DA for the 15/16th of July, 2011

DA for another glorious week, a week where the Richmond Tigers should — glory of glories — probably win a game.

If not, at least I’ll have DA.

Update: Here they are:

Didn’t get around to having a good look at this one.

3 thoughts on “DA for the 15/16th of July, 2011

  1. Today’s a bit unimaginative. I liked 2D and 16D but otherwise not a stretch.

  2. Good honest DA, with a couple of gems (13A, 16D), a couple of duds (20A/23A definition, rare spelling variant used in an element of 20D), a couple of construction queries and a couple of other queries where I’m not even sure I’m right. Time to head over to the unravelling thread.

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