DA Confusions for the 5/6th of August, 2011

There’s always DA confusion, and here’s where the confusion is sorted out.

Ask away and have your questions answered.

89 thoughts on “DA Confusions for the 5/6th of August, 2011

  1. Good crossie this week with some nice contemporary phrases. Only 1 google so far and I’m pleased to say it wasn’t the painter. 5 more to get.

  2. I’ve filled in the grid but am unsure about 8D & can’t explain the start of 21A. Unusual anagram indicator in 11A . Had to look up 27A.

  3. 21 A not sure of the start either, get the first 2 letters, but not the second two yet.

  4. Hmmm. I was thinking that “again” was part of the defn rather than providing the first two letters. I see the fourth letter comming from justice (essentially)

  5. 21A I agree with the above. A tricky and wordy way to get 4 letters DA!

  6. I think the situation is ludicrous, that Sydney gets the crossle on Friday, Melbourne gets it on Saturday. Who should I complain to? Used to be Friday here, with solution on Saturday, but I think a Saturday puzzle and Monday solution is much better.

  7. Got it out, but unsure of some of the stuff. I now understand the wordplay for the first word of 21A, thanks to the clues above but I don’t get the wordplay for 11A. I have a word that fits “bears” in 22D, but don’t see where the blue fibres come in. Where on earth does he come up with words like 27A?

  8. Geoff: a word for ‘blue’ (as in boo hoo) backwards, and a word for ‘fibres’, also backwards.

  9. 11A: Odd letters (or letter) of SO + anagram of RECORDING (Brahms & Liszt is Cockney Rhyming slang for drunk) + fifth letter of BEETHOVEN + synonym of scram!

    22D: Blue as in depressed, fibres as in the texture of a fabric, the whole reversed.

    27A was a new one on me, too. There’s software to fill in crossword grids. I wouldn’t be surprised if DA uses it to fill in the clues with awkward cross letters.

  10. 27a can’t get a mix. Will have to use some software myself I reckon to get this out.
    11A Got that early on from the last word and then googled the def. Liked the surface and wordplay.

  11. Gayle, I have finally got your 8D hint (I think) having decided to seek more information. I needed the tail of 11A which I now have.

    6D, 17D I have made some progress (ssergorp) but can’t yet see where we get the two 8 letters answers. Hope I am on the right track?

    Thanks Rupert for a very good piece above on 11A. Helped a lot.

  12. Not a bad one this week. Two left. Missing the “grand painter” in 7d. 6a had got me too.

  13. Fell into the same trap, Emil, with 6D!
    Swiftly got 6A after your tip and, seconds later, as you also did, I found the missing artist. I wondered how you’d got him so quickly last night but one letter makes all the difference.

    Still a few left in bottom right corner.

  14. 27A Had to try 4 anagram solvers before i found it. Such an obscure word or is DA trying to impress us with his science? And he could have used a much simpler wordplay! Or is clobber not an anagrind but the instruction which does give the simpler wordplay?

  15. One to go – 6A. Not sure what the definition is – classically? classically below? hub? mainframe hub?
    I plugged the first, third and fifth letters into a crossword help website and got no results, so I’m assuming it’s a particularly obscure word, not English, or that I’ve misunderstood one of the down clues.
    Had a funny thought for DA or some other setter – hexadecimal could produce some cool clues. Funny thoughts abound while attempting DA’s puzzles.

  16. Knowing DA, ‘painter’ next week will refer to a rope rather than a person with brush and canvas. Curveball city.

  17. Thanks Gayle. Turns out I had 6D wrong. I had REVERSED, which fit the clue but not 6A. Too many European words in these crosswords. Bring on the Asian languages!

  18. @iPuzzled: We had a Hebrew word (or at least, a letter) this week, which is definitely not European. I’m not sure of the etymology of 20D, but I assume it’s from a Chinese word (and I know DA has an arts background, but surely even he should know that they’re not bears?)

  19. got a bit of a start on some today before coming here. Got 11a from first two words right away, then spent ages trying to work out how it fitted the rest of the clue. Gave up and decided I must be wrong. Thanks Rupert for explaining the wordplay! Now I have it, I hope I have enough to get some of the downs in the top half.
    While working out 16D realised that another possible anagram of “the DA grid” is “hated grid” which is how I was feeling about this one for a while!

