DA for the 22nd/23rd July, 2011

Last week was a tragedy: the Richmond Tigers lost to the bottom side and I hardly looked at the DA.

This week looks worse for Richmond (they’re playing the second side on the ladder), but hopefully things will turn out better for me and DA.

Update: A glorious DA and a glorious success:

RC and I got together Saturday afternoon and our first batch of attempts at finishing DA wasn’t all that successful. Later in the day, however, our respective ladies ridiculed our anaemic solving, and this questioning of our cryptic manhood fired us into action.

We made short shrift of the remaining crossword, and our ladies also got into the act, bringing us FORTY SIX and SALAD (not surprising, really: one’s a biology specialist, they both have SA (South American) heritage, and they’re both quite clever). I was especially pleased to find LEGERDEMAIN, a word I’ve used a few times on this blog to describe DA’s especial talents. DE GROOT was a nice reference to a great moment of Australian history, although we wondered if anyone did actually know the name of the swordsman on the bridge.

29 thoughts on “DA for the 22nd/23rd July, 2011

  1. I got it all done on my way to an interview and waiting for the bus on the way back. Maybe the suit makes me smarter?

  2. Hope you got the job. For me, it was a toughie and only just finished before getting home and googled 2D.

    Quite enjoyable today.

  3. In honour of the big Time Trail tonight, here are a few clues I worked up:

    Mixed fortune: Arc de Triomphe!! (4,2,6)
    Peron poles paramount pedal-pusher (5)
    Laced cocktail for Aussie hero (5)

  4. RobT wins 1st 2nd and 3rd places
    Blown away by no 1 (truly brilliant .. speechless)
    2 escapes the field (haven’t got it yet)
    enjoyed 3

    DA’s got something going on over at his place too if anyone cares to drop in.

  5. Good fun Rob. I have 1 and 3, will think about 2. 1 is very good.

    I finished 1 in the early hours this morning and got 3 when I was reading today’s SMH, front page. No I didn’t, I just had a look at them now.

  6. #1 – I must be missing something: what’s the definition? Also isn’t it bad form to have part of the answer (“de”) as part of the anagram?

  7. Nice work RobT. Will need to ponder 1) a bit longer. So Gayle – do you guys actually know DA personally? Was he following the TDF? Perhaps DA will make a tribute to Cadel in the coming weeks…

  8. ok – now feeling like a dullard. Missed the obvious for 1). Very neat RobT – nice work :)

  9. Some superb clues there – brilliant. Thanks Gayle. A Cadel / TDF themed cryptic from DA would top things off nicely. Fingers crossed.

  10. Thanks for the tip Gayle…I whacked them onto that page.

    Un maillot jaune would be noice.

  11. I like the big red polka dot one. And one of those girls wearing the matching dress. Or both.

  12. Gotta say, have been very glad of TDF over past couple of weeks. In hospital only 2 TV channels. Mercifully one was SBS. Otherwise I wouldn’t have heard of a rainbow jersey.

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