DA for the 23rd/24th of September, 2011

Another DA for us fine folk.

Comment away below on its general characteristics, but no spoilers until Monday.

Update: A jolly good one:

Some quality clues this week, and a little on the easier side. I found this week’s a little tougher than last week’s, mostly because the general knowledge referenced didn’t suit me so well (UTE MUSTER, BERGAMOT, COPAL, MAN FLU).

9 thoughts on “DA for the 23rd/24th of September, 2011

  1. My favourites were 17A, 23A, and the lovely couple of 2D and 7D. Odd that they on’t overlap with RobT’s favourites at all.

  2. I probably had a DA PB today….. He was a little kinder(?) than usual ….. But instead of feeling triumphant I feel deflated. I don’t need that second cup of coffee to finish the crossword and will have to face the rest of the day!

  3. I enjoyed this :) Special mentions for 14a, 17a, 26a and 2d. Some overlaps with others.

  4. Hmmm… seemed easier than normal. Don’t often finish before lunch.
    Enjoyed 19a, 23a, 7d, 18d as well as those already mentioned.

  5. Seemed a little simple for a DA. Enjoyed his wordplay, as usual but completed in record time. Maybe next week will be tougher…

  6. Really enjoyed this week’s variety of clues. Nice to recognise a couple like spinner and Aussie runner. Fun ones 2D, 7D,13A, 14A, 25A, 26A, 22A, 23A, 17A, 10A, 11A, 5D …..

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