The Fairfax Streak: Day 3

Day 3 and I’m not sure if DP is defeated:

There were three clues I was not certain about, two of which, SHOOT A LINE and PETERLOO, have proven to be correct (I had heard of neither). But HUM THE TUNE OVER remains, and I can’t tell if that’s definitely correct or not. I can’t think of anything else that could go there, but other than deliveries = over, nothing else in manage government deliveries and check for correctness looks like it could mean what I put down.

My streak might be over; I’m not feeling confident. If it’s all over, I’ll try again soon.

9 thoughts on “The Fairfax Streak: Day 3

  1. Like you, I fluffed and answer for 9 A, but I’ve come up with Run the rule over, which doesn’t really make sense, but manage usually = run, and government -rule maybe?

  2. JD, it has to be RUN THE RULE OVER.

    Nice work, especially considering that the THE is completely unaccounted for.

    Oh well, will have to try again another week.

  3. Yeah, 9A is “RUN THE RULE OVER”
    manage = RUN
    government = THE RULE (bit weak IMO)
    deliveries = OVER

  4. My wife yesterday was delighted to get 24A which is BLIGHTER = bounder. She is a beginner and likes to use Roget’s Thesaurus (the paper version!)

  5. NS in Sydney yesterday. Needed perserverance to finish it as it was rather lacklustre .. anagrams with poor surface reading.
    But now it’s DA day in Sydney. … and I’m struggling with the key 12, 23 across and, as a consequence, lots of other clues. Have tried googling Jerry Lewis – and I see he was here recently – but nothing I’ve found fits. Wrong Lewis? Wrong track?
    Will just have to plug on with the non interconnected clues, but there aren’t many! (that I’ve got so far)

  6. I have all but 2. No time right now so will likely finish at lunchtime.
    It’s a very good grid today….
    Jerry Lewis is altogether the wrong track.

  7. DS in Melbourne today. Got them all except for 20D and 26A. No idea on these. A few others where the wordplay is a bit weak or tenuous to say the least. My attempt at the Fairfax streak appears to have come unstuck. Got the previous two days out, didn’t start until wednesday as tuesday was DH. Was going to try to finish up with DH next tuesday if I had managed to get that far as DH usually requires a dictionary of obscure words, very tedious.
    I see DA is a theme this week from other comments. Will have to wait until tomorrow, hope it is good. Although I suspect I will have my usual luck on a theme in that I’ll be stuck on the vital clue. (either that or it will be theme I have no knowledge of, which spoils it)

  8. nn>Got them all except for 20D and 26A.
    20D: irrupt: sound happy = purr, to get back into it = i(rrup)t = burst in.
    26A: useless: double definition.
    nn> A few others where the wordplay is a bit weak or tenuous to say the least.
    Yes, 19A, 16D particularly clunky.
    Nice to hear DA is a theme … looking forward to tomorrow’s paper.

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