DA for the 24/25th of June, 2011

NS had an indirect anagram in today’s crossword and it was still too easy.

I expect DA to be too hard — and without a single indirect anagram.

Glory be on DA.

Your comments here (although no spoilers on this particular thread until Monday).


RC and I got together old-school style: around noon at a cafe. This time it was at the Journal cafe just outside the Melbourne City Library, and we failed miserably. We only got about two thirds of it done before I had to leave to watch the Tigers get done by the Demons (as I said, it was old-school style), but it wasn’t a crossword to be too disappointed about not completing.

Further update: Jonathan is back from a trip overseas and kindly sends over these beauties:

6 thoughts on “DA for the 24/25th of June, 2011

  1. I have it out. I didn’t think this one was up to his usual standard. A few clumsy clues like 16D and 6D. Otherwise pretty easy this time.

  2. Is it a bad sign if I react to Thursday being my last day at work to think that I’ll be able to solve the next DA without interruptions?

  3. I didn’t think 6D was all that clumsy, but, agreed, generally a rather pedestrian puzzle compared to some.

  4. Absolutely loved 13D; liked 1A, 27A/18D, 23D.
    Thought “gun” =”gat” in 12A was a bit dodge.
    (Apparently, “gat” is ‘older U.S. slang’ that is an abbreviation for Gattling Gun. Hmmm.)
    Also felt ‘classify’ = ‘name’ dubious in 5D, and ‘secure’ = ‘debug’ very dubious in 6A.

  5. @MF, I think “gat” is in current usage, though I’ll admit to trying to avoid gangsta rap as much as possible.

  6. Cypress Hill had me onto that one (How I Could Just Kill A Man is a great song).

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