  20. If I may be somewhat 18A, and I hope this is 9A and that you will excuse this 13A, we would all be more 15A if we could 3D 27A brains that were 8D at getting the answer 16D, without having to 10A. Such masterful work would be worthy of a 7D/19A and a 21D. It does help, however, to have a 22D, maybe a deficient 5D, possibly one who 12D with us via 6A-24D, even if a puritanical 4D, like a predatory 1A would 14D this. He might sound as though he thought this so 20D to our ineptitude as to become our 25A. But such a response is surely an example of 6,17D. As an aside, it is not generally known that 11A was actually named by 26A who also composed “21A tonight” during a 23A while participating in a 2A on a 1A.

  21. All done, how will I put in the afternoon?

    27A is ludicrous; don’t see the wordplay in 12D?

    11A and 21A classic examples of why Saturday is always so eagerly anticipated.

  22. Got the grand painter, nice misdirection with the anagrind here.
    Mike, I’ll come back to yours when I have worked out more than 2 of the answers you used!
    (although what you have written may help)

  23. Mike, I think you meant to finish with a 2D on a 1D, but that is brilliant! Especially ’20D to our ineptitude’. Sensational.

  24. Just got 6A. Kicking myself for not spotting it earlier, am almost seeing red!

  25. Brilliant, Mike! Very much enjoyed your summary! You got the lot!

    (The last line is “…in a 2D on a 1D…” but you’d have been exhausted by then…)

  26. (Sorry BRD/Mike, typo point made already.)

    6D/17D Whilst the ‘REVERSED’ trap was made by a few it is interesting that we wanted it to fit the grid but thinking about it the phrase would be “REVERSE – – – – – – – -” wouldn’t it?

  27. Good fun Mike.
    BRD 12 D is a double def. Apparently the second half is a Rugby term, which DA has played and is in the air at the moment.

  28. Yes, I did mean to finish with a 2D on a 1D! Thanks BRD for pointing that out. Here’s the corrected version:
    If I may be somewhat 18A, and I hope this is 9A and that you will excuse this 13A, we would all be more 15A if we could 3D 27A brains that were 8D at getting the answer 16D, without having to 10A. Such masterful work would be worthy of a 7D/19A and a 21D. It does help, however, to have a 22D, maybe a deficient 5D, possibly one who 12D with us via 6A-24D, even if a puritanical 4D, like a predatory 1A would 14D this. He might sound as though he thought this so 20D to our ineptitude as to become our 25A. But such a response is surely an example of 6,17D. As an aside, it is not generally known that 11A was actually named by 26A who also composed “21A tonight” during a 23A while participating in a 2D on a 1D.

  29. Still 11 to go. If 17D is thinking you are better than othersw, what is the 6D word rthat precedes it? I have the bottom section completed, the top almost empty. But, such is my memory, I recalled the 27A without any trouble, though I had to check the dictionary to clarify the meaning. No idea where I first saw that word. amazing. I knew the Hebrew letter 5D, guessed the artist 7D 19A. Ah well, back to work.

  30. Have it all except most of the top left corner, despite Mike’s hints I’m getting nowhere with the following. 1A, 3D, 4D (if this is a person I have no chance) and 9A and 13A. These last two I can fit words in but don’t understand why they would be right (or not!). Any hints would be appreciated. Thought I was going to make the pool room for a while as I’ve almost got it out without resorting to crossword club (although will need to check that for some of the wordplay I suspect)

  31. Think I have them all now, am claiming pool room for me. Still don’t get wordplay in 9a, 13a, 3d, 4d, first 3 words of21A though.

  32. Oh dear nn, I think I can hear a refrain or a 13 A of the foreign word grumble coming around again in 4D. Not a person but a synonym for style guru .. only not Indian but Spanglish or Engtalian.

  33. have resorted to crossword club for the wordplay on the above. Not surprised I didn’t get some of them, I really hate those clues with lots of bits cobbled together. 21A wordplay had me fooled as I had used two letters that were essentially justice as the first two letters of the last word meaning I missed the animal and had lots of other unexplained bits.
    Quite liked 11A, 1a (when I finally got it) and both the painters

  34. DA’s got a couple of lengthy wordplays for only 4 letters, eg 13 A and the first word of 21A.
    13A you’ll probably kick yourself: First letter is the usual instruction. Letters 2 and 3 synonym for provided (that) and last letter the usual music notation for loud. Def usually relates to guitar music. Sound familiar?

