DA Confusion for the 23rd/24th of September, 2011

Where there be DA, there be confusion.

Have your questions answered right here.

70 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 23rd/24th of September, 2011

  1. Done in record time today – although for 18d/6d, I have the solution but I haven’t figured the wordplay for the last 4 letters of 18d and the first letter of 6d. Hints would be appreciated!

  2. Noel, the wordplay runs over both 18D/6D. by + problem , 2 + 3 = last 3 letters 18D and first letter 6D

  3. And congrats on your record time. To the poolroom for you.
    (Problem 3 letters, think arithmetic.)

  4. Thanks Gayle – in parsing the clue, I was thinking ‘problem leaker’ (as some would regard him, no doubt!) rather than viewing them as separate parts of the solution. Got it now…. Muchos gracias.

  5. I did the same Noel .. couldn’t parse it all at first. Having all the checked letters in 18D I went right off the deep end thinking it might be a scientific term to do with ‘the bends’ and nitrogen!

  6. Saturday morning and only 7 comments so far! Is this because people found this week’s DA quite straightforward? I saw Rupert’s record time yesterday morning (congratulations by the way!) which only encouraged me to try again to do a DA on my own.

    Not quite Poolroom but a PB for me I believe as I have only 7 to go. (23/30 done) 4A, 12A, 27A, 4D, 5D 8D and 20D still to do. This includes an answer for 3D which I am not too sure about.

    Hoping Melbourne will cause some debate so that I make a bit more Trippers-assisted progress today!

    Word play would be appreciated for a few I have got but don’t know why:
    – last 4 letters of 23A?
    – 22D? I sort of get it…
    – 21D?

  7. 23A: Last 4 letters are a waterbird going back, but like a Manx cat, it has no tail. Actually, Manx could apply either to kill or to the bird.

    22D: Two homonyms: the type of school you go to as a teenager (except here they call it college) and to hit, e.g. a snooker ball.

    21D: Last letter of interview + private, as in thoughts.

    18D was one of the toughest in this puzzle – the spelling is awkward and the wordplay convoluted.

  8. Thanks Rupert, brilliant!
    I hadn’t seen the Manx codeword before but it’s good to know. I’m getting to know DA as the ‘kill’ bit I got quite quickly as he’s used that recently. Similarly I knew the Aussie runner as you pointed out on Friday.

    I was halfway there with the poem, didn’t see the hit bit.

    Cracked 4A and 8D now so doing OK this week.

  9. almost done hints for 1a 3d 8d (have cross letters i hope) and first word of 2d please. also wordplay for letters 4-6 of 16d .

  10. Finished before morning tea, and what’s more I think I even follow the wordplay!
    Nn, those letters represent an abbreviation for a periodical going up. 1a, cup is the indicator. 3d refers to a vehicle popular with Magpies. 8d is not a word I knew the meaning of but I too had the cross letters and my guess from workmate was confirmed by Wikipedia.

  11. Would have finished sooner but spent a lot of time on emu parades, habits, and looking for Brazilian football grounds!

  12. thanks BRD had a spelling mistake in my answer so didn’t see the periodical. am none the wiser on 3d and 8d . by magpie do you mean the flying pest or the ground dwelling feral pests who infested the MCG last night

  13. Started in a blaze of glory, eight solved in ten minutes. Slowed down now. Two questions: I assumed 25A was an anagram of last two words, but as that appears to end in ‘S’ should the clue have said ‘States’? For 22D, is that a poem with an oriental flavour. Have 1, 9, 11, maybe 13, 17, 22, 24 across, 1, 2, 3 & possibly 22D.

  14. Arthur C. …. Single ‘state’ is appropriate and your oriental flavour is correct

  15. have 8d new word for me and 3d was messing with that answer but had to get the spelling right all done now

  16. Yes, I wondered if it was a US state. Place where they make sticky tape fits nicely. Problem, my wordfinder doesn’t list such esoteric material.

  17. Now I have another conundrum. Only one word known to me can go in 16D, a variety of citrus??? Can’t see any connection with clue, so probably wrong. Time for my after-dinner nap, then the Eagles V Cats stoush.

