DA for the 14/15th of October, 2011

Here’s the space for chatting about another DA installment — surely another glorious one.

And no spoilers on this particular thread until Monday.

Update: A jolly good one:

Fell KOH-I-NOOR and GRIP short in an otherwise very fun crossword.

4 thoughts on “DA for the 14/15th of October, 2011

  1. I liked this one today (special Saturday for me) especially 15A, 19A (gold – had me going for a long while wondering what the White House lawn was called), 29A, 26A and 11D.

  2. A good crossword today. Picked away slowly but managed to complete it without Google or even a dictionary. Was I the only one trying to fit a term for stray pube into 11D? First in was 17 A and finished with 24A.

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