DA for the 13/14th of May, 2011

The Tigers are looking good this weekend — put them down for a 47 point win — and I’m expecting a spectacular DA.

Talk about it here (although without spoilers until Monday).

Update: A very enjoyable one — for me at least:

It’s been a while since I’ve completed a DA solo and without any external assistance, and I was very pleased to see a completed grid before me. Sadly, regrettably, inexplicably, I had REPRISE instead of REPRESS, thinking twice was somehow the meaning.

I really enjoyed this theme, and it certainly suited me much more than the material-themed crossword from December last year.

9 thoughts on “DA for the 13/14th of May, 2011

  1. Not a lot of quality this week to my mind, although I thought 7D & 26A were cute.

  2. Didn’t find this week’s as entertaining as usual. Had to resort to google to cast some light on the subject.

  3. Am with Gayle on this one. Having to resort to google to work out the theme, AND for many answers not very satisfying. Liked 6D and 21D…..and 26A.

  4. I didn’t get to start until today but found it good fun. Even though I hadn’t heard of some of the themesters, the down clues were generally easier than usual so most of the across answers ended up being fairly obvious. Had to google a few to see if they actually existed – like 20, 23 and 26. Maybe I need to watch more films?
    Highlights were: 5D, 6D, 18D, 21D, 14A and 15A.

  5. GB: I had much the same experience. I am please to know I am not alone. I am so lazy I forlornly looked for spots where “Eastwood”, “Spielberg” and “Lucas” might fit.

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