DA Gold from 6/7th May, 2011

10 across: Epee quietly discarded, we hear in 26 across (GADDAFI) stronghold? (7)

Epee quietly discarded = E ee = triple E = we hear “Tripoli” = Gaddafi stronghold.

The groaning and giggling almost upset our bowls of pho.

27 across and 25 down: He’s a lecher in strife! (7,5)

A perfect &lit clue!  anagram of He’s a lecher in = Charlie Sheen = a lecher in strife.  I dont really know if Charlie Sheen really is a lecher, but he does seem to get into a bit of trouble.  Great to see a great &lit clue.

8 thoughts on “DA Gold from 6/7th May, 2011

  1. As I said at the time, I gave the Charlie Sheen clue an unreserved 3 and a half out of men.

  2. I obviously don’t know how &lits work – if the “in” is part of the anagram, then that makes “strife” alone the anagram indicator, which seems dodgy at best. “in strife” might be acceptable, but that would mean “in” would be performing double duty. Also, I have trouble reconciling “perfect &lit” with ” I dont really know if Charlie Sheen really is a lecher”.


  3. Stig,

    Welcome to the wonderful and subjective debate about DA anagram indicators! I reckon “strife” is fine on its own, but I understand what you’re saying so feel free to rant at length.

    I prefer not to judge people I’ve never met from my barely extant scanning of the entertainment media headlines, thats why I hesitate to call Mr Sheen a lecher. But certainly “mainstream” opinion seems to be that he is, so I think DA is fine to go with it. Again, what is mainstream enough to be included in the crossie is a debate that occurs on this site almost weekly. I still reckon the clue is gold!

  4. Oh, and thinking of lechery and this crossie, it took me a long time to get the wordplay for 1a, CAFE LATTE. Partly because I was determined that FELATE would be in there somewhere! How about

    Initially Cathy amorously to suck the head inside hot drink? = CAFE LATTE

    Perhaps Sheen doesn’t have a monopoly on the title.

  5. I was going to complain that the last post was a sign of the site going down (ahem), but then I noticed that RC is one of the authors.
    Lesson: if it’s too hot get out of the hot tub.

  6. Haha, funnily enough, RobT, I started this weeks DA in the bath! While nothing lecherous occurred, I recommend it as thoroughly stimulating.

  7. Hi all. Behind on my DA’s but I thought I’d comment anyway. I agree with Stig that strife doesn’t work as an anagrind. “Trouble” would be better being a verb for the anagrind and a noun for the lit reading of the clue.

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