31. Champ as an anagrind ? Lord save us. I still should have picked it up, I guess. And company = racket seems a bit of a long bow…
    All in all, though , very enjoyable.

  32. Thanks RB, it looks like I had 9A okay but was complicating it with that other meaning of ‘speck’! Gayle said once that we can over think things when it’s DA!

    23A is good too, quite simple really. I hadn’t quite got on the right track…

    nn, I think you had the synonym for racket as I had. Not sure about DA’s if RB has that right.

  33. Regarding 13D, Adam Spencer Tweeted this answer yesterday without comment. I could hear conversations using it quite readily … not. “Did your daughter find a unit?” “Oh yes, she’s very happy with it, it’s very hubby to everything”…

    I can assure you, BRD, that every six pages my scrap book has many contributions from people here otherwise it too would read like you suggest on Fridays! Thanks again to all who help.

  34. Noel and others who will remember the play … This Rowan Atkinson/Hugh Laurie sketch was seen being circulated on facebook by this year’s crop of HSC students. I’d loved to have seen it back in 1968 I can tell you!

    WARNING: do not view if still trying to solve 9A!!!

  35. Seems from the above I had everything right, just didn’t fully understand the clues. Side-splitting, re Hardy’s partner, is very clever. 10A, now I see how it was done (terminals) also very clever. I realise I still don’t comprehend 4D, the reference to Mum’s remarriage I don’t understand, though I’m sure I have the right word.

  36. arthur c it is in I think act 1 scene 2 or 3, the speck on the map is fulminating re his mothers remarriage. The word play is a give away if you have the right answer.

  37. I managed to get most of this one fairly swiftly, but I’m completely stuck on 6D and 17D (the latter despite john’s help above). I presume “side-splitting” is part of the word play, and I have the intersecting letters, but if the definition is “crack” then I’m lost. With 6D I thought I only needed the first letter, given the 2nd fits the intersecting 9A, and an “off” 2D would complete the answer, but having gone through the alphabet I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m completely on the wrong track.

  38. Arthur, 4D relies on the solver knowing about the play named in 9A. I feel sure you must know it.
    (By the way I’m never sure over the weekend whether people will be upset by spoilers but usually by Saturday night readers have either solved DA or wish they had!)
    Straightforward wordplay (which you have I think) is ‘abbreviate the’ = TH + a word for divorce/separation/etc
    Back to 9A, a play about a young fellow getting really upset about how his father has been killed by his uncle and how his mother is seemingly very happy to marry the uncle quite soon after the event = Mum remarried so fast… the ‘why’ is answered by a quotation from the play. Google Rupert’s line from yesterday morning and you’ll have it.

  39. Dave, in 6D you are close but your ‘off’ is off.
    The def is ‘eased off’. 2D is represented in the answer but only ‘after the leader’ = i.e. last 3 letters of 2D.
    Letters 1, 5 & 6 form a word meaning ‘formed (a) union’. Any help? If you’re married you’ll know it.

  40. Thanks Robin. Isn’t it always so bleeding obvious after someone has pointed it out?

  41. Finished thanks to everybody’s contributions. But puzzled with wordplay for 24A (totally smart I’m not!).

  42. I know I pick up the crossword 24 hours behind some of you – so why is it that I feel light years behind when it comes to solving it. Have to say that I enjoyed this weekends – well worth the effort – and already looking forward to next weekends.

  43. All Correct! I’m never completely sure till I see Monday’s paper. This one might have been easier if my school had read Hamlet instead of Merchant of Venice, back in 1942 (or was that 43?). Anyway, all is good.

  44. Hi,

    Rupert, Gayle, can you please help me understand the mysterious figures in 18A.



  45. 18A: It’s algebra, and one of the ugliest cluing methods I know. “Unknown” or, as in this case, “mysterious character” can mean any of X, Y or Z.
    The only thing I hate more is “note” meaning any letter between A and G (from music).

  46. When the clue read “penned in by mysterious figures” did anyone else think the middle letters might be PM? :-) (It doesn’t work in NZ, Rupert)

  47. Thanks Rupert.

    That was my guess, but then like you I thought it’s so open-ended it could signify almost anything!

    Also, I would have gone with “unknown” rather than “mysterious”.



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