DA for the 2nd/3rd September, 2011

A Spring DA. I expect references to flowers.

(No spoilers on this particular thread until Monday).

Update: A toughie…

Only got about halfway through this one before packing it in. Definitely the toughest DA since last week’s, and a little unsatisfactory overall.

7 thoughts on “DA for the 2nd/3rd September, 2011

  1. I haven’t found any references to flowers, yet. An hour and ten minutes in I have to put DA down to do some work, and I still have most of the NW corner to go.

  2. Yes tougher than most. Very happy with the quality but i gave up with 3 undone…

  3. All smiles. Completed on Saturday :)

    Now off to Confusion to sort out some wordplays.

  4. Fair enough, JD. I’m getting more enjoyment out of watching the arguments over 16D than I did solving the clue itself!

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