DA for the 16/17th of September, 2011

Most probably a non-themed this week. Personally, I’d like one that isn’t too hard — I’ve certainly felt I’ve had to battle over the past few weeks to get something out, which is certainly a good thing, but now I want some DA confidence back.

Anyway, whatever comes about, I’m sure it’ll be fun.

Update: In Jonathan’s absence, both Robin and Rupert come through with the goods:

The question on everyone’s lips: as TT alerted us in the comments, did DA reference Paul McCartney’s song, Best Love, in this crossword? The song has the line “Thanks for solving Friday’s crossword; who knew Ivan was a tsar?”

Ask DA, and you will receive: I was in need of a confidence booster, and I ripped through this one in quick time with only MIDAS and SOT eluding me (though I really should have stuck it out a bit longer, solved the clues and put this crossword in the poolroom).

An enjoyable one.


8 thoughts on “DA for the 16/17th of September, 2011

  1. I was happy to get all bar four mainly in the NE before asking for help, but probably spent as much time on them as I did on the rest of the crossie. Today’s will probably please southerners of a certain age and taste in recreational activities.

  2. Just wondering if anyone is going to put this crossoword up on the page, without solutions – the SMH did not make it to my town last Friday so we are even more DA challenged than usual!

  3. TT, that’s hilarious. I hope DA noticed that.

    And McGrath, Jonathan, a regular commenter, usually sends me the blank cryptic that I put up on the blog, but he was away and wasn’t able to this week.

    Unless someone else has an empty crossword to send to me, there won’t be one put up this week, which makes it some nasty luck that you missed your SMH in the same week!

  4. Best Love: Did DA also reference the banjo player, ‘one Martin’ in 26A? !

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