  35. @Gayle no foreign word grumbles from me. Once I’d twigged to 1A, I spotted 4d straight away. Might be sort of foreign, but common enough usage. 5D was ok too as at least you knew what language! Had 13A right, just had trouble explaining it to myself, couldn’t work out the middle two letters. Was happy that I new of all the people mentioned. Managed to get the great painter when all I knew was the last letter of his surname. Took a bit longer to work out the wordplay as I’d assumed fiasco was the anagrind and blue crayon was the fodder for the first name, but once I had that last letter I cracked it.

  36. I wonder if DA has been trying to find a spot for 4D since the MANKINI edition 4 weeks ago. I am thinking of a more recent movie character invented by the actor playing the now famous mankini wearer, who is of course a 4D!

  37. Finally managed to complete (I think). Was just left with 6A unaided, then after reviewing comments realised I also fell (too easily) into the 6D trap! I had never heard of 11A, but worked it out successfully from the clue (having looked up what it refers to, I wish I hadn’t). Having done a fair bit of seed collection and sorting, 27A wasn’t a problem – got this one on the first pass! Overall, not as testing as some have been.

  38. I have completed all except for 13A and 14D and 24D. I ‘ve looked at hints for 13A but I can’t get it and that’s no help for me for 14D. There must be something obvious I am missing.That 11A is completely new to me!!And I’d never heard of 27A but it was an obvious anagram.
    15A I have filled in but it doesn’t make sense to me. Does it mean ‘whispered’ in the sense of having no stresses?

  39. Conny, for 13A the last word is the definition as you might have seen from other comments. If you don’t have 14D then I guess all you’ll have so far is a Radio-head for the first letter?
    The word ‘provided’ gives you the next two letters, as in ‘provided that …’, or ‘ on condition that..’ but there is a very short synonym for these.
    The fourth letter is an abbreviation of a musical term for ‘loud’. The term is a part of the full name for a piano, or at least the Italian name for piano.
    The ‘tune’ is not so much a tune as a catchy group of notes usually played on (electric) guitar. An example would be the opening notes of ‘Satisfaction’ by the Rolling Stones. That would be a 13A but not really a tune.

  40. Conny, 14D uses a typical DA indicator ‘starts off’ which means ‘takes the starts off’. Suggest you try the 2nd, 3rd and 4th words of the clue to get you going. A start is the first letter btw!

  41. Connie 15a you are correct, I think the wordplay is as follows. Abbreviation for a way (as in type of road) inside an anagram of rudeness. I guess that somehow gross is an anagrind or maybe break is? 24d, the def is the last three words, answer is a colour.

  42. Robin, I agree “tune” isn’t a great def for 13A. Skyhooks had a million dollar one.

  43. Finally, Conny, 15A is indeed what you think it is. I liked Mikes use of this one in his piece.
    Look for an anagram made up from a two letter abbreviation of a word for ‘way’, plus the letters in ‘rudeness’ Any good?

  44. Robin, payback for last week! You were a bit unlucky, I’d only just turned the computer on after doing something else for the last few hours.

  45. I obviously missed a doozy last week. Thought today’s was fairly easy except for the SE corner. Either I have 12D wrong (and, admittedly, I can’t get the word play element) or 27A is a strange word indeed. Also, being certain about 7D/19A (I do know my painters) I find that I have to change 10A. Are the borders not the verge?

  46. DaveR funny how it goes, south east corner was about the only area I had success initially.
    27A is a strange word that appears to have burst out of almost nowhere. It is an anagram of the first two words in the clue. 10A stray is the def, borders is an indicator for what to do with the last two words. 12D first word is the def that will give most people the answer. The last two words of the clue refer to a rugby term, the answer being where you are when you are bundled out (as I understand it)

  47. I have, I believe, completed the thing without getting a single clue from ^ there. But held up for some time as I had written in internet for 6D (Yes, that term exists). I still tend to quarrel a bit about 6D, as the ELITISM was reversed, not this word. Anyway, a good tough battle, easier than some in recent times.