  18. 22D Variation to Rupert’s explanation above. I think the second homophone, ie the last two letters, is on a synonym for ‘strike’ meaning a defeat or an overthrow, French in origin, 4 letters. Depends on how you pronounce the poem.

  19. Back from Kirribilli market where, fortunately, there was a bench! (I took DA with me.) All solved now except two, 27A and 20D, for which I need a little help.

    Word play: 5D I have all except the first letter? Unless the ‘crossword’ = RIDDLE, does it? I was thinking the ‘kid’ gave letters 2-3. I might have answered my own question..

  20. Arthur, if your 16D is correct you have letters 1-3 from ‘Timber shed lad’, the lad has a short boy’s name! BRD has helped with letters 4-6 above, the abbreviation of a periodical (issue) reversed. 7-8 are TO reversed.

    Gayle, you might be right with your 22D part two homophone; Rupert’s would be pronounced differently I think.

    PS In 1A I thought DA would have smiled when he started with CUP which we all know means NURSE doesn’t it?!

  21. Robin, ‘retro’ and ‘includes’ are the instructions for 27a. And ‘churned’ and ‘out’ are the instructions for 20d.

  22. 5d – ‘starting off’ doesn’t apply to ‘kid’! It applies to a dodgy synonym for ‘crossword’.

  23. Thanks GB and nn. I did have kid as the def but also as part of the word play, not good? Got it now.

    Still working on the other two, thanks for hints GB.

  24. Down to last 9, I think, but a number of puzzlers, as in first word of 19A? A common ailment?I knew the Russian in 17, don’t know where from, just in memory bank. 4, 5, 6, 18, 20D all missing letters, 4, 19, 26, 27A similar.

  25. Arthur, you ask if 19A’s ailment is common. I think a lot of wives and girlfriends would say “only too common not to mention frequent…..”! Men disagree of course.

    I knew the ‘Russian’ and his work very well from studying art at school but I thought he was French. He might have adopted France later in life perhaps.

  26. GB, many thanks. 20D and 27A now understood.

    All done now after a little help from here. I can now agree (finally) that they were all gettable!

  27. @Robin: It’s very confusing. He was born in the Russian Empire, in what’s now Belarus, but spent most of his life in Paris and New York.

  28. Robin, if I have correctly interpreted your clue, it seems a slight on the ‘stronger’ sex. So, I’m down to two, 4 & 20 D. And I won three games of pool since I was here last (lost two prior to that though). Enough for today. Time to prepare evening meal for wife and self.

  29. Arthur 4d is an abbreviation of a bubbly drink and what you might call 21d . 20d is an anagram of second word but with letters of last word removed. first word is def

  30. Hooray! Got the last two from clues abovee, Ta to nn. Approaching my bedtime, but might have a bit of a look at the Storm v Warriors. Never liked rugby, I’m a Rules fan.

  31. I always seem to get stuck on the ones everyone else can get!

    I’ve got all except 1a, 12a, 8d.

  32. Matt: 8d is an obscure word. If you have the 1st and 3rd letters, guess what might work, then check the dictionary (that’s what I do when I reckon it’s not a word I know!). 12a is a person; think of what a point often means, to solve the wordplay. 13a: it took me a bit to work out the wordplay, but as a hint: in this case you are actually dismissing the opener and the tail, of the fair spinner.

  33. This week’s was quite easy for a DA. Liked 2D and 7D, and a few others.

    Two quibbles:
    4D: I’ve never heard of this meaning of the word, and googling just now didn’t find it. The usual informal word for this drink has “er” after the first 5 letters.

    5D: Didn’t like “kid” as the definition. Once again, a spot of googling did not come to DA’s rescue. “Kid” connotes playfulness, whereas the answer doesn’t.

  34. Rupert: re 23a: I can’t agree that the Manx reference could apply to “to kill”. A cryptic crossword solving algorithm might think that way, albeit by torturing the syntax a fair bit (and get the correct answer, I agree), but that would miss the hilarious concept of a Manx waterbird.

