DA for the 8/9th of July, 2011

Another week, which should be more enjoyable than last week’s.

Comment away here, but no spoilers on this particular thread until Monday.

Update: A really good crossword:

RC and I got together for this on Saturday morning. We ended up at what is fast becoming my favourite cafe, Green on Sydney Road, and struggled our way through. Unfortunately, we never got the NE corner, yet we thoroughly enjoyed the likes of MANKINI, NETHER REGIONS, IVAN LENDL and DIEGO MARADONA.

A very good crossword.

2 thoughts on “DA for the 8/9th of July, 2011

  1. 26A was something/somewhere I have never heard of.
    The clues were a bit ‘meh’ this week. I liked 1A, 10A, 2D and 8D the most – but best in a poor bunch.

  2. Tough one this week, I thought. Especially if done the old-fashioned way of eschewing this site (or, at least, the Confusions thread) until either crossword or solver is finished. It was also a marked improvement on last week’s disappointing effort. Not as many obscurities, convolutions, tenuous defs etc. Mind you, I could still find half a dozen things to complain about! But most clues were fair in retrospect. I liked 1A, 15D, 22D, even though they all took a while to crack.

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