DA for the 20th/21st of May, 2011

I’m off to Norway on Friday, so I’m getting in early with this.

Hopefully there’ll be some kind of Scandinavian theme.

(No spoilers on this particular thread until Monday)

Update: And here we have the joy by way of RobT and by way of Jonathan:

I notice a question about Scandinavia although I haven’t had a chance to attempt this one. From your accounts, it’s well worth doing.

20 thoughts on “DA for the 20th/21st of May, 2011

  1. Meant this message to be in this thread – sorry:
    Anyone able to email me today’s DA in the next hour or so? I’m on Mornington Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria and won’t have any paper until I get to Cairns later today – and only then if I am lucky. To any Fairfax spies I swear I get the paper delivered to the home in Sydney, so I do pay for it anyway!

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Oh bugger…I have written all over mine and have not finished yet. Are you happy to receive mine and white out?

  3. Many good clues this week. Loved 2D (but it took a while to crack!), 5D, 7D/1A, 8D, 16D. 9D also flowed nicely, even though it was one of the easier clues in the mix.

  4. AS picked a winner this week. Got his Scandinavian and almost a Baltic.
    Liked 5D, 11A, 14D., 9D, 18D, 16D

  5. RobT – thanks for your company on the AS Special. If anyone else has a moment, it’s quite enjoyable. Hope you’re having a great time in Norway, Finland and Estonia AS.
    And missing our early morning friend Rupert too.

  6. @Jonathan: while on Mornington Is I trust you checked out the artwork of Sally Gabori …

  7. I slowly worked through this one on Friday evening, with help from a 2005 Cassegrain Shiraz. I would like to grumble about Balt in 3D and rascal in 21A. Loved the rest of it, and thought 7D, 1A & 16D particularly clever.

  8. Thanks RobT for the scan – I had most of it done by the time I hit Cairns but I didn’t really see how 7D, 1A worked until I got to Sydney! Loved 16D – reminded me of the clue: Bust down reason (9) = BRAINWASH (Bra in wash)!!!

    Peter – have met Sally and all the others artists on the island – that’s why I was there for my third visit. We do all the Mirndiyan Gununa (Mornington Island Arts & Crafts Centre) design work and the website (www.morningtonisland.com.au). Let me know if you ever want to share that Shiraz – yum!

  9. Sorry for the late request but took a while to finish – needed help. I just can’t explain the 23A ANTLER wordplay. T from Top End? and the a Cockney “anler”???

  10. @Rod: Top End is slang for the Northern Territory (or part of it, check with one of the Aussies). More robust is HALER. Cockneys drop their haitches, hence ALER.

  11. Thanks for clearing that up Rupert. That was one that puzzled me too but led to an interesting trip through Cockney translators. Good DAception in ‘around Top End’. Bit of a quibble with the pronunciation when you put the NT in aler, cos it aint aintler.

  12. Well here’s a contrary view. (Bit late, I know: I’m catching up with some old DAs). I thought this was one of DA’s worst efforts for some time. Too many crap definitions (eg 8D, 12A, 20A), obscurities, laboured clues (eg 28A). And even a geographical schoolboy howler (3D).

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