  35. RB I agree with you on 4d drink has er. An abbreviation of an abbreveation is pushing it but it was gettable.I thought kid was ok in the sense that you are kidding is fooling someone so ridicule as in making them look foolish

  36. … and talking of abbreviations… I found this use of CHAMPS as a drink ..

    Cocktail of the Month: Champs-Elysées
    Weatherup’s elegant Sidecar variation is taken from the 1930 Savoy Cocktail Book.

    1½ ounces Cognac, such as A de Fussigny
    ½ ounce Green Chartreuse
    ¾ ounce fresh lemon juice
    ½ ounce simple syrup
    A few dashes of Angostura bitters
    Lemon slice or peel for garnish

    In a cocktail shaker, add all of the ingredients and ice. “Look for a piece slightly larger than a golf ball,” Weatherup says. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a slice or twist of lemon.

    Might try one later if it doesn’t stop raining.

  37. This is what DA does to me .. thought there may have been such a bird as an ice grebe and google led me to the right answer.

  38. My word finder came up with “crappy” for 4a which I think is appropriate for the practice of abbreviating an abbreviation.

  39. I’ve completed it all except for the top left corner. This corner must be terribly obvious to everyone I think as no one seems to have mentioned it!
    I am puzzled by 1D. I’ve put in the second word but can’t get the first one and that means I can’t work on 1A. I can think of a cup that fits the space but not the clue! Then there’s 2D. I think I have the second and third words correct. And finally 11A. I think “Hides” is the def and the soud like word for drink gets the last three letters but the first 4 elude me. I can think of words like ‘clam’ but that doesn’t fit with ‘entire’. can anyone help or has everyone moved on to their Sunday night TV viewing?

  40. Connie am doing this from memory so may not be all correct. 1d first word refers to upper part of leg. i forget where first letter comes from the next 4 relate to altitude.1a is a hidden word cup is the indicator.def is last word in clue. if it makes you feel any better the top left corner gave me lots of trouble too.

  41. Conny am doing this from memory so may not be all correct. 1d first word refers to upper part of leg. i forget where first letter comes from the next 4 relate to altitude.1a is a hidden word cup is the indicator.def is last word in clue. if it makes you feel any better the top left corner gave me lots of trouble too.

  42. Conny – ‘top’ is the instruction to get the first letter of the first word from ‘town’, and the rest is given by what sort of pads pentouses are.

  43. Thanks nn and GB for your comments. I think I’ve got 1D and 2D correct now althought I don’t get the H-H bit of 2D

  44. Conny, you might have got this by now but 2D is a double definition clue, at least I think it is. (Others might put me right on this!)
    The first def is just ‘H’. It sits in the ‘middle’ of the third word.
    The second def is ‘Hicksville’ which is another name for the three word answer.
    Does that make sense? I rather liked it.

  45. 1D A smile and a groan came for this one when I got it – typical DA I thought.
    He seems to like the homophones but, strangely, didn’t try one for 22A.

  46. Conny, you may have it by now, but if you got 7D, 2D is very similar. In each of the clues, the positions of the letters, D(500) in 7D, and H in 2D, lead to the phrase in each answer.

  47. Thanks for all those comments folks. The explanation of the extra H makes sense now and , I agree, it nifty and smart. 1A is the only one I haven’t completed. Is it a language?

  48. Can someone please help with one from DS on Saturday (SMH).

    5D Battle on, though undermined and without credit (8).
    I think the correct cross letters are S – R – P – E – and I also think the answer is STRAPPED as in ‘ strapped for cash’.
    Any other ideas please or an explanation of wordplay?

  49. Thanks for that, Rupert I’ve had another look and I’m pretty sure I’ve got the other letters right.

  50. I think the answer is S(CR)APPED and the start of the clue should be “BattleD on…”. The “and” shouldn’t be there since it’s a containment clue using “without” to mean “on the outside of”.


  51. That sounds better, Stig. The way it was typeset didn’t work somehow. Your suggestion is good. Thanks.

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