The Updated DA Trippers

It’s still the same DA Trippers, but with a new theme and updated software behind the scenes.

Congratulations, consolations and complaints in the comments.

25 thoughts on “The Updated DA Trippers

  1. Managed to navigate the new interface this morning. Tiny text, and I don’t know how it will come out on the handheld devices some Trippers use, but I don’t have one of those and can enlarge the text. I suppose the advantage is that we can see more posts at a time – but I think there is still a lot of white space at the cost of the size of the font.
    My screen would fit 2 columns side by side – but then again there’s the iphoners to consider.

  2. Oh my goodness. Not a May Day joke this time, Gayle?

    This test is too small for my eyes. If I read some of these respponses wrongly and reply in kind, I can see myself making a complete monocle of myself.

  3. Yes it is a test, eh RobT?
    Very challenging for the multi foke I’ll say.

  4. Sorry people.

    A Mac versus Windows issue that should be resolved now. The text was certainly never meant to be as small as it was.

    If it’s a font size or colour issue or something like that, I can fix it. But if you just generally prefer the previous theme, let me know and I can change it back.

  5. If I may be so bold. Ho, ho. Get it? No? You soon will.

    The date stamp for comments looks better under the comment, without an underline, smaller than the comment text, and definitely un-italicised. Viz.

    Posted by: Tony | Sunday, May 1, 2011, at 11.52 AM

  6. Thanks AS for fixing the font size. Not sure yet about the adavantage of the new layout. Agree with TT – a smaller date stamp could free up some space and possibly allow us to cut and paste the stamp when referring to previous comments.
    Agree with JG and nn – we’ve lost the option of toggling between threads as easily.

  7. The change was driven purely by aesthetics. I like the new look and I was in the middle of a software upgrade anyway, so I went ahead and updated the look.

    And that’s why I ask whether or not the new look gets the thumbs up. If people don’t like the new look, I’ll change it back to the old.

    Things like links and placement of text and font size and italics I can change to suit.

  8. New layout works perfectly on the iPhone. Just double-tap a paragraph and the screen automatically zooms into that width, and everything is legible even in portrait mode.

  9. Thanks AS I found the “home” button after I’d posted. Other links would be handy though, otherwise I like what you’ve done

  10. Links to Pantheon crosswords (haven’t tried them all) on the DA Pantheon page are broken.

  11. Not wanting to be reactionary or unappreciative of your efforts AS, I prefer the older display, on the grey background with black surrounds. I find all the white space a bit too glary – even with my photochromic lenses.
    If the display were wider, with more text per line, I could see the advantage in being able to read more posts per screen. I wonder if the archives, categories etc need to be on each page, or could be behind a tab or a link. I understand it’s about aesthetics and not a major overhaul of the functionality. Am grateful that you maintain this site for our pleasure.

  12. Damn… it’s a repeat of an old bug that I thought a software upgrade would resolve.


  13. Sorry for your disappointment AS – but if it’s any consolation you’ve got one happy Tripper here. Needed the jog to book a way overdue visit to the optometrist.

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