  48. 6D, apart from the def, is a down clue. That’s the way I see it, anyway.

  49. Thank you nn. I had 12D all along; the rugby reference was at first lost on this ex-Aussie Rules player. Still, however, stuck on 27A. I have been working on it as an anagram of ‘decent his’ and have all the odd-numbered letters, but nothing seems to fit. If it is a ‘strange word that appears to have burst out of almost nowhere’, then perhaps it hasn’t made it to this remote corner yet.

  50. Dave, it’s Sunday morning, so can we say you are not alone wondering about 27A? It’s an awful inclusion (IMHO) to what is otherwise a very good DA. You have the letters D – H – S – E – – and know that the missing letters are in the anagram DECENTHIS. So you have E, I, C, N, T to place. I suggest you stick with that order, Google it and see if it fits the clue. Either that or try typing DECENTHIS into the scrabble wordfinder mentioned earlier today Any the wiser?

  51. I thought this week’s was mostly a bit easier than usual, with the exception of a few obscurities eg 1A and 11A. I found 27A not quite so obscure as I think DA has used it before.
    I thought 11A particularly unfair as the wordplay was also obscure, and the anagind unusual (to say the least).

    Two more complaints. 15A: whispered = unstressed? YUK! And 12D: I think the correct rugby idiom is “into touch”, not “in touch”.

  52. All done now. My remaining gaps this morning were in the SE corner, which others solved first. 12d and 27a were last, in that order. Don’t know rugby. Learned a new word :)

  53. Thanks, Robin. It’s good to learn new words. Actually, I rather liked 11A.

  54. re 11a. I am wondering how long da has been waiting to have an anagram that was missing an h so he could use the three composers.

  55. I have a couple of wordplay queries still.
    7D, 19A Is the G from grand? Is that a standard crossword clue? All other letters are accounted for.
    In 14D where does the ON come from? Touching = ON?

    I think someone asked about 9A. AP = father back? OS = abroad but what about the ROP in the middle? Probably obvious but I don’t see it.

    I take it 22D is a ‘sounds like tied’ in roped soundly?

    25A occurred to me only today, it’s quite good isn’t it? I had to check that ERG was indeed a ‘bit of work’.

    Also realised where the YOD came from – a bit obvious to most I expect?

  56. nn, very good! He must have hardly been able to contain himself at times! Beethoven’s Fifth!

  57. Robin:
    7D,19A: yes, the G is from “grand”, which is pretty standard, I think. Can also be M (Roman numeral) or K.
    14D: that’s the way I read it too. As in “his hand was touching the object”. Not great, I admit, but not outrageous either.
    9A: see sg’s reply. Also the R comes from “papeRback”.
    22D: yes.

  58. Thank sg and RB, all good. I see it now. I had a fixation about PA and forgot about POP. So its A+P(R)OP+OS, simple as that.
    I enjoyed this week’s DA but I suspect it was a little bit ‘lite’ for some regulars?

  59. Early on, someone asked for wordplay explanation for 8D. Even after the reply I am still none the wiser. Can someone spell it out, please? (in words of one syllable?!)

  60. AG My interpretation is A=one, dimension hardly= depth minus Y, and the whole = adept or handy but I could be wrong.

  61. Thanks, Bernie. I was looking for DEPT_, and still failed to see DEPTH. Blind spot.

  62. Well, another one satisfactorily completed. I have an incredible stock of useless words in my wordbank, acquired over 80 years. Where dehiscent came from, I have no idea, but from an interest in science, the Schrodinger’s cat thing (is it dead or not dead?) rang a loud bell. Best wishes to all for next week. Probably going to miss pool this arvo, because Mrs C has a med appointment at 2.45. We were married 10/3/56, so she’s been around for a while.

  63. Einstein was fascinated with Schrodinger’s cat as he wrestled with quantum theory (“God doesn’t play dice”). Mischievously DA, with his oft criticised emphasis on the humanities, reveals a famous piece of science history in his lexicon.

  64. Arthur C, the Age general knowledge was less obscure, ie relatively easy, for the second week in a row! – (pretty much got it all out for the first time).

    Re “dehiscent”: abdominal wounds that spring open a few days after surgery are referred to as dehiscences: it is a well known word in medicine.

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